Evolving from Minnow to Dolphin with Rakoobooster, we can do it with the assistance of steemauto.com

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In this special post i will not talk about defining a minnow or a Plankton winch is the majority of steem block chain community; with more than 68 Million users like :

  • Busy - Facebook is like a design for Steem.
  • mspsteem.com - MSP Front End for Steem.
  • SteepShot - Instagram like client for Steem.
  • Dlive.io - Live Streaming platform for steemd.tube - Video platform like Youtube with gift steem.

Nor dolphins or whales since there was a lot of posts talked about this earlier. https://steemit.com/steemit/@sethlinson/evolving-from-a-minnow-to-dolphin
Thus i will talk about the possibilities to evolve being a dolphin and this is sure not easy to achieve, since you need around 10 million VESTS in your account to be considered as a dolphin.
Who is a Steemit Dolphin

Who is a Steemit Dolphin?
A steemit dolphin is a Steemian who has between 10,000,000 and 99,999,999 VESTS, according to Witness @arcange in steemitboard update 6 post. At the moment, I have 9.74 million vests as observed in steemd.com and 4,706 SP. https://steemit.com/steemit/@maryfavour/three-hundred-steem-to-become-a-dolphin


Not to mention Plankton as thy are so tiny and thy do not have any influence to STEEM community at all since thy did not invest on any platform a single sent.
So a Plankton is just like the little shrimp in its best size and maximum upovte tip is $0.01 in best scenario and the majority of Plankton have less than $0.005 voting power and as i said the most majority in STEEM block chain, and it is not so bad to be a Plankton because if Plankton joined together thy will look so beautiful and shiny as all the community can see them; because plankton when gathered glows in beautiful phosphoric colors.

No matter how hard you try your post does not get so far if you are a plankton or a minnow

Inevitably, everyone tried to make a creative and beautiful post, perhaps a lot of effort had been done to it, but the result was frustrated because lack of upvotes for this post.
Talking about myself, as I have tried a lot of attempts and various topics, other methods and tools to increase my upvoting rate, but to no avail at all; since i am a minnow.
Nevertheless my followers can not see all of my posts; because they are not alerted and there is no thing such as a dedicated follower who is waiting for your next post to upvoted.


We can do it with the assist of steemauto.com, What is the offer?

  • Grunted more upvotes to your posts.
  • More followers.
  • Extra earnings for your posts.
  • Support group of friends which means more comments and discussions in to your post.
  • Rapidly reputation increase.
  • increase curation rewards.

What is RAKOOBOSTER and what is steemauto.com ?

Before we go farther in more details you need to know what is steemauto.com, thus you will find the below links for all you need to know about steemauto.com devolved by @mahdiyari

Steemauto - Free and unlimited automation service - Backend improved
is New App for Steemit Users.
It will help you to Make Things Automatically.
For Example,
You can Write 3 Posts and Publish one of them tonight, second post in tomorrow and the last post After a few days.
Or you can write More posts and Save them in SteemAuto to Publish Regularly in Steemit.
SteemAuto.com | Curation Trail, Fanbase, Scheduled Posts [VIDEO]


We need volunteers

Hence the idea of Rakoobooster was a brain storm session myself @ehabakhdar and my friend @rakoo to exploit steemauto.com features like (trails,funbase and more). The idea is about or to conglomerate 50 good volunteers bloggers as one group and every user of the 50 participants will follow Rkoobooster trails, subsequently all users will upvote any post Rakkobooster trails upvotes automatically.
On the other hand Rakoobooster will add all of the 50 participants to his funbase list and make an upvote every 3 hours for all posts posted at that time in his funbase list, thus all the posts that have been posted will benefit from the other 49 users voting power;
the below figure shows an explenation about how rakoobooster works.

Accordingly if we have three users following Rakoobooster, if user 1 made a post; Rakoobooster trails will upvote it and by default user 2 and user 3 will follow Rkoobooster trails and upvote the post made by user 1.
And this applies with post made by user 2 and user 3 as thy will get upvoted with the same mechanism, as after Rakoobooster trails upvote the post made by user 3 or 2 as the other users will follow and upvote the post. In other word you will be part of something similar to a smart contract or an automated deal and you do not need to wary about your voting power, because it will upvote every 3 hours and your voting power will recover during this 3 hours period.

How to join Rakoobooster?


You need to register at steemauto.com and start your account, after that you should go to Curation Trails and search for Rakoobooster.

at this point you need to click on follow rakoobooster, after that you have to adjust your voting wight to 100 and leave the other settings fields defult.

On the other hand Rakoobooster will add you in his funbase list , just like the below figure.

Who is eligible to join Rakoobooster, is there any requirements?

Yes there is some requirements needed to be fulfilled in order to be a member of this group, as at this point it is free to join, but the below requirements are necessary to be applied.
1- All members must be active and productive as at least you should do minimum one post per week.
2- You can chose any topic but it should be your own work and plagiarisms work is not accepted and the user will be removed from the funbase list of Rakoobooster.
3- All posts should have a decent content as for example; short posts or photograph or youtube post are not accepted and user will be removed from the funbase list of Rakoobooster.
4- Members at lest should have a value of $50 of steem power or more and users who are below this amount; they could be accepted if thy have a decent content post and have a recommendation form outer members.
5- Other conditions and terms will follow and to be added after starting this project.

"Please leave Steemauto if you don't understand how it works or what it does. You could harm your Steem account if you change settings that you do not understand."

Please do not hesitate to ask any quotation, or how to join the group or even what do you think about the idea


Thanks @voluntary-io, you are welcome to join the group if you like :)

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