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SteemAuto is New App for Steemit Users.
It will help you to Make Things Automatically.

For Example,

  • You can Write 3 Posts and Publish one of them tonight, second post in tomorrow and the last post After a few days.
    Or you can write More posts and Save them in SteemAuto to Publish Regularly in Steemit.

  • You can Follow Someone in Fanbase and Upvote That User's Posts Instantly after Publishing.
    You can support Good Content Creators and Give them a little bonus.

  • You can Follow Someone in Curation Trail and Upvote Posts which That User Upvoted.
    This type of users called Curators.
    You can choose Best of them and Increase Your Curation Rewards.
    By Following Curators, You will not Upvote Curator's Posts. Upvotes will aplied to other user's posts.

You can Configure Your Upvotes Weight Between 0.01% and 100%.
or Simply, by Default you will follow Curator's Upvote Weight.

For example, if He/She upvote a post by 50% of Voting Weight, You will Upvote That post by Same Weight (50%).


We Are Using Steemconnect For Broadcasting Votes and Posts.
This Useful system Created by Team.
By using SteemConnect, We Can't Access to Your Posting key.

You will add @steemauto Account to your Account's Posting Role after Successful Login to SteemAuto.
So, There will not be any Important Stored Information in SteemAuto.


All Emails will be Private and will used only for Sending Forgoted Passwords.
You will not Receive Any Other Email From SteemAuto Except Critical things.

SteemAuto is Configured By CloudFlare, Which Offers more security.
We have 2 SSL in front of SteemAuto, One is on the CloudFlare, and the other is on the SteemAuto Server.



Service Cost:

SteemAuto is Free and will Stay Free.
All posts which will Published by SteemAuto, will be like other Posts which is Published by
(Other Programs Takes a Part of Your Posts Reward as a Fee. but, SteemAuto is Free.)

We Will not Use Your Account To Upvote Our Posts. We Respect to Your Ownership.
Only Posts which are Configured By you, will get Upvote from your account.

in one word, SteemAuto is Completely Free.

Support & Update:

As long as I am alive, I will Try to Improve SteemAuto and Make it Better and Helpful for Steemit Users.
features will not be only Curation trail, fanbase or scheduled posts.
It Is in Beta Version.
We are going to Grow.

a Great System can die without any support.
So, I'm Here.

Ask Your Questions, Suggest New Features and Report Bugs.
You can use 'Contact Us' Page in SteemAuto, or Simply Comment Here.
Also, You can Join Our Discord Channel. or steemauto channel in

How to Use

Here is a video about that:

If you think I can be helpful for steem community or if you like my posts, please vote me as a witness. Thanks.

1- open
2- scroll down.
3- type mahdiyari and once click on the vote button.
Only once!!! don't click on blue button after voting. it will unvote.





Now this is cool :) May be we can login with our posting key?

follow video.
for making things autmatically, you must add @steemauto to your account posting role after registration.

thanks @mahdiyari for such an awesome service!
i registered for this but my scheduled posts are not getting posted at their due time.. they show as pending in scheduled post list even after the time is passed..
can you please help me to know how can I add @steemauto to account posting role.. is it something different we have to do for this?

that problem can be because of wrong tags (upper case or illegal characters)

thanks for your reply @mahdiyari
i'll validate the tags and try again, thanks!

I'm not too sure about this and it's automated functionality.

This is a great news for all steemian
But u why don't upvote in discord #postpromotion channel

I have few questions regarding steemauto
how can we add pictures in shedule post.
which time is best to upvote the post for max curation

Answered in discord.

I have 30 votes.i gave one mahdiyari .if i give other votes to it beneficial for me and how much time it will take to again 30

It will stay in 30 votes. you can upvote only 30 witnesses.

When I tried to signup it asked for money:

"Please Send 0.001 SBD to Account @steemauto with memo Gsbf0mhNYgHF6IP Then Try again."

Whereas you said service is completely free!!!

it is for verifing your ownership.
it prevent others from using your username.

I signed up and sent 0.001 SBD to Account @steemauto with memo but
still says my account is NOT registered. what gives?

Already answered in your email.
normbond transfer 1 SBD to steemauto Dp0uQUxjKMVl3J1
you should send 0.001 sbd, not 1.000 sbd.
steemauto transfer 1 SBD to normbond refund.

This is very cool! Thank you so much for doing this.

Beautiful functionalities! kudos

I like this post I follow u

good news... now i'm try this

Thanks for useful information @mahdiyari

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I just joined today! Hope it'll be fun. :D

Saya sudah memilih anda sebagai saksi, selanjutnya bagaimana, Thanks

DO my curation trail follower will upvote what i vote in my fanbase? @mahdiyari

Hi @mahdiyari .. Thanks for creating this amazing app ..

I've just started using this app .. and found a bug ..

I followed someone and set it to upvote after 20min. However, the app upvoted a post that have been posted 1 day ago .. not sure if anyone else had similar issues??

that can be an edited post! if you edit any post, that will be like a new post on the blockchain.

Ahh .. ok!!

Just curious .. from a technical point .. is that why the Steemit platform doesn't have a "Save as Draft" function?

Nope, Drafts are not saved in the blockchain I think, they're saved in a server outside the blockchain until you publish it.

You have my vote sir. Keep that brilliant work, we need more people like you here!

Much appreciated ;)

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