My name is jessica i am 23 and new to steemit. (there is a plot twist ;) )

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My name is jessica i am 23 years old for Colombia and i love kittens and love. I am new to steemit and want lots and lots of money!!!

The above is all a lie, it is very easy to search the internet for modeling portfolios and post them here with a fabricated story about a life that does not exist. Don't allow these fake people to earn and gain. I do an image search in google to see if its a stolen photo. Majority of the posts i have seen are fake pictures. Please remember in the early days of steemit the chances of someone from that profession is very small.

I have a female friend that models and i tried to get her on here to document everything and share but just can not get her head around steemit and the SP, SD ect. I am now giving her classes on basics of it all untill she feels comfortable enough too come here and feel secure. (pretty girls but shes a bit strange) hence being my friend :D haha!.

Do not allow imposers to steal the thunder from the genuine females on here! Don't be such a stereotypical man over a pretty face. Search google for the image do a little research because a few of these posts that were fake got some incredibly high numbers! Don't allow stolen content to flourish! Some you couldn't tell if they were fake so if i lent towards this person is real i upvote but when its just to suspicious and the image is found to be under another name.

Just thought it was something worth bringing up. This is relating to the introduceyourself tag more than any other.

( This is what a legitimate verified post looks like ) Thats megan she's 31 and she uploaded herself with a clearly non edited hand written sign. You can usually tell what is genuine and what isn't by looking closely at details. Megan is what a steemit girl should be!.

Side note: If you like what you read have a look at my other posts

My post that is at $800

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Hi Jessica. There's a lot of guys on here who are really suspicious of women, and I don't know why.

I also have a great love of kittens. I'll follow your profile <3



thank you, if you could send me btc to 13ZM8PzvQHqvEKAKQwKfVt1B7XejMJymXw i will love you always this is for my sick kitten, if you call me a liar i will feel sad so dont! hahahahaha :P i love steemit xD


Oh, my goodness. I would never call you a liar. Will 50 BTC be enough?


yes that will help dearlylyly ;) i plan big much success and love, did i mention kittens and love?


Oh wow very sexy, welcome welcome Jessica, big like :) Hi !!!

any proofs? we like proofs here


i didn't want to name anyone as a couple i am unsure about as they used the same names as the models. Don't want to mud someone specific and maybe be wrong. some are just obvious though!!! (nice alias bro!! love it!)

Haha! Nice point you made there, Josh!

Hi Jessica!
Why do you look so familiar? Oh wait..


hahahaha i love the steemit community! :P its so obvious sometimes its painful.... :P

Welcome dear Jessica. This is going to be fun.

Great points. But also a pretty face so I upvote blindly

Hello Jessica! My name is Rachel and I love kittens so much too :D

Haha just came in to say that I've seen the photo many times on the Internet. :D But it seems I was mistaken about this post. :D


that was the plot twist ;)

You have a point

Lovely kitties! :D

Hi Jessica! I like your post! You may want to check out this introduction as well:
mur-mur ❤❤❤