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What is EchoWizard? EchoWizard is operated by @galactic123 (me) and it is a marketing service that was born with the purpose of allowing members to send tweets to all of our followers. More recently, the idea occurred: Why not do something involving Steemit also? Thus, the option to resteem articles was also added to the platform. Every resteem will show in the EchoWizard Steemit timeline / blog.

The service is used through the website , where anyone can create an user for free. Once the user is created, you can log in into your dashboard, where you can either send tweets or use our resteem system. In all cases you will need to spend something called WIZ Points, which can be bought with crypto. It is also possible to get free points by watching ads and the like, so yes, free resteems are perfectly possible through our system! :)

Below is a screenshot of what you will see when you log in to EchoWizard. At the time of this writing there are two buttons: Tweet and Resteem. The first one lets you write a tweet (and anyhashtags and links you want) that will be tweeted to our Twitter account The other button, Resteem, is probably the one that got your attention here. When clicked, it asks you for the full URL of a Steemit article that you want to resteem to the EchoWizard followers. Please note that this is the URL of a post. It is not possible to resteem comments, as Steemit itself doesn't do this.

That screenshot above also hast other options: Watch Ads And Get Free Wiz Points and an option to buy WIZ Points. WIZ Points are necessary to send tweets and to do resteem in our platform. In the case of free points, watching between four to six ads should be enough to allow for one resteem. The option to buy with crypto also supports STEEM.

Please keep in mind that this is site is still in beta, and bugs will be solved as they get discovered. Other improvements are also on the way. Post any thoughts and bugs in the comments section below.


Not sure i really understand the concept. I will follow you to see how this goes

The concept is very simple really: Just copy and paste the URL of your Steemit article and it gets resteemed here. Needs around 25 WIZ points to do it but the site gives more than that for free.

Hi. I'm the owner of @echowizard Will be working on more options (as ell as expand the reach of the service) these next few days!

hi, @echowizard
Thank you for writing good.
I will follow you and I hope to write better in the future.

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OK. General news or some specific topic?

I provide trend news of Korea.

Eh... Well thanks for the upvote. Not sure about using this though... Will think about it. Thanks!

OK. Its very simple really: Just copy and paste the URL of your Steemit article and it resteems here. (Need WIZ points which can be gotten for free in the site)

Ok, so we need to go to the site before we can have our posts resteemed?

Yes, you have to go through the site. You create an user, which is real quick, (any username and password you want) and once logged in, in your dashboard, find the "Resteem" buttom. In there you paste your own article's Steemit URL. And @echowizard will resteem it.

For example, this would be a perfectly valid URL: (yup, your article).

Site needs something called WIZ Points (25) to resteem, but you can get them for free right there rather fast.

You will never have to use any of your Steemit passwords there, so it is perfectly safe to use.

oh i see... ok maybe i will check on it.

More options being worked on!

Excellent post!) Can you my, too, please? )

Done :)

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Interesting :)

Thanks! :)

I think I do understand echowizard a bit, but as a new steemian, how can I resteem someone's article??

Ideally, you can resteem your very own articles through this system, and more people will be able to find you. Join at you will find the option to resteem. First, you need to have created an article, though. Then you copy and paste its URL in the EchoWizard system. It needs something called WIZ points, but the site gives them for free.

You create an user and a password. In there, you never have to use any of your Steemit passwords, so it is perfectly safe to use.

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oh really, great news. Thanks to share. Happy steeming.

nice post

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