Is GrumpyCat Abusing It's SteemPower?

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So I just noticed that one of my Posts was Downvote by this account @GrumpyCat because According to it my post was and I quoted "Trash" and I use Voting Bots, something that ALL Top Steemit Authors use.

My Posts was about a video which I share on my Youtube channel with over 12,500 subscribers. Content on the video is in Spanish which is my main language:

Do trash gets over 6K views and almost 200 likes in Youtube?, No Stupid Grumpy Cat, it doesnt. Our videos are Top quality stuff and we are one of the biggest Youtubers in the Spanish market for cryptocurrency content. This GrumpyDonkey probably doesn't even know Spanish and yet he call my content "Trash".

So I went to see one article made by this GrumpyCat person because heck if he is downvoting people based on quality of their content he must be doing God's work with his account:

But nope, he is using his account to post stupid shit, low quality shit to be honest, and upvote himself with other Whales accounts. Funny thing is that he is using Bid Bots too

This is not the first time that a Steemit old time use his power to shit on others. This is not the first time in which I said that Steemit is pretty Centralized.

Flags/Downvotes you be something which is approved by other users before they have any effect on Posts. Otherwise this is something that will keep happening over and over again. I got downvote just because they person can do so?, Because according to him/her my posts was Trash?

Now I will be using Voting Bots on this posts as well and see if the @GrumpyCat idiot downvote it as well. Steemit really need to change things around. I've invested over $100,000USD in Steem to use as Steem Power. I don't have time to be dealing with stupid idiots that want to play Internet/Steemit police. If steemit is a "Decentralized" platform we should be able to posts any type of content, as long as it doesnt break any laws, without having to worry about ignorant assholes like @GrumpyCat

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Fortunately for you this post isn't quality content enough to be worthy of a Grumpy flag.

If the issue is upvotes happening on days 4, 5, 6 and 7, then perhaps the root cause is the time permitted by the platform itself for upvotes to occur after posts are published. Have you addressed this with Steemit Inc or the Witnesses, Grumpy Cat?

The Steem White Paper is clear about the founder's thoughts on abuse: "Eliminating 'abuse' is not possible and shouldn't be the goal...All that is necessary is to ensure that abuse isn't so rampant that it undermines the incentive to do real work in support of the community and its currency."

While your premise of being against reward pool abuse is understandable, your self-policing initiative is imposing a rule on the platform that doesn't exist across the board in its current form. Wouldn't it be more constructive to achieve an equitable rule set that all users abide by via encouraging a change to the way Steemit's leaders currently view this matter and having it enforced via mechanisms built into the platform itself?

He is not for any constructive stuff.
Just an dumbass imposing his dumbassness on others.

What you see is pretty much just vigilantism. Terrible practice regardless of whether or not you support the cause.

It hurts the platform more than it helps it, that's for sure. In fact I would argue that it is not even helping it at this point. There is no way one user, regardless of how much SP they have, can impart widespread changes and arbitrary change the rules of engagement if the rules themselves as built into the platform are not changed.

These concerns need to be raised with Steemit Inc, not voting services or those that use them - they are simply playing by the rules already established here, even if it's in bad taste to many that care about the long term viability of the blockchain.

I pretty made almost an identical comment to yours elsewhere in this post.


Just saw your comment and responded to jesta's post under it.

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@grumpycat I dont get it. I agree with your rules. But shouldnt you be a kind of a rolemodel. You are upvoting simple comments with big upvotes and taking much of the reward pool.That affect the reward pool. Even with one comment you got you over 185 dollar. I wrote much posts with much effort but I think all together are less worth than your comment I hope you will act like you teach people.

I have some ideas how you could help the steemit community. Check out post that dont earn much and support underrated posts. Steem rises and falls with the users.

He is a hypocrite. He is flagging people for things that he also does. Don't trust him.

yesss exactly

@kult300 People who want it all for them self, will never be good for community

I agree wholeheartedly. Well put.

I actually support this...

I agree with you @kult300, he upvoted himself worth 185 dollar for just a comment. Where is the quality content there? With no effort at all. Whereas I myself almost spend 5 hours a day to make a content and only get few dollars from it. What if he just support minnows like us, because if we are encouraged by his votes, we bring more people into the platform...

You are totally right.

There you got, a smart person that gets it. @GrumpyCat playing police with his big SP downvoting "quality content", and yes he votes every single stupid comment that he made with huge votes lol oh boy...

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Thank you, I hope we get an answer. Atleast he can be honest or explain why he is misunderstood.

i do not trust the people who upvoted this comment, just him i do understand, he must like his own post, I would think no one else would vote? All bots? or fake?


Get out errand boy, we dont like sheep mind people around here :)

make me

From a minnows POV Grumpycat could kill an account. Does anyone even know what the "quality" guidelines are for this type of attack. But its a genius idea to use for profit. I mean look the above comment gets nearly $200 in Steem and part of the curation reward for this post (so they still win). Not to mention they will continue their crusade for what they believe in.

The quality guidelines are: "Watever helps Grumpycat game the system for his own benefit just like the other greedheads he's supposedly slamming."

This comment probably won't stay for long.
But it speaks the truth.

O love upvoting people that speak truth, thank you!

The only time you have to worry about it is if you use bid bots to upvote something when it's more than 3.5 days old. The bid bots seem to be changing their rules so that you can't do it anyways.

I'd hate to own that account in a few months, when everyone's reputation increases and it starts getting targeted.

Cat Fight!

Did you like this Top Notch Posts?, glad you did kid, glad you did.

You never answered me.
Do you delegate me power?

We only delegate Steem power to active users of Steemit that are part of our community and using our Trinity bot. Trinity is a custom made bot that give you hundred of Votes and in return use your account to vote others.

I ask you for a favor.
I have no money to buy steem power.
So I beg you to give it to me a little, that I would quickly develop my account, it costs nothing to you, later you will take it back at any time!
I will be happy to participate in your projects!

@stewardessa don't mean to interrupt this convo., but I noticed you said that delegating SP costs us (SP delegators) nothing.

That's simply not true. When we delegate SP, we lose that power to earn more SP via curation rewards. That's why all the Steem delegation services charge to loan it out.

Thank you, I understand that.
I ask the person @dineroconopcion ( who spends 500 SBD for the sake of the principle.
Do you think he will be sorry to give 10-100 SP for one month and then take it back?
I think not, he just does not understand me.

Why would your begging be any better than anyone else's?

For example, could you delegate me any kind of power?
You will not lose anything from it, but you will help me.
I'm wondering why people like you are not ready to do it once for a new user.

Why should I delegate you anything? As much as I'd like to help people in need, I don't know who you are or anyone else on here for that matter.

And I certainly don't have enough SP to just willingly give it away to a bunch of people who'd like to have more of it.

It took a lot of time, money and effort to get to where I am on Steemit and I'm not about to start handing it all away for free to some random person who isn't family, who isn't a friend, who's not even an acquaintance, just a plain ol' stranger...beautiful, though she may be.

Nobody wants to help you, not with that idea.

This is just that attitude where we want to get rit of, And we all would like the same time :-) You do not need to ask people for steempower, you have to make sure you get it. Just like your SBD or steem. Write articles, get involved in discussions, do all contests, get your name around. It feels like champagne them times you get upvoted with a big amount, but when you get sp without working for it, you are not worth it. Something else when you have something to tell, and you get the attention of a whale, he can offer you sp, to keep you telling!

So many people do not see that!

Hey i am the active User of steemit since november can you delegate power to me?? and how to use trinity bot??

What's a voting bot?

Warning: truth bombs have been dropped

Hola soy nueva en steemit y de verdad quiero hacer un blog de ayuda para muchos y de diversion. ayudame con seguidores y votos por favor..... PD: me encanta tu contenido

the look in the cats face

I liked the part about how Grumpycat was caught using vote-bots. If that's not photoshop then it's just too funny.


plez bro onle $10 giv me

hehe the cat so cute

Damn! This is one cat i wouldn't want to annoy.

Can I get some of that money?

@grumpycat @dineroconopcion how do you know who sponsored your post?


  ·  2 years ago Reveal Comment

When you repeat the same comment on multiple post you sound like a bot! If it walks like a bot, squawks like a bot, it may be flagged for being a bot!

Your Reputation Could be a Tasty Snack with the Wrong Comment!

What a fantastic way to look at things..........very good . upvoted.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Stop spamming posts with the same comment jamesnumber1!

I guess that makes everything relative.

came out of nowhere LMAO

That's deep brah

something that ALL Top Steemit Authors use.


^This guy gets it.

Not the respectable ones at least.

Agreed. False. Some people are not content creators, they are "money miners."

"Money Miners: Proudly Destroying Social Content Sites since 1999!"

Mining money is always good. Steemit is here to earn money, if you dont like Money miners go user Facebook or Twitter.

buena esa manito ejjejej que se ballan a faceboock jj

I aggre with you👍

Could you please show me 10 Top authors that dont use voting bots?, I will be waiting for those so that I can prove you wrong. Thanks!

acidyo, donkeypong, davidpakman, exyle, nanzo-scoop, heiditravels, sauravrungta, lemouth, suesa, myself.

-You: Legit posts, not using bid bots or Whale friends.

  • acidyo Is getting downvotes by accounts like blocktrades and other whales. Why would they paid Bid Bots if they are this connected?

  • donkeypong: Account is estimated at 1.8M + getting Whales votes, again why would this account used bots?

  • davidpakman: use bid bots

  • exile Another Whale with his Whale friends and paying blocktrades

Wont keep going as the rest are probably more whales with their whales connections. Thank you for trying!

Of course getting whale votes means a lot more than getting upvotes from people without a stake. It is vested votes that count.

But anyone can get votes from whales by making content that is seen as valuable to the STEEM Blockchain, or that brings engagement to STEEM.

I didn't know that Davidpakman used bid bots, so you got that right. But it doesn't change the fact that you're wrong to say that all top bloggers use them.

Ok, not all, but most do. All of them are either a whale, have whale friends, or used bid bots. There will never be a post with over $500 without one of those things.

you acquire a "whale friend" by consistently posting quality content that a STEEM stakeholder sees as valuable to the platform. Many quality content creators on my list had no friends when they started out, then someone viewed their content and wanted to support them. As a result, they either get votes from them periodically or set automatically.

It doesn't require anything other than community engagement and persistence.

Anyways, as STEEM grows and more quality content creators join, the vested votes will have to be distributed more.

They also spend their SBD to buy more SP. More steem power means a bigger vote to hand out. You should look at their outgoing votes more than their incoming votes. You are looking at what they are MAKING and not what they are GIVING. Giving is the part of a social network that gives a user value, not how much they spend to take away from others.

Your 100 SBD bot bids take from every other user sending a little bid to try and get some views. Your reason for such large views is you believe that, that is a way to become a top steemian. You're not becoming a top steemian, you are just going to join the list of users who will never make it unless they keep spending money on a system that is set up to make FREE money for content.

I give back to the community. Thanks to our Youtube videos we have bring thousand of people from the Spanish market into Steemit + wi delegated power to people. So your comment doesnt make anything to me.

We already have a Large Spanish market so your comments mean nothing to me either. And who calls 12,000 Youtube follows and such low likes a good YouTube channel for steemit? A buyer of YouTube followers............

So many ignorant people in this place :) who will be dumb enough as to buy Youtube followers. You didn't have a large Spanish market back in July 2017 you liar. If 12K Youtube susbcribers is "low like" go make a Youtube channel and if you get to 5,000 Real subscribers I will give you 1 whole bitcoin. Go and do it kid! I dare you, you low like person haha

Your comment has nothing to do with the current topic.

Topic is mute, @grumpycat is doing steemit a service.

I only use bid bots to help get attention to my posts because I don't have any whale friends to circle jerk with.

nice detective work!

Boy, you've been grumped.
And don't call him stupid or he will come at night and nibble on your toes

Lol he wont downvote this Posts because doing so will prove my points. See his comments at the top, which of course he upvotes.

He exaggerated

No I did not. Top authors all use some time of advantages they are either a Whale with thousands in Steem Power, have Whales Friends that upvote every stupid posts they make. The rest are people like me investing hundreds in Bid Botes. If that is not the case prove me wrong. Show me top authors that dont get Votes from Whale accounts. Show me 5 posts that have earned $500+ without been a Whale and without whales upvotes.

I felt this same way. They had preach on your making good posts yet a click on their wallet reveals tens of bids made to bots that give them an upvote value of the kind they'd tell you hardwork will get you.

You're pissed and that's ok. Scrolled through yours though and noticed you went from making $20 per post to $600, $900 e.t.c. pretty fast. Maybe that triggered our adorable grumpy cat. Maybe not.

Nevertheless, this is one of the ugly perks of a decentralized platform.

show me a top steem user (you are not included in my definition of top) that doesnt use bots and i’ll agree.

I already gave 10.
It doesn't make sense to compare someone who makes 600 on a post using no bots, with someone who makes 1000 with bots but had to pay hundreds of dollars worth of SBDs to obtain them, without taking that into account.

Most of the top authors do not depend on buying votes.

I'm getting there without using bots.

GrumpyCat rulz. He's like Zorro. He GrumpyMustacho

I think this cat is a steemit destroyer, but no one can stop it.

Voting Bots, something that ALL Top Steemit Authors use.

That is the biggest line of bullshit I've ever heard. If you don't know what the difference between paid programming and actual trending content is, read this.

Buying the top spot and calling yourself a "Top Steemit Author" is much like buying a bowling trophy that says, "World's Greatest Bowler," and then actually saying you're the world's greatest bowler, even though you've never bowled a game in your life.

Congratulations @dineroconopcion!

Shit Post Award.jpg

Tell the people how much you spent to come here and make an ass out of yourself today! Speech! Speech! Speech! :)

So revenge is coming. You may take revenge for other victims too, Thank you!

Ya annoying to see all this dumb shit get upvoted to most popular on steemit. If you have a sec please check out my recent time lapse film- - lets get some art on the top!

It is, but I suppose that's the nature of the beast. Look how much action this post is getting. Controversy sells! No matter what platform you use. Marketing wise, good call to make this a post. I'm a new user, and have been posting about my healing journey with psychedelics as a combat veteran, like Once a Marine, Now a Psychedelic Explorer. I cite my refrences, my posts are clean(language and aesthetics), all credit given where due. But I realize it takes time and psychedelics is a rough subject to warm people up to. @cinemaninja, I'll be heading over to your spot and following!

This comment has received a 1.92 % upvote from @booster thanks to: @forkonti.

@booster Kindly follow and upvote I have already done.

return the favour.

Speaking of low quallity spam content...

Everywhere you look.

Yes you are right.
He is already getting revenge by leading on the top.
lets get connected.

Sorry man, but this is not sensible or friendly towards other users of the bid-bots:

You've ruined the ROI for 100's of bid-bot users.

+1 man, This is really not how those bid-bots should be used. 100 USD bids are just plain reward pool rape.

Bid bots are not reward pools. They are a services, those willing to bid more get more according to their bid, plain and simple. That is why bots have a Min and Max.

You are really forgetting one major thing about this place! This is a Social network. What you are doing there is not very social. But hé, I won't flag or downvote you for it.
Just don't forget this is a social network, you can always write more posts if you want to get more rewards!

Your comment doesnt make any sense. So if I reply to comments in my posts I'm not being social?, I'm free to respond and speak my opinion as loud as I want, if you dont like people replying to your comments then delete you comments and dont comments in other's posts.

I am not talking about your comments. I am talking about sending 100 SBD at once to bid-bots. That's not social, other people don't have the room to bid anymore, or see their bid vaporise. And to your first remark. You really don't get the way Steem works. If you get 300 and 400 USD upvotes, someone is getting less because of you. That's how the reward pool works. And that's why I am saying you are not being very social! Ok? Get it?

Bid bots give you a Vote according to your Bid. If you send 1SBD they will give you a Vote worth 3SBD, if you send 10SBD then it will be worth 30+

This is a number/math game. You send a bit, you will get a bit, you send a lot, then you get a lot. Me sending 100 wont make a 10sbd user get less. You guys should really read the posts those bid bots accounts make. Bid bots doesnt work like you think they do. If you send 10 SBD it wont ever give you more than 30 in voting power, that is not how it works.

I rest my case man, you just don't get it! If you flood a bid bot with a 100 SBD upvote, you will get a negative ROI after curation, and the others too!

Oh man, I rest my case. It's hopeless

I think it's totally ok to send 100SBD to a vote-bot if you can afford to do so.

But you are wrong with your understanding of them!

The round-based votebots like booster vote every hour - And everyone participating gets their share of 100% according to the amout of % they contributed to the pool.

So if there is a total of 200SBD sent withing 2.4hrs and you sent 100SBD of it, you will get a 50% upvote.

In extrem cases of server issues, users have gotten 100$ upvotes for 1SBD.

So technically you are of course destroying the ROI for other users by sending such large sums after them.

But since I don't see boosters as a tool to get a good ROI but rather as a tool to advertise your post, I think sending large sums is fine too.

Bid bots DO pay out of the reward pool.

yeah, he'll get there one day :)

What's the point. He clearly doesn't understand the total vote value and doesn't care about fucking everyone else over. The rich will be richer, to beg for them to change is stupid.

If a single vote value is $100, and you bid $100, then most of the vote goes to you. The math it does is summing all the bids sent in and calculate percentage of each bid over the sum. You're right when you said high bid like that will kill smaller bids as he can afford to eat the loss, but a guy who saved up 1SBD or less will struggle to earn 1SBD or less again. Bid bots do not guarantee profitable upvote because it is a bidding process, checking tracker would show so many negative ROI. The bulk of those upvote belongs to him because he has the biggest percentage whatever the ROI is.

The biggest upvote bots have $1k-2k upvote values, sending in $100 SBD at $6-$7 per SBD = spending $600-$700 per upvote bot per post. So with the screenshot above, he effectively spent about $5000 just for upvote alone.

I wouldn't bother tell him to change, let them fight. We lay back, have a drink, make some wagers, eh?

These bots votes are worth way more than $100

And you get the idea. Out of 100 I will probably get a vote worth 200-300 and rest is split on smaller bidders as Im not the only one bidding 100. So yeah, you are wrong, but you are right in something: I just couldn't care any less.

Lmao. Ok, bud. Keep doing what you're doing. So now you're proving me wrong by saying bots are not $100 value? Lolololol. It's an example, I use $100 as an easy number to understand. You want real actual number? Here it is:

@buildawhale: vote value is $715.51. The current SBD price at this moment is $5.811/SBD. If you sent in 100 SBD, that's $581.1. Given that it is UNLIKELY anyone else can spend that much on a bid, you own the most of the vote. If the combined value of all other bidders is less than $581.1, you own more than 50% of the vote. Clear enough?

Assuming you own exactly 50% of the vote, that means you spend $581.1 to get a vote of $357.755 which is a LOSS. Everybody else in the same bid period also get the same percentage loss.

So yea, I'm right on both and I'm even more right on something.

Ps: There's a difference between vote value and SBD. Vote value is in USD.

Of course I will keep doing it. Maybe one day I will be the only one using Bid bots getting the 100% of votes, a man can dream. Thank you for explaining in detail. I understand your point, and others crying, now that you did. I keep forgetin that 1 SBD is NOT $1USD hehe That is what happen when you have so much that you just stop caring :) I will be more consider from now on and wont be sending 100SBD. What is the max that I can send without making others feels like their 1-2SBD is garbage?, thanks.

Nah, keep sending in 100 SBD bid, hell, just bid the entire amount or more. I'm so glad you understand the process now so you get better return for your money. Some dinero con opciones you are, how can you be a true whale when the only thing you got is a big wallet and nothing else.

Just remember 1 SBD is not 1 USD, OK? If you need a reminder, just send me $100 SBD and I'll explain again.

Good luck fighting grumpy. I'm rooting for you, mate. Know that.

Well, I dont have to know every lil detail about Steemit, do I?, We delegated Steem Power to small active users, what have you done for the Steemit community?, There is a reason while I have the money I have investing into crypto, and there is a reason why there are people like you that talk like they are so bright, and yet are struggling in life. oh boy lol Keep being smart, and yes, I will keep sending 100 SBD just wanted to make you feel special :D lol buen mamaguebo! :)

Ps: No need for me to send you 15.38SBD to explain something which I know as Steem and SBD each have their own price xD

10 SDB to 20 SBD is more than enough to get on trending

How it that actually work like that hacking steemit to earn more money i Don't know is just me talking blabla but do you know more bots that can upvote vote steem up your acount

Hehe, Indeed! 🍻😎

I've definitely had a situation where I scrape together 1 or 2 SBD then have someone blow the bot's max out of the water with 10 seconds left on the timer. I don't really understand the behavior. I guess it's basically free money, but it sucks for those of us who are trying to use them to progress on the platform instead of ensure the #1 spot on the trending page.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Indeed. Clearly mr capitalist over here doesn't really care or doesn't actually understand that these over-sized bids kill any chance of promotion for the smaller guys.

Ah well, I've made my point.

I dont have time to be checking timers. The rich get richers guys, you need to keep that in your mind and never forget it. If sending 100 weren't allow by the bots they could have banned people for sending so much. As the name suggest BID means this is a competition and Im here to win, not to play nice. Understand @abh12345?, good kid, good. I'm a capitalist with big pockets to invest in Steemit for my community and I to earn money. I don't care about people that side with Whales that only think about themselves.

Pretty sure that I'm the only person in here delegating to other people 100% free. If you know about any other person doing that let me know :) Ps: You wont find anyone else doing that Hehe

Pretty sure that I'm the only person in here delegating to other people 100% free. If you know about any other person doing that let me know :) Ps: You wont find anyone else doing that Hehe

Just wanted to stop by and say that: @fulltimegeek delegates 350,000 Steem Power, for free, so you're definitely not the only one delegating for free. But I hear you. Many others are delegating for a fee.

Good to see others delegating as well! Thanks for sharing it with me.

You mean you can give me some power for free?
I would never have believed it, maybe it's true, but I'm a novice but have not seen this before.
Can you really do this?

Do not get me wrong, I'm not begging, I just want to know whether you did it that way or not?

Yes we delegated Steem power to people that are part of our community. You can delegate Steem Power which is basically lending the power to others until you take it back.

You help me?

Good. Thanks for the explanation.
My name is Anastasia, I'm from Russia. Can you delegate to me how much time is it? Then take it, you know that it's possible.
You will help me very much to start on the incentive, since this is my second home.
If not, why? Are you really sorry?

Well, with that attitude, you will get downvote again again and again man! But hé, I really don't care. Just do as you wish, but it really isn't the smartest move!

I am doing it, 100% for free.

Pretty sure that I'm the only person in here delegating to other people 100% free. If you know about any other person doing that let me know :) Ps: You wont find anyone else doing that

I know at least 5 people doing this, including myself.

I have a lot of reading to do to understand how all these works

The whole point of cryptocurrencies (originally) was that they were meant to be decentralized and that there was a "level playing field" for anyone to participate in the currency marketplace and/or mine the currency. Overwhelmingly what is happening is not decentralization. Rather a small group of people is controlling vastly more crypto than the rest, most of the mining power is in the hands of the rich, and the average small user has very little influence.

The fact that content visibility on a so-called decentralized platform can simply be bought is a massive red flag to the long-term health of the SteemIt platform.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

The rich will get richer, there's no escaping that. For 99% of us, it's just about making steady progress here, which may involve a small promotion bid when you feel it's a good time to do so.

Increasingly though, my 'good' bids are turning out to be the opposite as reckless 'overbidding' is becoming more common by the few who can afford it.

It's not just the few that are overbidding. It is also the swarm of shit posters that want quick cash grab. If you use smaller voting bots, you'll see many small bids that would bid last minute as well. I don't mind this though because if they don't learn how to use it properly, then they deserve to lose money.

So for big bots, you get whales bullying smaller bids out; for small bots, a horde of shit posters competing with you

dammit. I guess I'll just have to try and create some top quality content :D

100% agree, and it's so demotivating and unfair for the people putting a lot of time into creating content but not getting any visibility because they play it fair ... :(

Dont be so ignorant man, do you even know how Bid bots work?, Do you really think that Im the only person that can send 100+ SBD to bots?, this doesnt affect others. That is why each bot has a different Min and Max. You should really consider looking into things before making yourself look like an ignorant person.