dTube EXCLUSIVE: Steemit's @andrarchy talks Steemit 2018, Smart Media Tokens, much more

in steemit •  last year

I had the pleasure of interviewing Steemit's own team member Andrew Levine, known to many of you as @andrarchy

We discussed everything from what to expect on the Steem blockchain in 2018, as well as taking some questions from Steemians, and much more. You can check out my prior interview with Andrew here: https://steemit.com/steem/@davidpakman/great-interview-with-steemit-s-andrew-levine-talked-cryptos-and-steemit

Previously, I've also interviewed:

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SteemBirds Video Comment for @davidpakman


Haha, you guys are just the best that has ever come out of this blockchain :-)


Awe shucks.. thanks Marly! xoxo





hahaha I love this! Such happy smiles and amazing content!


amazing video post my steemit friend wish you good luk thank you


nice smile brother... hahahha


哥你的大脑还是个硬盘呢,我这就是个内存 ,还是个SD的,速度慢,容易小,一会儿就重启了哈哈哈哈哈


Great chat. I think a successful launch of SMTs can send some shockwaves through the crypto-space about just how far and wide STEEM can reach and be used.


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Excellent interview. SMTs will be for blockchain what WordPress became for blogging, making it possible for any person to increase engagement and brand loyalty for their web asset or property through tokenization.

I also see SMTs as the solution to the low earning woes on Steemit, because with multiple platforms distributing their own tokens, it will give people a variety of options to increase their overall earnings.

SMTs will also pave the way for unbanked communities of the world to create their own mini-ecosystems, fulfilling part of the vision both @dan and @ned have had from the beginning.


This is spot on!


Hey my friend hope your well!! See you are busy spreading the word of STEEMIT that’s great!! Wonder if your organizing any community Steem projects again like STEEM PARK !! I would love to get involved in something again in the spring so let me know !! My kids and I always looking for an adventure!! Btw today my youngest turns 2😃😃🌱https://steemit.com/father/@ryan313/my-youngest-turns-2-today


Looking forward for SMTs to help us newbies to increase our earnings as we continue on our steemit lives. I hope it will launch successfully.


hello... i upvoted your blog and kindly upvote my blog as well...


wow.. STMs

Gotta love the cat showing up. steemit is growing and is focused on being a more mature company; perhaps they will get an office for everyone to work in one place by the end of 2018. decentralization has its limits! in any case Andrarchy's the man, a few highlights from the video: think long term. learn from making sub-par content. it's a lottery. make connections. tokenize the world. let's go Steem


The cat appearing was a top moment

Where can you get that shirt? :D


Go to the navigation in the upper right hand corner of Steemit.com and click on The Steemit Shop about halfway down the list! You can even pay with Steem!



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Your post is very good and knowlegeful and thanx for share the post

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I'm new here and I support Steem and Dtube! Thumbs up if you're new here too!

d-Tube for the present to the future!!

I hope signing up will become instant or at least faster than today's process...I have some invites who almost a week now haven't got their password yet.


Streamlining signup will be huge, especially for me inviting my audience to continue coming over


Yes sir, you are a great influence I believe many will join Steemit from your fan base...

I like your idea, but I think you all should take a look at the way that people are up-voting everything just to get a few extra cents. It manipulates the currency towards people who just post nonsense on new videos immediately after it is posted as well.


Boy do i have a upload schedule for you

Great support for Steemit! It is growing really fast and we are all happy for it. We have to make everyone know about Steemit and this really helps it. Totally support it!

Great video man, u have my vote ;)

D.tube is great life! :) like video


great reminder by @andrarchy, thank you! I'll continue my journey!

"create content as frequently as you can.. while maintaining a high level of quality"
"make bad content" (not intentionally) "don't let perfection be the enemy of execution!"
"the more content you make, the more followers you get, the more your odds of winning this lottery increase"


Equal power friends today would be future more powerful friends .... just rephrasing it in my own words -:)

Love @andrarchy. The ultimate Steemit and Steem ambassador. Love that guy!!



Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are donezo.

Great stuff, much to learn much to adjust.. Thumbs up

Awesome video

Finally, a worthy competitor to YouTube!

Great Show!!

This is great stuff. So much to learn. The more I know the better I feel about investing into my account.

Great Platform and info about Steem Blockchain in 2018 and DTube and future updates, very impressive thank you.

your proposal is interesting

I loved the interview,and in 2018 there are more expectations on steemit and in crypto currency

I love learning about our Steemit future! looking good!! thanks for sharing and doing the interviews you do! great stuff!!

Thanks for getting this content out to the community. I am new to steemit and really like to hear about the future of steemit.

I am still learning how to interact on steemit.com and really enjoyed learning how it plans to grow in 2018! Thanks for the video.

I got an answer why most of my friends hard (failed) to get a new steemit account right now.

Equal-power friends today would be future more-powerful friends .... just rephrasing it in my own words -:)

I'm from Mexico and when I tell my friends about steemit they all are a little bit skeptical to sign up, and I understand because even to me that I speak english has been a little hard to understand everything, so I'm glad that they are thinking on doing the sing up easier to everyone, I think once is faster more of my friends will want to sign up!!

I also repect and like andrarchy for wanting everyone to be an entreprenuer like you!! I guess I believed everything he said about him and his team members loving their job and the plataform and that they are moving step by step to make the plataform even more valuable! I haven't been for too long on the plataform but this type of post makes me want to go all in on steemit :)


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Great works .carry on your activitys

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Good interview, I just had a lot of audio cut-offs, which made it at times hard to listen to.

Sebagai pendatang baru ini sangat bermanfaat bagi saya, izin saya follow

What a nice interview. It has refreshed my thoughts about how to start this new steem adventure for me :)

nice post brother, you are doing rocking to gives useful post to all of us.

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wow a great crossover
I feel that steemit has a lot of future

So bloody excited for smart media tokens! Such an excellent direction! Mass steemit adoption? 2019!

That was great! Oh man! You interview all of them...


is very very good

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Thanks for this

Is this a pet in Andrew`s lower left corner of the screen? :) Is it a ferret?


Nope, it's a cat :)


Yes, now I've watched the entire clip :)

Thanks for sharing this, the 2018 info was very helpful.

It's always amazing to hear the latest news about Steemit. Thank you all very much for your great work, I realize more and more what a great community Steemit is.
Thank you all guys and stay strong
Best regards

Yep, this was another good one! Thank you!

Keep up the great work! #HustleHard #SteemIt!

I believe in steemit. Better days ahead.
@andrarchy you're the boss

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Awesome I'm so happy to be here. You can feel the buzz and excitement!

very smart...😊😊😊



Dont get me wrong, I love steemit and Dtube (check out my page). But my older sister signed up for steemit the same day as me, and she STILL hasn't had her account approved! We also checked out AnonSteem but they charge ~$50 for accounts there.

I know we're not the only ones having this problem. Please fix the sign ups! So when all these millions of Facebook users come, they can actually get in!

thanks for this video

Always great to hear from @andrarchy he's a great speaker with a lot of passion for STEEM.

If anyone has a good source to information on the upcoming Steemit communities implementation please let me know and I will reward with a full upvote, I haven't read much into it before



Loved the interview...thank you:: if anyone wants to read the transcript of this interview..here you go..it's not verbatim..but i've taken some notes. https://steemit.com/steem/@sidsun/it-s-a-volatile-world-we-are-focused-on-engineering-we-are-focused-on-the-long-term-steem-team-member-andarchy-to-davidpackman


wait so you made a post where you took my interview and transcribed it? and you also spelled my name and Steemit handle wrong multiple times? What is going on here?

I like for posting you and thank informasions..

nice :)

I would like to know more about D-tube