I interviewed Steemit's Andrew Levine, talked cryptos & Steemit

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I had the pleasure of speaking to Steemit's Andrew Levine @andrarchy for a half hour today. We talked first about cryptocurrency more generally, including the idea of "creating something from nothing," and then delved into a bit about crypto regulation.

Then we talked about the Steemit community, Steem as a currency, and how the existing David Pakman Show audience can participate in the Steemit community, support my work, and also build something of value themselves.

Please check out the interview, and leave a comment!


Excellent interview, just finished the whole thing. David you were excellent at slowing it down and getting some basic fundamentals established in layman's terms. For any of your audience just joining or seeing this, I would reiterate the importance of commenting on @davidpakman content and supporting each other with upvotes on those comments. @andrarchy touched on comment importance at the end of the interview. Tight knit communities will do well at building stake together and increasing their voting power as they continue to interact and reciprocate with votes of increasing strength. It creates an upward spiral or feedback loop among those dedicated to a particular concept or fanbase. It's also extremely frictionless marketing for @davidpakman to reward excellent audience interactions with votes. No other platform has such a great connection of value flowing back to the audience, which of course flows back to the show in return. Happy to have you all here!

Thanks very good post !!!!

Awesome Work!

Keep it up!!!


your CryptoInvestmentExpert

Haha great gif

Lol, but anyway the show must go on despite all the ups and downs. #makesteemitgreatagain

Let's make Steemit the new Bitcoin for Social media!

Very informative thanks.

Awesome interview thanks for the content

I am a bit late coming to this party.......but I intend to stick around a while. If this is an indication of the equality of your interviews David, then I will be a very regular viewer.....I shall definitely follow with great interest. I am new to Steemit and relatively new to Crypto, this is one of the best and accessible channels that I have come across as will definitely be recommending you to friends. I hadn't quite got my head around the whole voting hierarchy but it is now beginning to make sense to me. Now that I have finished the video I am going to go back to the link and watch the others that were there and I suggest that anyone else who is a relative new comer to the space to do the same. Thanks David and Andrew for making things much clearer for me. Cheers J

Great interview. I can't stress enough to newcomers interested in crypto that steem rewards you as a proof-of-brain mechanism instead of wasting electricity and or burning your GPU's mining the older proof-of-work coins. Its one of the very few that rewards you for your time and contribution and the results are just fascinating after a while.

Re-steeming this to my followers!

well said - proof of brain mechanism is a game changer

@davidpakman & @andrarchy

Thank you for great show :)


Upvoted not only here, but also on YouTube to increase visibility :)

thanks very much!

Oops just realised that I posted this earlier in the wrong box....I am a bit late coming to this party.......but I intend to stick around a while. If this is an indication of the equality of your interviews then I will be a very regular viewer.....I shall definitely follow with great interest. I am new to Steemit and relatively new to Crypto, but from my experience to dat within the space, this is one of the best and most accessible channels that I have come across as will definitely be recommending you to friends. Thanks so much David. Cheers J

 2 years ago (edited)

This video already has 1.5K views on YouTube, don't you think this is a good way of getting the word out about Steem and steemit.com? I'm genuinely trying to understand your perspective here. I think David's demographic is good for the platform, I think he is a content creator who generates high quality content and whose following is growing, and I think Steemians see the longer term potential of having a content creator like him on Steem. I also think he genuinely believes in the platform. This all seems good to me, but I'm definitely open to a counter-argument.

You know Bernie, I won't sit here and attack you or call you names like many people have done before. As much as sometimes your comments are harsh I know your heart is always in the right place. I know you are about Steem and its future, and that is the only reason why I decided to reply.

The day when David made his post about Steemit, his one week experience we had a big spike in signups, over 7k new users. Yes of course, this could coincidence, and I would have no way of giving you the exact percentage of people that he has brought over. But if I was a betting man, I would say that there is a good chance it was mostly because of his video.

I also won't tell you what I think you should do, you have the right to do as you see fit, and even though we may disagree sometimes, I'll defend your right to speak your mind. I just wanted you to have all the info.


I think Bernie doesn't care about signups. The system is flawed (which I think most people will have to agree, so far in development at least), which to him is reason enough to rant on and downvote every post with any positive bias towards Steem or Steemit.

To people like him, this is wasted money on keeping a facade. I can certainly see his point of view. I guess I'm just more hopeful, not as rich and less into rude behaviour.

This is a great interview. Highlighted a number of cool things. One of the coolest things about steemit is the ease of onboarding into the cryptospace without making an initial investment. This is a huge point in my opinion...as inevitably a person walks through a crypto financial education process...learns how to exchange, send, vote, receive - voila - STEEM vested Stake Grows

Community building steem ecosystems - the point of like minded individuals growing stake together..and the smt's coming to add to that. Also the fact that any community can create their own window with terms for the steem blockchain is quite a cool thing.

Andrew made a great point about writing. I've started experimenting around with this myself. Kind of happened serendipitously where I just kind of decided I am going to make the effort to express myself through writing on a daily basis and speak from the heart.

Steem On

That's awesome to hear! I firmly believe my point about writing, but I'm glad to see someone actually executing and finding value in it. Thanks for the feedback!

Holy crap! Just started but this is so awesome to see happening! Steemit is starting to make the rounds now on YouTube more and more. Great to see. Nice David.

I'm pretty excited about it too!

Great stuff, David. Been a long-time viewer on YT. Thanks for turning me on to this community.

Welcome to Steemit! Thanks for joining us!

Community Liaison, Steemit

Absolutely fantastic interview, it drove the key points home which for me is probably the best outcome.

Of course, Upvoted and Resteemed!

 2 years ago (edited)

Much appreciated! Glad I didn't make a total a$$ of myself :)

I knew you would do good Andrew, I learned a lot from some of your older videos. ;)

hi mate, do you have his account name with all the video's

you can just search for andrew levine steemit, easy enough to find

steemit.com/@andrarchy or if you just want my videos you can find me on youtube here: https://www.youtube.com/user/afetherw8/videos

A very nice and simple introduction to Steemit for your audience. The questions you put to @andrarchy were very clear and relevant to someone with little understanding about crypto/blockchain and his answers were succinct. Hopefully this video will inspire more people to get on board and try Steemit. Also the mention of the new communities feature was interesting as I had not heard about that, but I do think it's something that we need. As Coin Mastery said in one of his videos he thinks Steemit would be better if there was a little less emphasis on the content poster and more on the commenters (like reddit for example) and I've come to agree. Hopefully this new feature will help to move Steemit in that direction and enhance discussion and interaction between members.

Excellent interview. Let's hope Steem can get on Coinbase soon. That should help with exposure and price appreciation.

Great chat, gents.
Making $10+ on a comment is rare, but it's pretty fantastic :)
I wrote a simplified explanation for where the money comes from which might help make it clearer for your audience, David.

Looks that this is the end of Fu.ki.g USD $ £ and others like it!
This is paper money .

This is criptocurency

Resteemed! I'll give this a listen tonight.

Hey David like every time your effort and enthusiasm was high and on it's pace,
Best wishes friend.

Great interview! I think you guys did a very good job explaining the complexities of Steemit blockchain.


This is actually one of the best "crypto in a nutshell" videos that I've ever seen and I've seen quite a few.

Wow, what a compliment! Thank you!

Nice. Thanks for the interview


I am pretty left and I feel sad that you think we are Right wing nuts....aawwww David you hurt my feelings, there are people from all over the world here. In fact because you can search for only your favorite tags. It's about friendship David. Your brain is over saturated with political bullshit. Let it go... Just make friends here. That is what it is about. It's not left and right here. It's people and I hope your viewers can take away that point from this comment. Bad David.

 2 years ago (edited)

He's just asking what many of his viewers are wondering :). I didn't do a good enough job of explaining how we are all bound by something more than political affiliation. We're bound by a common vision of the future where people who contribute value earn stake. This common mission, as was evidenced at SteemFest and is evidenced every day on steemit.com, is what really differentiates us as a community and it's a vision we think everyone can participate in.

David can take a little ball busting -- I have been making strange comments on his commentary far longer than I have been a content creator on steemit. So I know that David can take it, he dishes out just as well as he gets dished, if you know what I am saying.

I am happy he is here don't get me wrong.

LOL but just cause he is on steemit doesn't mean I wont bust the man's balls every now and again.

I never mentioned any right wing nuts, nor did I imply it. Not sure what part you are referring to. Is it possible you are so saturated with "whatever" that you heard something I never said?

Ok David, my choice of wording was a bit subversive yes...ya got me. I am just another funny man trying to make a funny. It was just your choice of wording, at times... when questioning your interviewees, that I find equally subversive and slightly leading. I get it though. I have been watching your show way before I found steemit....so I know you gotta get some type of plug in about political leanings as to satuat your base viewership.... but I guess I think it is probably a bad way to approach this platform. I miss Pat. He'd do well here. A little sweet to your vinagar luv. <3 YEAAhhhh Can we get Pat on here already?

Great man. Tell TYT to join the band.

First I thought it's you two times ... left without and right with beard :-D ... Thank you for the video ...

Great show guys! The way you explained Bitcoin was really smart and I really enjoyed the whole show!

thanks so much! look forward to producing more crypto- and steemit-related content

Thank you for posting this very informative!

Yeah, I went all in on the "dot com" bubble back in the Y2K days, now I live in a van down by the River. Gold was about $280, still kicking myself.

Very good and informative interview. Thank you!

The fact that @Steemit gives back to the community and creates a gateway into the crypto world without even having to convert USD, or other, into BTC/ETH is to be applauded.

Rewards for being involved will persuade "lurkers" to step out into the light - I'm sure of it!

I'm literally just getting into crypto"currency" and this video has helped me further understand the value of the blockchain and it's many, yet to be discovered, use cases. I'm sure I'm not the only one to have learned something.

Thank you @davidpakman & @andrarchy!

Steemit is great!

U gotta stop sniffing your farts one day junior. :)

haha Thanks for your input @nokodemion

Damn. Have wait until I get off work to watch this.

Yet another reason to ditch my day job and go to work for myself... 😎

crowd sourcing curation is genius!

This was great thanks for the information!

Everyone watch this video and share it with your family this holiday.. it is our duty to help everyone become educated about the current financial system and the future of technology. Everyone needs to watch this video as we move into the age of the blockchain

Of course, the form of interview is very good for the recipient, and the knowledge of how to cope on the cryptowalut is invaluable and needs to be as large as possible.

I enjoyed that a lot. Being a new member, I was fascinated. Thank you

Don't forget that the first ever stock option is opening up at pegging the price at $10,000 per bitcoin.

An Inspiration to me to be able to follow your journey from zero.
Indeed I am a newcomer on D-tube, but I will try the best that can make people happy.
An incredible interview.
Success Always create @davidpakman

tnx for sharing this great post

Great interview, following your show on Youtube.
Also I Amp'ed this interview - https://wildspark.me/?asset=rkUZNkWgM

Great show 🙌

Always love to hear more and more about steem ! :)

Good answers @andrarchy. It got a little long in the end, but it's not easy to get all the information in there without moving too fast for the newbies.

Thanks man, and yeah I agree. I definitely have a few ideas on how I can tighten up the responses to these common but important questions. Thanks for the feedback.

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thats great .....very informative interview..... thanks for sharing...i am now clear about crypto currency

How much will move the Bitcoin during the thanksgiving? Let's try to estimate this.
My estimate is it is going to be over 9.000$!!!

awesome interview session, i had something to hold on to . good job

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muito boa a entrevista!

thanks a lot for that nice conversation

very good post. i got lot of information. keep posting such interviews so that new commerce like me can get knowledge. i was feeling, i am putting efforts but how i can convert to real cash. may be tomorrow if the bitcoin accepting outlets increase, i need not even think of currency.. thanks for the post...

Not really following. You can convert Steem and SBD to bitcoin using exchanges like bittrex.com and you can exchange bitcoin for USD using sites like coinbase and kraken. If you're not US based you can likely find similar websites for your country.

thanks for the response. i am not from US but my children are in US.

you post helped me allot

i'm new on steemit and i wish to earn good on steemit i think steemit is the best social media platform for people who crate content and who want to earn frrom his passion nice interviews @davidpakman and @andrarchy

Absolutely excellent interview.thanks

I think of steemit as the blogging version of youtube with reddits comment section. And I like that it is designed around not being corrupted by money.

Very nice video i like this

I think @andrarchy is actually understating the difficulty of rolling back transactions on the Steem blockchain. Just because the witnesses agree, even 100% of them, doesn't give them the power to roll it back, if it has passed the number of blocks deemed by nodes to be irreversible. It would require a hard fork with economically important nodes getting on board with it as well. Transactions-As-Proof-of-Stake is a factor also.

20 people agreeing is hard but not "nearly impossible". The network has more measures to protect itself from reversed transactions than that.

Yes, this is a valid point. That's what I meant when I said effectively, "If the 20 witnesses agree and the rest of the community agrees." I didn't want to bring up hardforks because I didn't want to get too technical, but I agree that this was one of the areas of the interview I could have done better on. I think I should have focused more on the separation of the database as this immutable thing that stores the information and can't be altered that then enables developers to build their own platforms with their own set of rules and solutions to speech-related problems. Thanks for the feedback homey.

Yeah, it was just a bit ambiguous in a non-technical conversation. I wanted to bring it up in the comments it because I could see listeners coming to the conclusion that all it takes to reverse a transaction in Steem is for 20 elected people to agree to it*. You frequently get unanimity or near unanimity on authoritarian legislation (The PATRIOT Act was famously approved by 98 of 99 present senators), so it's important to know just how high a level of consensus would really be required, where it becomes an impossibility in practice.

* Bitcoiners often have this perception of Steem, because they see our 11-20 witnesses as equivalent to their thousands of miners. On the contrary, our top 11 witness majority is equivalent to 3 Chinese mining pools in Bitcoin.

Yup, thanks for bringing it up. Maybe the best way to think about the Steem blockchain is an immutable "backup" database. People can use it however they want, show or not show whatever they want, but the information will always be there and there's nothing anyone can do about that.

we all wish we had that opportunity!

Thank you good work continue

Yup I have to start posting and blogging, most importantly, put out alot of good content and let steem do its thing, thanks for the interview

Wow this is awesome!

Very interesting interview, enjoyed it.

great interview keep up the good work !

very interesting and fun

Woe... Great to see people behind the scenes coming on and talk about whats it allaboit... great yeah

"creating something from nothing,"

Good idea @davidpakman. It seems likes "from zero to hero". I like this content. Thanks for sharing..

That was dope, I wish I could find more podcast of andrew going over his thoughts.

:) More to come

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Nice! Thanks for sharing!

Great great great. I would like to say that you got my attention in that speech and understanding. I am not really in technology and I am new to steemit also. I will definitely resteemit to my friend to get them to understand what is this platform for and how much potential got now. Thank you so much a team. @dorotea

New here and still, I find difficult to understand the process of earning steem coins, steem power, convert them..... Listening to the video why do we have to trade steem for bitcoin? Why we can't just change steem for dollars?
Maybe there is a video on the platform were we can see the process or steem earned and how to withdraw what you have earned

I heard something interesting about the platform of steams, a very competent speaker btw

Very well presented interview, and really helpful for those who want to enter to the world of cryptocurrency and Steemit more specific.

amazing interview...have been in steemit for few months and i learnt a lot of info from this interview...we need more of such...thanks for sharing this and keep it coming....glad to be following you...

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Be well my friend.

sure. thank you and i shall try to remove my ego and ensure the dots fade away
thanks once more

haha, well said

Watching! Thank you so much for this...really looking forward to this interview :)

Great interview ...Loved it !!!

Great work.You can't possibly ask for more. This is really cool for new users like myself too.

Great interview for this newbie!

This is what we call a good interview, I really did not waste my time, thank you

I am going to apologise and it is super out of topic. But it's only me or someone else couldn't focus on the interview because You guys just look too good lololol oops

haha, I'll take the compliment!

I know it was super off topic. Sorry LOL but I had to leave that statement. I bet I was not the only one thinking about it. But I need to get it playing and close my eyes because I bet there is a lot of good info that You guys discussed :D

I cant sleep about this

My mom loves your show! So she was really happy to hear that you've come to Steemit!
Here's something to think about.........

had no idea Packman was on steemit!!

resteeming, and will give this interview a listen in the morning when I wake up; (suddenly sleepy at 2:30 a.m. in CA) --- long time subscriber on your YouTube channel though. and, goodnight zzz

Useful post

Great interview , Thank you

good job bruhh !

Very interesting!

This is very interesting. Cryptocurrencies are surely going to reshape the global economy in the future and I hope platforms like steemit will take over facebook and cie.
But don't you think that crypto is an "easy selling" subject on steemit? I think that the subject is over used on the platform and most of the big contributors are in the crypto world.
I hope more people from the "outside world" will come on the platform to balance it.
Keep up the good work

I think it made sense to give David's audience a brief education on blockchain and cryptocurrencies so that they would feel more comfortable joining us here, but I agree with you, the real goal is to just bring good content to the platform, and I think bringing people like David onto the platform is a very good first step toward accomplishing that.

I think it would have been interesting to ask @andrarchy two additional questions:

(1) Does he foresee negotiations with American stock exchanges to create the ability to transfer Steem cryptocurrency for shares of a US corporation or derivative on the exchange, and vice versa?

(2) Does he foresee the emergence of private arbitrageurs who would buy and sell cryptocurrencies in such a way as to eliminate price differences across markets and foster the free trade of one cryptocurrency for any other cryptocurrency?

 2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for the questions! Here are my answers:

(1) No, because it's unnecessary. Once Steem can be exchanged for USD on sites like Coinbase (maybe 1-2 years or less) converting your Steem to USD to shares will be easy enough to dissuade anyone from wasting their time developing complex systems to solve a non-existent problem. Of course, if there's enough demand for such a product/service, then sure, someone will offer a solution. I just don't think there will be. That being said, in 10-20 years our economies will look so different, and the different forms of money will be so liquid for one another, that the costs of implementing such a solution might become so low that even if the demand for such a product/service is low, it still might be enough to motivate an entrepreneur. But really in 10-20 years, anything is possible.

(2) There are already lots of people doing this already.

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