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I had the pleasure today of speaking with Diego Pucci, the founder of, known to many on Steemit as @elear . We discussed everything from "what is Utopian" to how people can get involved with the platform, as well as the impact of fluctuations in the value of STEEM and SBD to the Utopian platform.

Previously, I've interviewed:

Coming up in the future I will be interviewing @teamsteem and will source questions from the Steemit community closer to next week's interview!

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Excellent interview. I always enjoy hearing from people like Diego Pucci who are building such innovative platforms and applications. Thanks!

no doubt, super interesting and inspirational at the same time

Excellent interview. Things like utopian are the reason I got into steem. The power behind rewarding people for these kind of contributions that they may have been making anyway is huge. As a developer, I love being able to contribute to an open source project, and then having the ability to be rewarded for that is amazing.
Thanks for your work @elear!

Was a real pleasure to have this interview with you @davidpakman! And sorry for all my "ehhhmmms" and "actually" and "practically". My english isn't always the best! :D

my pleasure, and your English is far better than my Italian, so we made the right choice in terms of doing the interview in English! Pleasure hosting you.

@davidpakman English is just a tool for communication just use it ..don't make your identity ..hmmmm

Awesome interview, keep it going!

Would love to see an interview with someone from TRON? Here's a valuable technical analysis on it:

Screen Shot 2018-01-19 at 11.29.55.png

Another guy trying to predict more than a single elliot wave at a time... sigh you guys are too greedy in your technical analysis! lol

Hehehe very good interview, it was entertaining

What do you think about all the Ethereum game developemts?

Where would you find out information like that google sucks

Thank you , it was a pleasure for David to meet you ,

Lovely and funny.... Nice one.

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Being weak in English does not decrease your value. 👍

Utopian is a proof of the power of steem and the blockchain in general this is the future guys this is the future

That's right your opinion my friends are very happy to hear it

That was so good info about utopian.
Now I have a clear vision who can participate in the platform.

Can I earn crypto on Utopian?

Yes. You earn Steem Power and Steem Dollars if you get upvoted.

Great interview David! I think @elear and co are already doing an amazing amount of good on Steem and beyond, but I have a feeling is just getting started! I am such a huge believer in open source projects, and it is so cool to see someone step in to provide a mechanism for rewarding all the many contributors to open source projects... contributors who, in the past, very often did this just as a labor of love. Don't get me wrong, doing something just for the love of it and the good of the open source community is awesome, but getting paid to do what you love when it is helping out an open source community is even better!

I have one tip and one question for you, David.

First the tip - after you post a video on DTube you can edit the post here on Steem so it has a higher res post cover image than the tiny little snap that DTube enforces. Making the post cover image higher res on Steem will not impact the post at all.

Second the question - I am a regular top curator and Community Representative for @curie, and I spearhead the @curie Author Showcase posting. Presumably you are aware of @curie but if not please do check out the linked author showcase to see the kind of amazing authors we are supporting. If you are interested in interviewing me about @curie just let me know in reply here or feel free to contact me on Discord (@gnashster#6522 on Discord).

Cheers and keep up the great work!

Much love - Carl

Not bad! seems to be a good alternative to GitHub. Definitely a good initiative for Developers & coders, where they get reward for contributing.

Very good video thank you

I join you I support video good

Supporters of D-Tube, be ready for your failure.

good alternative leads to healthy competition and waiting for your interview too.

Really exclusive.

Thank you for doing these interviews Pakman, these are really valuable! I'm glad that you're part of Steem ecosystem.

My pleasure, really appreciate the kind words!

the best video on steemit you have to wach:

A utopia is an imagined community or society that possesses highly desirable or nearly perfect qualities for its citizens.The opposite of a utopia is a dystopia. One could also say that utopia is a perfect "place" that has been designed so there are no problems.
Its a nice post and it increase my knowledge

Wao, what a great job well-done, can't wait to read about your next interview with @teamsteem.

Muy buena, quiero ver mas contenido de este tipo, tener mas conocimiento sobre las crypto monedas es importante. @orlandojrobaina

fantástico, muchísimas gracias

Buena entrevista, quedo a la espera para futuras... Un saludo

muchísimas gracias!

Thanks for the post.

Great interview on the future of steemit!

dtube, dsound, dmania, and I leave a few more, steem will explode !!!!

get on board now steem to the mon

1. Steemit

2. Dtube

3. SteepShot

4. DMania

5. DAudio


Correct me if i am wrong.

It's DSound instead of DAudio. Others are correct. I'd also mention busy! It's like Steemit but with totally different look.

One thing more:-

7. Steemgig

There is also an eSteem that belongs to @good-karma, this is stronger evidence above, leaving behind another platform that benefits itself.

To the Moon and beyond. Let’s go

utopian platform is purfect to steemit and sbd original value,

We need more "Steem experts" to explain this stuff. I love our developers, although me having a business and entrepreneurial background, this stuff needs to be explained much clearer if most people are to understand how beneficial is. For example, most people need to know people can be paid by simply posting a bug, an idea, or even just marketing something for a platform like D.Tube or ( alternative for Steem with a nicer interface). Anyone can submit an idea or report an idea. People can even be paid for just curating (upvoting) post on These things need to be mentioned FIRST! Then as the simple things are explained we move on to the more in-depth explanations. Also, people need to known you can invest by delegating their steem power only and make an ROI (return on investment).

Great interview. Keep up the fantastic efforts!

Good point. Utopian will be doing a Kickstarter soon and I hope they will make all the possibilities very clear there. I'm hoping for a top notch video explaining what Utopian is, how people can contribute in different ways and how future would look with Utopian part of our every day lives.

I am impressed with your commenters. They can speed read dtube videos. I'm about 7 minutes in and noticed that 4 folks have already congratulated you on your awesomeness.

Now ... back to my regularly scheduled programming. ;-)

This got me cracked up!

Getting into STEEM! Help a newb out with a like if you see this! ha

Great information, thank you for posting and contributing to the steem community

Steem Block chain is the future. It might beat youtube and similar websites with dtube.

Nice interview. We get many knowledge from this. Wishes to success more and more in future.

Great idea.. Good job..

Thanks for the interview and info! this platform has some future!

When did steem start? First look i think its Smth like

Interesting things going on here. Thanks for uploading the interview! Enjoy your time! Rolf

nice video appreciate my man

Please teach me about Crypto on Utopian @davidpakman

wow I never heard of this Dtube before, I'm gonna have to do some research on this now. Thanks for the info!

Interview me, it might make your day.

Nice one.... Keep it up.

its amazing brother,please upvote me too and follow if you have no problem.
thanking you

Awesome video,thx for sharing.

This is really nice, my first time of hearing about I will check it out right away.

Great information

very excellent your interview good luck.

hola buenas noches, excelente publicación soy nueva aquí, saludos

This is my quest to follow the whales.. No matter how hopeless

@davidpakman This is my quest to follow the whales.. No matter how hopeless

I like to try very soon

nice discussion. thanks.

Thanks for your video. I want to ask, how can a medical personnel contribute to utopian? What kind of open source project will be acceptable in utopian? I think the platform is cool, I wish I knew what to contribute to add value to end users. Any suggestions, recommendations would be appreciated

Well this is a good question. I'll ask you another question, how can you use your medical experience to contribute to Open Source projects? Have you ever had any experience in doing that?

Hello @davidpakman ,
It was a wonderful interesting learning moment to meet such a knowledgeable friend @lear , to discus language and terms on the steemit subject contet,
Utopian is a proof of the power of steem and the blockchain in general this is the future guys this is the future, Thank you for your post , help me up vote ,

Excellent video, thanks for the info

Good stuff buddy. How about it guys

Thanks for this informative interview. I learnt few more things from it.

I think DTube hates me, or something like that, because I've never been able to watch a DTube video

Nice to hear the greatest minds here. It really makes us feel more connected about the platform.

Seems good , definitely gonna give it a hit...!!!

Really very good bro...
Greetings for you @davidpakman

video is very helpful to earn crypto on Utopian. I think It might bit youtube and similar websites with dtube.

This informatie and valuable for every esteem user .Waiting your next post i see your maximum post

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Thanks for sharing your interview,bet it was a great Experience:)


good luck..

I wish i was there live as long as the conversation lasted...i would have learnt so much about the utopian-io... I'm so interested because I've heard so many nice things about utopian-io...i wish someone could show me around here

Weldone information

Great post..
followme @tylerdourden

I was just reading about utopian the other day regarding steemgigs. It's an exciting new platform and I can't wait to be a part of it!

Great job
Good post

Thanks for this post.

Great ! informative ....

Buen aporte 👏👏👏 good post

Good information

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Nice work bro keep it up and thank you !
Can I learn crypto on utopian?

Wow that's awesome

very good bro

Nice to hear about the plans and "meet" you @elear, good luck with the project, you guys are killing it 😎