Do you know about the 100% + 50% returns for delegators of @whalebuilder.

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Hope you all are fine.

100 +50% payout

As can be seen @whalebuilder has , from past two months been paying its delegators the total return of 100% + 50%. The 100% part is for the actual delegated amount by any delegator. The 50% is taken from payouts of the bots own SP and distributed on pro-rata basis to all delegators.

Earn with Us
If you want to join the @whalebuilder family and delegate us for greater rewards, you can delegate us using the following links:
10SP | 20SP | 30SP | 40SP |50SP | 60SP | 70SP | 80SP |90SP | 100SP | 150SP | 200SP | 250SP | 300SP | 350SP | 400SP |450SP | 500SP | 550SP | 600SP |650SP | 700SP | 750SP | 800SP | 850SP | 900SP | 950SP | 1000SP | 1100SP |1200SP | 1300SP | 1400SP | 1500SP |1600SP | 1700SP | 1800SP | 1900SP | 2000SP | 2500SP | 3000SP | 3500SP |4000SP | 4500SP | 5000SP | 6000SP |7000SP | 8000SP | 9000SP | 10,000SP

If none of the above links satisfies your needs, you can use our custom delegation LINK. Credits go to @justyy.

Join us on our Discord channel to manage your delegations, bids, issues, and other things.



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These bot promotions really need to stop with the 100% ROI quotation.

Bid Bots pay anywhere from 80 to 100% of SBD received from upvote purchases. Additional some bots have started sharing curation rewards (in this case 50% of curation rewards are shared with delegators).

An investors actual ROI (Return on Investment) is ~20 to 40% APR depending on many factors. This is still a fantastic return on your Steem investment (just compare it to stock market returns, bonds or CDs). This does not include the potential for Steem Price to increase over time.

The more clear BidBot owners are upfront the less complaints that will be received later on.

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