A Special Something For My Most Engaged Followers. I Hope Other Whales Will Do This Too...

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I care about those who take the time to leave a thoughtful comment on my article. I want them to know that I appreciate them.

The problem is that it's quickly becoming more and more difficult for me to get to ALL the comments. Firstly, the notification system is crap right now (it's been 2 weeks since I had any notification on my account) and secondly because there are a lot of comments that come after my 24h later review.

When you get 120 comments per post and you post almost every day...it's difficult to keep up. I could if I was full time or hired someone to do so but, that is not my situation right now. But I got something here to make it up to you!

Special Gift to My Top Commenter and Followers

I bought almost 200,000 SteemPower in Delegation From BlockTrades

You've read that right! I will double my SP so that my upvote on your thoughtful comment is worth 2X as much as it is right now. I figured that with the SBD being that high, it would be a great help for my followers to get extra $$$ from their comments.

I Got SteemAuto Creator @mahdiyari to Develop Something Cool

He is developing a feature where I will be able to autovote, via a list I compile, certain people in my comment section.

That will allow me to make sure that my most engaged users get rewarded even if they comment 48h after I wrote an article.

From there, I will use that list to auto-upvote at 5% your comments after 30 minutes. (1 max per post)

Once I get my delegated steempower, my 5% upvote will be worth ~$2.80. With SBD being at $6, that means that you'll get about $7 USD worth of STEEM for every thoughtful comment you leave.

What you have to do to be on that list

  1. You have to become a fan of @cryptoctopus on SteemAuto (that way you get on the list...see screenshot below)
  2. From that list, I will look at my comment section and discard people who write generic comments that don't mean anything.
  3. Voila! Those chosen will get almost $7 worth of Steem for their comment under my articles

How to Become @cryptoctopus fan?

Go to SteemAuto, sign-up and become a fan.


I hope you will join my fanbase. I will admit, this is not 100% altruistic. I sure think it's cool that I will finally be able to reward my most engaged followers with a generous upvote. I'm sure it will make a big different for them. It's also important to spread the STEEM around to the most amount of people as possible. But I'm also motivated by the fact that as I get my fans to get more and more SteemPower, their upvote will be worth more and more on my post over time. It's a Win/Win after all.

PS(1): Being a fan doesn't guarantee that you get an auto-vote on your comment from me. If I see that you are trying to abuse by write multiple comments, I will discard you from the list. If the quality of your comments starts going down, I will discard you from the list, etc. You get the picture.

PS(2): My delegated SteemPower is supposed to come in today. I'm taking a 20h break of voting until my voting power is replenished https://steemworld.org/@cryptoctopus. Once it's at 100% and my purchased delegation kicks in. The voting will resume!


I hope you are able to somehow filter out the greedy"very interesting" "I like your post" comments and other meaningless sh.it. I like the idea, but auto upvoteing will never be able to filter out every crap comment. Or do you have a solution for this? It sounds like you need to constantly upvote your whitelist. That might be more work than manually curating your comment section.

I will manually curate my list of comment auto-vote. If i see an abuse, I take that person off it. I will also write a post where I will give an upvote when someone finds an abuse in my comment section ;-)

Beautiful comment. It inspires me.

When I comment on your articles I will have to double check my intentions. Am I commenting because I like your work or am I commenting because I want some rewards? I still struggle with this. I want to engage on a genuine level but most of the time I don't feel genuine here on steemit. I feel I must engage rather than I want to engage. Maybe I think too much? I try and give my commenters that put some effort into their comments a big reward compared to those who just write a few words.

I did a little experiment last month. I dedicated almost all my SP to projects. Some commenters stopped commenting because I didn't give them a comment reward. The one's that stayed with me now that I finished this round of delegation will be getting higher rewards.

I also noticed a group of commenters that showed up as soon as my sp was free and they always post at the same time. I think they are bots but I don't know and I always feel bad when I ignore them....sigh

Yes! I fear the perverse incentives built into Steem can really hurt things.

The comment that you have to double-check your intentions is particularly interesting in the context of @Cryptoctopus' post. So, while we're all signing up to auto-upvote his stuff, it will be putting him (even more than he was) into the same boat that you're describing. He knows that posting any old thing is going to net him a bunch of cash, and posting quickly is easier than posting really interesting and thoughtful content. So the incentive is there to just do whatever. He has a history of posting useful things, but it's a form of pressure.

It might sound like I'm down on this initiative, and that's not the case at all. It is super-neat tech, and a fascinating experiment, but maybe not without risk. (I signed up on SteemAuto just now and became a fan!)

Steemit is social experiment, I try and keep this in mind when I’m posting and commenting. We are monetizing social engagement .... nothing new really but with a social platform like Steemit where we make the money rather than the platform like FB or others, which is something new!

I really like your insight of monetizing social engagement. It makes me think in different directions and the theme is closely related to my work on Network Management, Management & Referrals.

And that is what we could call the "steemit paradox"...
The reward system is supposed to elevate good content, but people always try to find ways to exploit the system.

Humans.... Always ruining good things

Well, we can fight the greed through ignoring the greedy and lifting up those who are create awesome content. I’m aware of the paradox, I watch it myself every day☺️

You win the comment of the day award. Yes, that's an issue and as soon as money come into play, people's greed glands get activated and it's difficult to think straight. Thanks for checking your motivation.

My personal motivation is to make sure that I can lift up as many people with me as steem increase in value and I hope to be able to bring up the people who are active and engaged on the platform daily.

There are bot and that's why I try to stay clear from comments that are too generic.

Oh that was an awesome response 😁

That's interesting, @reddust. I'll admit, when I read your post about how you could use your SP to get rewards by delegation, I took that maybe the wrong way. I figured you were done with engaging with folks and happy to be a banker! I'm happy to read your comment here. And I appreciate your point about checking our intentions in commenting. My own goal is to try to make a connection of some sort. I don't often just vote without commenting, too. Because it's the comments that keep Steemit social.

Oh wow this is so awesome what your doing @cryptoctopus to give back to the community ! Im all about community my friend ! I totally agree and also wish that more would get engaged and do the same thing your doing for the community which also helps everyone grow !! Well done , I will go and sign up for sure !! Thanks for all that you do its much appreciated !! Upped and resteemed👍👍👍💕😊

Your very welcome !👍👍👍

This seems like an awesome tool you're developing. It sounds much better than Steem Voter. I hope you don't mind but I decided to share your post in my Steemit Facebook Group. This should help my members get some free steem :) https://www.facebook.com/groups/steemitkings/permalink/1831645557126575/

You are most welcome @cryptoctopus I really admire what you are doing. And thank you very much for the generous upvote. I did not expect that. Regards,

This is genius.

What a great way to support your readers and help them grow.

And yeah I agree with you about how good it would be to have more whales doing stuff like that, supporting new users like this. User retention is an issue, and this would really help with that.

Done and Done. This is awesome on several levels. First it shows you really believe in the idea of steem by purchasing that much SP. Secondly for helping out other users who make great programs on top of the platform and lastly, rewarding those who make meaningful engagement. It's a win win win situation, we need more whales to do this

It's really awesome that you want to reward your followers and especially the people that are truly engaged with your content. In a time when self-voting has become the norm, it's really nice to be seeing large players putting effort into bringing back to the community and rewarding others.

Now this sounds like a game changing strategy to provoke some heavy duty curation and feedback.

I've been a loyal follower since (around a minute) now and I was never disappointed.

I might not leave comments on your articles but surely I see the amazing curation you do all around steemit and its hearth warming <3 Best of wishes and keep the spirit up dear friend.

Awesome man. Thanks for your support.

I signed up for becoming a fan of you, @cryptoctopus! This is a great initiative that is a win-win for both those of us who comments, as well as you who do get more upvotes as well as a more active community!

That's actually a pretty cool and nifty thing of you to do, more whales should take an example out of you :)! Kinda curious how it's gonna play out. Maybe you should put a limit per person on how many comments can be upvoted, or perhaps with continuous reduced upvotes.

Yes, it's a little tricky. All automation seems to have it's draw back. The dev is having to figure out how to limit the amount of comment by the same author. Not easy.

Thx for informing us about Steemauto.. I didn't see it before... Now I also made the login and started some actions.. This was something i was loking for and it is free.. happy steeming and up for a nice Chistmas

STEEMIT surely need more kind ppl like you.. it was very hard in my life to find ppl who appreciates their fans with such a thoughtful works like what you are doing, would surely join your fanbase.. steem on.. :)

Thank you for this post! I didn't know about steemauto, but now:

I will follow you on steemauto and comment your articles. And though I really appreciate your content too (i would probably upvote it anyway), I also confess my motives aren't entirely altruistic either ;-)

thats amazing...im added to fan base

I thought it was funny I wasn’t getting any notifications, at least I’m not the only one!

I tried to buy some delegated SP myself, but I’m still waiting, hopefully it’ll come in soon.

It's a very good strategy right now, especially with the price of SBD!

Wow thats very generous of you and I am sure it will come back to you on way or another.
I have been trying to lease steempower from blocktrades for the last few days and there doesn't seem to be anything left. Maybe you emptied them out ! haha

You get on the waiting list like I did. :-) Just go on with your order and it will be filled in time.

Thanks I will do that

That's great to know that you are encouraging your followers in a good way by eliminating the spam

200,000??? I heard about renting SP for the first time only 30min ago. I checked it out and, woah! It's NOT cheap. And I was only checking 6.000SP :)

Really great thing you're doing. I hope people won't abuse it.

I'm using the Steemify app from the @blockbrothers to get steemifications. It works great! Just send an email to [email protected] to get invited to the beta version.

Actually, it's already available in the App Store ;)

get Steemify from the App Store

I'm on Android unfortunately

To keep on top of my notifications I use this app recently released, its called Steemify, I would put you the link but I don’t want to be mistakenly flagged as spam...

The app was released like 4 days ago on iOS just after I sign up on this site :D

And it allows you to receive notifications every time an user posts.

Now, you first put your username to register your account like yours so it notifies you every time someone replies to you, and then you can register other users so it notifies you every time one of them posts!

Of course you can add more notifications but those are the one I use. And it doesn’t ask you for any password, just for usernames.

It’s very uselfull at least for me, because it allows to me know every time an user I like has posted.

This user is the creator of the app @blockbrothers

I use android. Aint got an iphone.

You don’t like them apples? hint

wow you care a lot about your followers now twice the happiness :)

So that's why i see many people are now starting to do this thing you are leading from the front man

Congratulations on this you are driving force of this community good for all the new steemians

It is exciting to see how some whales are beginning a rather altruistic approach to Steemit in the wake of some controversy. What you are doing and what @fulltimegeek and @stellabelle are doing is encouraging for anyone on Steemit.

Although the approaches are all different, I think the net result for the three of you will be a more loyal and engaged follower base, more accurately a community. Your approach lends itself to people engaging with each other in the comments as well as engaging with you.

I believe if this kind of thing continues, a lot more people will have an opportunity to reach their goals/dreams and put themselves in a position to help others too. Pay it forward style.

I hope. I realized that I have much more impact in my comment section than I would be running around like a chicken trying to find authors and keep up with them.

I think the key is finding what works for you and then doing it. If you don’t have time for something or it’s a drudgery for you you won’t end up doing it. There is no one right way, only the right way for you. :)

I went to the steem auto site but I don't think ready to sign up and give Authority for someone else to have my certain keys and do posting or stuff for me yet , i guess I don't rearly understand it and I don't want give out my keys without knowing what they are used for ! I signed up but stopped at that point . Its just to cunfueing for me and im very busy right now as it is with two accounts on Steemit LOL! As much I want to become a fan of yours ! Thanks for the awesome post and what your doing , its fantastic , but I neddy to get back to my P.O.P Contest now ! Im will continue to follow you as I really like all that you post about !! Steem On !!😊💕👍😊💕👍

I would suggest for you to understand SteemConnect. This is the solution that Steemit Inc and a group of dev created in order for people to securely login in through other websites without giving away your passwords.

Oh OK ! Thanks so much for all the information im heading home to bed soon after working the night shift , so maybe I will check more into it later after I sleep all day , im just to tired now and finger things to confusing LOL! 😊👍😂

it could be this kind of idea like a given giveaway directly. the effect will make whales faster, and faithful followers will feel the feedback that makes them feel appreciated and welcomed by whales.

for me just the fact to participate is enough till I grow one day and do the same for others

Why doesn't Steemit change how they pay out on comments? Seems pretty logical to pay out the comments which are most useful as determined by an algo which takes into consideration the author as well as upvoters. The author could have veto power, and say whether a post was worthless ("good post brah") or useful, and the upvotes would then determine the size of payout.

Can someone explain the difference between delegated steempower and steempower? We're still confused on that one. So when you power down, does that remove both? When you upvote something, does that mean your delegation steempower goes down??

Last thing: does this mean if we do NOT sign up for Steemauto, you won't be upvoting our comments!?!!

  1. Lots of things are coming to increase the power of the author on it's comment section.
  2. Delegated SP is rented SP for a certain amount of time. It allow for temporary boost in voting power. If you think you can make more than you've spent to rent it. It's worth it.
  3. I will still upvote, it's just that you won't be guaranteed to be upvoted since I have a hard time to keep up with comments at this point.

oh crap, we THOUGHT we BOUGHT the steempower w SBD, not rented it. But also noticed there was delegated steempower in our wallet BEFORE we did this-- how did we rent steempower without knowing it?? thanks for the answer, and sorry for having more questions after having read the answer. complicated stuff tho.

I am havingvthe same notification problem.don't know how to solve it or when will it solve. nice idea.love the autovote idea and yes i agree with spamer should get punished.this is a place for creative or unic creators.so there is no room for spamer.I will definetly join your fan page. Hope you will like my comment.and if u don't u can remove me from your list.and i am deffinetly not a spamer. and yea waht you have say about extra $$$ this is like cherry on cake.thakns for your straight talk and offer.

Steemit INC is suppose to release an APP by the end of the year to that end.

that's nice.i tried to log into steemauto but cant find you to follow.can u help me wirh it even i have donated. 001 sbd in it.but can't really use steemauto.

I have learned that to get success on steemit you have to interact with people through comment section, comment does not mean that you start asking for upvotes, comment means a healhy discussion on the topic. Thanks for caring. I will join your true fan list.

I'm nervous about passing my Active-Private key out to anyone, but I'm not sure what I can do about it. I hemmed and hawed over the issue for a while before deciding to gamble and sign up. My hope is that bigger fish (people with more to lose than I), like you, for instance, will have done due diligence to make sure the code is actually safe.

I'd be interested to know what measures you take to be sure such services are safe before using them. I'm mostly interested out of curiosity, but there might be people more cautious than I am, who aren't joining as your fan because of this concern.

You should be as confident about your password on steemit as you are with steemconnect since they are being it's development.

I wholeheartedly agree with your assessment of how Steem should work. It's just like in life, don't forget where you came from. I've just recently starting getting something decent for an upvote, although it's still very low, it's much better than the .01 I had for so long. I have spread a few 100%'s around to different people that have been following and helping me out these past few months. I will continue to do so, adding in other active members because, well because it's just the right thing to do and it helps out the whole community.

I completely agree. Keep on keeping on man.

This seems like a great strategy to build engagement in your comment section. I've been trying to focus more on comments, especially replies to my own posts.

Commenting is probably the most undervalued activity on Steemit. It's what makes this medium "social" so it's important to reward. Thoughtful comments deserve an upvote, just like thoughtful blog posts do.

I agree completely.

Very generous!

wow, that's pretty crazy. but i'm not so sure about the whole auto upvoting thing. i have a steemvoter list sure but they are mostly people i have met from here so i don't know how i feel about this. hmmm. will check out steemauto thou.

steemauto doesn't cost anything while steemvoter does. Also, it has curation trails.

weird i don't pay anything for steemvoter. either way i'd like both to have steemconnect login to make them a bit more user friendly and trusted to new and old users alike.

You always surprises your follower. I think yor are much more generous already and the extra steem power and auto vote add to it. I will try my best to be in yor favourite list. Yor are awesome.

Thanks zakir, I do my best :-)

Interesting idea.
Are you thinking the extra attention this brings to you blog will be worth the price of delegation, or is there another benefit as well?

Thanks @cryptoctopus for keeping your followers close to your heart. This kind gesture will really help us all. Increasing our steempower and also will further help in giving out tangible upvotes which in turn all of us will gain from.

I look forward to your next post, you always engage your audience.

Almost a year and a half ago you reached out to me and offered your support as I was just getting involved with Steem. It makes me happy to see you doing the same things today and continually encouraging users to engage with the platform, it's writers, and the community at large.

I'm not here for an upvote - but to say thanks and keep doing what you're doing :)

Thanks man. I really appreciate the compliment. Especially coming from you.

I think it will be a great help to minnows after all minnows should focus more on commenting and live the upvote to high users such as yourself hope all can join cause I intend to spread the news and hope others benefit from this as well.
Thanks for been a good octopus @cryptoctopus

Also congrats on expectant to been a Dad

Nice. That is very interesting. I just became your fan.
I think these kind of bots are better than the generic upvote and bid bots i have seen.

I am new on Steemit, and i am really enjoing this platform, and i just joined the Utopian.io that you recomended on other posts.

I really want to contribute to this. I know i probably won´t get rich, but it is an interesting easy way to publish some of my thoughts.

Thank you for this mate, and i really like your posts.

Well, you might be surprised. Who knows? Maybe STEEM will be at $100 one day...then every $1 comment you've received will be then worth $100 :-)

That's awesome for your followers nice work :)


Selfless or not it is extremely generous.

Way to build a community of real fans who are empowered to help you and others!

Keep being awesome!

Keep Steeming!

I appreciate your support. I learn something new here every day.

This is a good idea! And definitely I will be in your fan list at Steem Auto! Thanks for giving this wonderful opportunity to us!


I tried STEEMAUTO but it keeps asking my active key or master key, but it need's my posting auth! I don't understand why such thing it needs! So, I will not be there, sorry my friend!


you can ask the dev on steemit.chat for more details.

Thank you friend I will do! Hope you did not get misunderstand about me!


Really great offer here man. Rewarding actual engagement and conversation.

Great! But i think sbd is worth more. Maybe around 10$. So it get's even better for your supporters!

Damn that is amazing ! This is the first post of yours I have run into so I have followed you as well. This is very awesome of you to do so THANK YOU @cryptoctopus !!!

Keep it up mate, set an example for the whales!!

I think this is very interesting way to engage other steemians. Nice experiment. Good luck!

This is a great initiative! I've been a follower for a long time but I agree, the notifications system, even when working "as intended", needs some tweaks!

The problem is that it's quickly becoming more and more difficult for me to get to ALL the comments. Firstly, the notification system is crap right now (it's been 2 weeks since I had any notification on my account) and secondly because there are a lot of comments that come after my 24h later review.

You are loved by so many people because of your good works and I understand that it is not easy to go through all those comments because you are human and not a bot. But do take your time. We all love you please keep the good work rolling, and I wish you all the best in this festive period, Stay awesome! 🍀

You've read that right! I will double my SP so that my upvote on your thoughtful comment is worth 2X as much as it is right now. I figured that with the SBD being that high, it would be a great help for my followers to get extra $$$ from their comments.

This is amazing, we really appreciate your love and support towards us may you Recieve unlimited blessings during this period, More SBD to your account, we are still coming up and might not be able to repay you but we will support with the little we can,By dropping good comments.

I bought almost 200,000 SteemPower in Delegation From BlockTrades

it a great step for such a thing should be done, at least other followers will highly appreciate your efforts just to motivate them.

Thank you for this @cryptoctopus , I agree with expanding an honest community. I recently bought more steem power too, so that my upvotes have more value!

Cheers mate! Legend!

Hey friend @cryptoctopus ,,,,, it's always great to see your report and always have steem to take the right decision for your post you really done a great work..

@cryptoctopus ,,,,you have collected,presented some awesome and very useful information. i am very happy on this article.
i followed you and upvoted your post

I feel a complex voting bot is better than a regular voting bot, but it is still a bot. Honestly I am commenting for to get the 7 bucks. I could go on and on expressing mixed opinions on Steem, but I like it at the end of the day.

Very beautiful post bro.thanks for sharing.upvote it.

It's extremely magnificent that you need to compensate your devotees and particularly the general population that are really connected with your substance. In a period when self-voting has turned into the standard, it's extremely decent to see vast players placing exertion into taking back to the group and remunerating others.


Did you run this comment by @rocking-dave through a thesaurus-bot or what? Just running things back and forth through a translator? Writing your articles the same way?


It's a crafty way to plagiarize, I'll give you that.

Is this true? I just caught it. If you are even close to right in your surmise, then shame on this whole thing. Thanks for sharing Olyup.

Maybe not 100 percent altruistic but a definite Win, Win, Win. Thanks! Shows creativity and initiative. Keep on keeping on.

@cryptoctopus - Sir this is a good thought & hope other whales will follow you... I like to read your articles & it provides useful stuffs to build our steemit career... Thank you for giving this enormous opportunity to us Sir...

+W+ [UpVoted & ReSteemed]

Wow you're so generous @cryptoctopus ! Thank you for sharing your blessings, not just sharing informative and helpful posts. I'd definitely love to be your fan! Even without the fanbase definitely I am still a fan of yours.


I was about to register, but when I saw I hate to pay 0.01 or 0.1 SBD, whatever it was, I opted out. You see, I'm broke LOL I barely earn any SBD. You can check my wallet if you don't believe me. I'm hanging on to every little bit of SBD I earn here. Struggling big time!

It's 0.001 SBD, which is the smallest amount possible to send.

That's really nice of you to put so much effort for your followers (I know you also win from this but there are probably easier ways to do it). And by encouraging your followers to post constructive comments on your posts, you also "teach" us to use Steemit like this. Because if we take the habit to take time and make good comments below your posts, we will probably do the same elsewhere. At the end, I think this initiative will push the platform in the right direction!

@cryptooctopus Thank you for this mutually beneficial project! Upvoted, resteemed, followed & registered at SteemAuto!

I think it is very cool what you are doing. When we get moved I want to lease some additional SP myself, not only to help give a boost to my readers but also to give under read deserving posts a boost and hopefully the author encouragement to keep on posting.

I'm going to have to engage more often now hahaha, that new tool looks awesome. I might want to use it! Thanks Boss!

Saya harap Anda bergabung dengan fanbase saya. Saya akui, ini tidak 100% altruistik. Saya yakin sangat keren bahwa akhirnya saya bisa memberi penghargaan kepada pengikut saya yang paling banyak terlibat dengan upvote yang murah hati. Saya yakin itu akan membuat perbedaan besar bagi mereka. Penting juga untuk menyebarkan STEEM ke jumlah orang sebanyak mungkin

@congrats for this @cryptoctopus i see many person coments with out any thought and without read post carefully i think they coments soon only for rewards

Hi, I am new to Steemit, so actualy this is not my case; but great article describing interesting system how it works here :)

Hope this one help you for your convinience

Its good if you can do that

Excellent news with your publication when I read I enjoy and learn more I'm your fans

Love the update of steem but there is some issue like the notification one you mentioned in your post.

I'm your fan now....

You've read that right! I will double my SP so that my upvote on your thoughtful comment is worth 2X as much as it is right now. I figured that with the SBD being that high, it would be a great help for my followers to get extra $$$ from their comments.

This is so awesome and very kind of you.
It's a great thing seeing awesome stuffs from steem mentors (Whales).
SteemAuto it is..

Excellent, first of all many congratulations to you on getting more sp and secondly thanks for creating such opportunities for all the community, well you made a great decision to reward thoughtful comments automatically once they get into your list and i hope in this way peoples surely get more encouragement and then they try to submit more thoughtful comments, i see you are struggling with notifications and same with me too, i see a new steemit notification app is launched by blockbrothers few days ago and it's also available for the free download in apple store, i think it's great app if we use it in our android device and by using it we get in time notifications, so we never miss any activity too, here is the post from blockbrothers.

Hope it helps

I think it's awesome that you are giving back to your follower's @cryptoctopus. I've been a follower's of your for a while. I enjoy your post always enlighten. Cheers

I think this is a very good and forward thinking action on your part. When every vote is "automatic" from this list or that one the content becomes irrevalant as far as comments go. Let's be honest who is going to keep commenting when never rewarded?

Very useful information @crytoctopus weldone,kindly upvote your follower post @adigunabiola thank you @cryptoctopus

I will follow along and read your stuff. I'm excited to see if I can get on that list. I will not apply until I've folled you a little longer.

You mentioned notifications not being great on the platform. I really home they find a way to make these better. I don't even know how to use them.

@cryptoctopus u always present us with a meaningful contents...and i really learned a lot about the cryptomarket.
I hv noticed each of your post get uopvoted by 100/ 200 within seconds sortlisting your followers out of the list is prety difficult...still i wish i wud make to it.

Wow! Awesome move. I've followed some trail on Steem auto but never knew what the fan base option was all about - just like most others. Lol! You just clarified that aspect. Appreciations. Time to revisit steemauto to explore the fan base option... not forgetting to join your base of course.

But I'm also motivated by the fact that as I get my fans to get more and more SteemPower, their upvote will be worth more and more on my post over time. It's a Win/Win after all.

You are quite frank here, sir, and I love it. It's so crystal clear what you are trying to do for us. Thank you much.

This is so cool man!

Thanks for information bro ^^

I am signed up and watching with interest. I am not a fan of autovoting... but I do understand the issues of having more on the to do list than hours in a day. I appreciate that you will still attempt to do some quality control and am quite curious to see how your plan plays out!

Brilliant! It's so cool to see the creative solutions people come up with when they want to do THIS, but also need to do THAT (fill in the blanks there!). Should I ever become a whale, I need to remember this and set something similar up. Thanks for the inspiration!

200 000 ... If I get it .... this first day when I have it... I will be remember all my life.

Firstly, the notification system is crap right now.

Why you don't use steemify app on your phone?

I don't have an iphone

Alright then.

wow this is really good step and i hope others follow too :)

Nice post,am really glad with the way u engage with your followers....am always looking forward to your post

I am trying to authorize steemauto but its not accepting....asking for key...which key exactly do i have to use???

thats better plan to appriciate ur commenters who read carefully and comenting with some thougt and everyone give his own advise and recomendation and i hope ur all follwers get some new and latest news and knowledge in ur posts...now i m also registring in steemauto and get fan...hope ur power give u more profit and benefits in future @cryptoctopus

That's so generous of you for the followers mostly minnows who seek for little help when they start from zero

I must admit that I'm generally so busy generating content, that I don't spend enough time on my feed. Lucky I did today and found two new posts from you. I left a note on your most recent post.

Best wishes

Your readers will love this approach and i think everyone should now move on to this path

You are going to have some loyal fan following and which will be great to engage and enlighten the things up in a constructive manner

interesting idea
That's awesome your followers..... I liked

Rewarding the best and awesome this is what this platform is all about and you seem to be taking care of it :) keep it up bro :)

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