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RE: Steemit: Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows- The Importance of Steem Power on Steemit

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Yeah I noticed this on my 2nd day. I'd have a post with 21 likes worth $0.00 and then I'd have a post with 2 likes worth $43.00. It is obvious when it happens.

Sort:'s pretty extreme. If you attract the attention of one of the big boys, like Donkeypong, then you can get a pretty penny real quick.

I don't know who I attracted the one time it happened to me. It was fast though. I reinvested it all back into STEEM POWER.

Smart move. Early on, it's probably the best thing to do for us.

Sad thing is I did it via STEEMIT and it takes a week. Then I watched a post on how to do it through and could have done it today. :)

I put all of the steem dollars I make into steem power, that's the way to make your steem truly grow over time. I also want to help curate by having more power to vote for interesting and informative posts like the one above.

You can do it via the market under the hamburger menu

Hahah.... you lost me but that sounds pretty funny. Do you care to elaborate?

Upvoted. You deserve a small fortune for invoking my name. :) But in truth, I am near the bottom of the Top 100 SP holders. I'm just a big dolphin. There are some mega, mega whales above me!

Well seeing as your name comes up in the right circles, it doesn't sound like it'll take you long to be considered among em. Cheers, my friend, and thanks for the comment! :D

You lost me pong. I am following you from the day I am active in steemit. So what is to me?

LMFAO, this is great

Well you did good here! 12 votes and $20!

Yeah not quite sure how that happened.

Sometimes good luck is all you need.

Yup agree. So I am always curious to give some deal to Whales. Why can't you upvote our blogs and get some SBDs, since your vote so valuable. I am giving 0.01 to Two SBDs for each of my blog upvoted. its not business but I want to make sure that Steemains time & efforts should be rewarded

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