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RE: Steemit: Whales, Dolphins, and Minnows- The Importance of Steem Power on Steemit

in #steemit6 years ago

I did not realize I was a dolphin. Cool. But, I actually do try to upvote things I support and like which I guess is the point.


Moving up! Yeah, you definitely have a bit of power there. It'll get harder and harder to become a dolphin, or whale, as time goes on.

Hello fellow dolphins :-) I also try to upvote things as often as I like something!

Looks like I'm not even a soldier, but I'will give my best to grow!
At the moment I'm working at a project which is very important to me.
It's a bitcoin/hacker/clicker game I'm programming and I always need some feedback. Please have a look if you are interessted in crypto or gaming in some way ;-)

ur aint the only one bro

I am a minnow, lol?

And I don't realize I am just a soldier here,just a minnows.

ha ha I am still Minnow @mysurrounding

You were a dolphin 2 years ago, but now you're a minnow! What happened!? How'd you get smaller?

I powered down. I needed the money in the real world. So Im thankful it was there.

Well that's good. Good luck getting back up there!

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