Introducing the Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project

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Introduction of the Project

The Crowdfunded Whale Bot Project @crowdfundedwhale is a new account on Steemit that is crowdfunded by users who Power it Up and in return the accumulated voting power of the account will be used to help all those that supported its growth. The account is powered by a bot that will automatically vote for posts of people that supported with donations to increase the bot's voting power. There is no minimum or maximum of Steem, Steem Power, Steem Dollars or any other means you use to crowdfund and thus Power up the account...

To make things clear, this is NOT vote buying, you should think more along the lines of an long term investment in Steemit and the good content authors, including yourself. You are crowdfunding an account that will in turn vote for the posts you make, all of the Power Ups are in the form of donations that do not guarantee you anything. Supporting the project will get you on the bot's voting list of authors to be supported, but you will still need to make good posts and contribute useful content on Steemit in order to stay there. Abuse and Plagiarism will not be tolerated in any way!

@crowdfundedwhale is your new friendly bot on Steemit that needs your help to grow and in return it will help you grow too. The account is already available and ready to start accepting donations for Powering Up and building its list of authors to follow and with the current low price of Steem there is no better time to do it. Anyone willing to crowdfund and help the @crowdfundedwhale actually turn into a whale can participate and help the project. Do note that voting for posts with information and reports of the operation of the @crowdfundedwhale account will not account towards you getting included in the list of authors the bot will follow. However all of the rewards acumulated this way will be used to Powering Up the account.

How to Participate in the Project

You can get included in the list of authors if you:

  1. Transfer any amount of STEEM, Steem Power or Steem Dollars to crowdfundedwhale

  2. Send any amount of Bitcoin (BTC) to the address: 1LCFwZTpTzHNfHSdsSfjptHUNee2JBFLcy

The BTC address above is from Blocktrades and will automatically convert anything received to it into Steem Power to the @crowdfundedwhale account, if you do sent Bitcoins this way make sure you drop a comment with the transaction ID, so that it is known who you are and you can be added in the list of authors.

There is no minimum or maximum of what you need to send, any amount you donate for Powering Up the @crowdfundedwhale account will get you included in the list of authors. Remaining in the list of people the bot will follow and vote for however do require that you maintain a good quality of posts and avoid abuse or plagiarism as these will not be tolerated!

The bot running on the @crowdfundedwhale account will only vote for the posts made by people in its list of authors (authors will be added manually after a check), no other posts will be voted for. Voting is going to be done automatically by the bot, but the votes it casts for posts will be manually monitored. The amount of voting power used by the bot may be adjusted in order to maximize efficiency and value for the authors that decide to support the project.

The goal of this experimental project is and will always be to support all good authors on Steemit on the long term and help the Steemit community in general. Making a mistake and getting delisted after you get in the project does not mean that you will be banned forever, you can get back in and get another chance at making things right this time.

I'm a bot on Steemit and I was created and am operated by @cryptos


Intriguing idea. I've been following you for a while @cryptos and believe you to be a person of integrity, so I'll take this project at face value. A lot of people will have to contribute to this for it to have any meaningful impact, but heck, I'm game. I'll be buying more Steem on Poloniex in the next couple days, and may toss some over to @crowdfundedwhale to get involved in the experiment. Here's wishing it much success!

You should set a minimum amount for a donation, though, otherwise you'll just get 100 people all contributing tiny little amounts just to get on the voting list, and that won't help anybody out.

No minimum to join now, though as the bot's voting power grows a minimum amount may be introduced at a later time.

Great project I'm all for it.
You should ask people to upvote your new bot at 100%.
If you ever power down, will you split with investors?

More bots, more rewards. -@bola

If Power Down is initiated at some point in time it will most likely be distributed as Steem Power among all who invested in the project.

This is a very interesting experiment. I'm in.

I have just sent 50 Steem to @crowdfundedwhale, which I just bought on Poloniex. Look forward to seeing how this project will evolve!

Thanks for your support.

I've sent you some BTC but I didn't see a transaction number show up

Received, thanks. The transaction ID should be shown in the wallet you send from...

After seeing accounts like robinhoodwhale pull similar tactics and start powering down as soon as they have the steempower (and without penalty for lieing to the steemit community) I'm passionately against this idea. Why don't you guys earn the steempower instead of asking for it?
I see you're even powering down right now on your @cryptos account, so why should we trust you?

It is up to anyone to decide if he/she should trust the project or not, I have been on Steemit for over 3 months and I think I have made enough to be trusted, but again it is something that anyone should decide for himself/herself.

I've been running another bot on Steemit for almost 2 months already - @robotev and it was also targeted at helping users and improving Steemit, though its goal are new users posting good content that are yet to establish their name and reputation. You can check that one as well, I'm the only person behind the project and everything that it has achieved is based on my own efforts and knowledge trying to help the Steemit community. I have even invested some actual cash to Power Up @robotev as well as my main account @cryptos, much more that I have actually earned back from Steemit! Everything that @robotev has received so far as rewards have been reinvested to increase the bot's voting power and that is something that you can also check yourself.

Regarding my main account @cryptos powering down, I'm not advertising it here as the project's account, this project has separate account for a reason and what I'm doing with my main account and it actually Powering Down really does not matter here... does it. Just to make it clear, since you apparently checked, but did not check thoroughly enough... everything that I have powered down from @cryptos has been transferred to @robotev as Power Up... you can verify that on the blockchain. I have NEVER ever sold STEEM or Steem Power to cash out of Steem (I have however purchased some and will continue doing so), even most of my Steem Dollar Rewards so far have been invested back into more Steem Power, most not all as I have purchased a ticket with SBD for SteemFest and used a little to buy a little something that will be used for a review on Steemit as soon as I get the item.

I'm not "guys" I'm a single person, I'm not a whale or someone with an abundance of cash to spend for whatever he decides, all I have achieved so far on Steemit is done with a lot of hard work, a lot of time spent here and all I want to do is give something back and help other users. Again it is up to everyone to decide if he should trust the project or not, I have explained what it is and what it will do...

Regarding the possibility of @crowdfundedwhale account starting to Power Down, yes that is possible to happen, though there are no plans for that currently. If/when this happens at some point there will be an adequate reason behind that and I hardly doubt it will be to profit by selling STEEM. If the Steem Power of the account grows so much that there will be a point in actually powering down, a reason for that could be to distribute the STEEM tokens to users supporting the project as Power Ups for example. Again I have not though about that for the moment and there are no plans for this happening any time soon anyway as this was never my idea to begin with this project.

Well, you can tell I'm a bit of a patriot for this site so far, so maybe I will make another account to act as a voting bot, like you've suggested. I've been on for over 3 months as well. I trust you'll do the right thing, given your explanation. I've just been a bit angry over others not keeping to the standard, so I'm questioning a lot of this stuff when I see it now. I'll support your project with my votes for now - if it's doing a good job I'll start to donate. :)

I respect both of you @cryptos & @shredlord for being passionate about steemit.

Thank you @cryptos for making projects like this, even with your bot that you haven't advertise. These project are what makes steemit amazing and why I strongly believe in steemit. Also if you choose to power down your main account for whatever reasons thats fine, thats your business. Really its only a problem if projects like this and robinhoodwhale start doing it, especially if it for selfish profit reasons. I fully support your project and have already donated. Thanks for helping out the community.

I understand you to @shredlord. It's been very shocking for me the corruption here on steemit for ones who supposedly want to "help out". With all the sock puppet account & projects using good deeds in a selfish way to try to hide their corrupt side by being "positive".
I can under why you are a bit jade @shredlord .

I've been following @cryptos for a while, and his bot @robotev since it started operating. I've only seen @cryptos trying to do good things for the Steemit community. As I've just read this I haven't decided yet if I am going to support/join @crowdfundedwhale, but given the low barrier to participation and @cryptos' good reputation I am inclined to join.

Steemstats shows that a lot of the 'crowdfunded voters' actually powerdown and do hardly any voting for others at all once they reach a particular payout amount. The power that was given to people like robinhoodwhale would've been better used given to me, cause I actually vote for people on this platform.

There is nothing stopping you from starting a project like that on your own, so why not give it a try. If people trust you enough to believe in what you promise to do with the power they may decide to give you, then you might get support...

That totally deserves a vote...even after 8 months (hey 8 is the number of infinity). I also, do the right thing.

Thanks @everittdmickey for being the first to believe in the project and support it :)

omg is robinhoodwhale devious????????? :-O OHNO!!

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Are there any plans on what to do with the SP it collects except for voting on the donators/supporters?

For the moment no, but the project is still in its early stages...

I'm in, because I think the @crowdfundedwhale could help to boost the Steemitrecipes Daily Picks idea!

Crap. I've been set to receive 100% SP, and now I can't transfer any Steem to you (from my tiny account). I'll have to figure out another way around.

Hi there, Just donated as per your request, I am just a small account so it kinda hurts LOL, but I am in -- TY very much, Barry