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Hello Steemian Food-Lovers! The Steemit Recipes initiative has now more than 100 followers, so it's a perfect time to celebrate and post a proper introducyourself article!

According to Career Builder chefs are one of the most stressful jobs and my guess the reason is because of the highly competetitive nature of the food sector.

Competition is good for consumers, just take a look at the food tag on steemit, obviating the part of the plagiarisms that is being taken care of by teams like @steemcleaners, food authors are always trying to improve their recipes with each post. But sometimes this also may lead to a certain degree of isolation, resenting dialogue among colleagues.

That's when @steemitrecipes enters into action with the goal of increasing the camaraderie amongst food lovers in steemit. The idea was to create a place where food authors on steemit could appreciate the work of other fellow colleagues.

The Steemitrecipes Daily Picks initiative tries to increase camaraderie amongst food lovers by highlighting the work of four food authors each day, but in a way that doesn't increase the competitive aspect, since there is no actual contest or special requirements to be listed on the Daily Pick.

Also the idea came to action just as the reblog (now called resteem) feature was introduced. Food authors could then share the work of other authors through the daily recipe and increase the sense of belonging to the food-lovers family on steemit.

Any SBD rewards from the Steemitrecipes Daily Picks post are divided by 4 and sent to the featured authors. Any STEEM is being power-up to strengthen the proyect.

This account promises to NOT POWER DOWN any STEEM until it reachs at least 10,000 SP and also in the event it reaches the 10,000 SP mark before october 2017 to not power down before that date. In the event @steemitrecipes SP is greater than 10,000 SP, the idea of powering-down would be in part to pay back for this effort but also to finance special rewards to authors in the future.

That being said, your support is very much appreciated! If you want to tip or donate to @steemitrecipes it will be used to power-up or you may want to directly power-up this account, to support this initiative.

Needless to say this post is configured for a 100% power-up reward:


As you may have noticed, steemit is currently at a low point on its price, this results in smaller SBD payments. Because the Steemitrecipes Daily Picks is a long term idea, changing the rules (SBD rewards go to food authors and STEEM goes to power-up @steemitrecipes) would make no sense.

Whales and experienced curators are aware of the situation and came out with proposed solutions. One of this ideas is the @steemtrail by @instructor2121.


Because the Steemitrecipes Daily Picks worked in a way like an explicit "curation" of 4 food posts per day, but lacking whale power, it was a no-brainer to approach @instructor2121 and propose @steemitrecipes as a curator for the @steemtrail team.

Most curators just pick each post individually and authors may notice their work because of the amount of the SBD rewards generated, others then post compilations of the curated posts (normally after those posts were curated). The Steemitrecipes Daily Picks powered by @steemtrail could be seen as a real time curation list.

I want to take a moment to affectionately greet the current @steemtrail team, lead by @instructor2121 and consisting of the following curators: @boddhisattva, @cryptoiskey, @haphazard-hstead, @kiwideb, @luzcypher, @richardcrill, @claudiop63, @dragosroua, @ervin.lemark, @koo, @orenshani7, @supergoodliving, @theprophet0, @shadowspub, @shaka, @ats-david, @freeborn.angel, @dexter.k, @ausbitbank, @ana-maria, @kimal73, @bitcoinparadise, @lemouth, @timsaid, @kimal73,, Steem-On!

Always Bon Appetit @steemitrecipes!

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I upvoted and resteemed ! Steem on, i will definately follow ! Congradulations ! STEEM ON! ♨👍♨

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@steemitrecipes Steem On!

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Congratulations on achieving the milestone!

Steem on,

Thank you @etcmike!

Great! Congratulations @steemitrecipes :)
Hope you do it better...

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