Best of Steemit Wednesday: DANGER, Will Robinson! Man, am I in trouble...

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A word of caution today: one of the posts below is potentially the greatest time suck of the year, which for a giant vacuum of time like Steemit is truly saying something. For the love of your free time and possibly your job, do not read the Writing Craft winning post below about interactive fiction. I did, and I’m in SO. MUCH. TROUBLE. Stick to the awesome fiction, the honest nonfiction, and the sweet photography. Even Steemit’s quirkiest intro post would be better. Anything.

If I never return, tell my family I love them.

Today's Best

Writing (Fiction): Her Heart’s Desire, A Short Story by @therovingreader. Becoming something of a regular here, @therovingreader shows good writing chops with a variation on an old theme. Clever and ultimately warm, with an interesting surprise along the way.

Writing (Nonfiction): Don’t Be A Doormat by @johleen, with a hat tip to @smuggly-sparrow for the resteem. Powerful--and useful--post about taking care of that voice inside ourselves that tells us when to stand and be who we have to be inside.

Writing (Craft): The Best Tools To Create Interactive Fiction Text Adventures and Visual Novels by @crypticwyrm. I can’t even...this is incredible. I had no idea...I may never get anything done again.

Steemit community: Helping Each Other Is The Key To Success by @fivefiveeleven. As a dedicated fan of @sft, the Steemit Fiction Trail, anyone that does something to help out and promote that community gets my automatic attention. This post deserves it.

Introduceyourself: In a Web-Connected World, Everyone Is A Pirate by @pir8aye. Simply put, one of the most entertaining, quirky, uncategorizable intro posts...ever. I’ll quote from it: “Sweet Heaven, Steemit is dangerous…” Oh, @pir8aye, you have no idea. Welcome to the madness.

My Feed: The Creative Writing Challenge Task 1 by @steemfluencer. All you pals over on the Discord Channel for Fiction, check this sucker out. I like the idea. I like these sorts of craft exercises. Jump in--there’s still time.

Photography: Bergen From The Top Of Floyen--Can You Spot The Moon? by @gyanibilli. Ordinarily, I like to feature posts here with multiple photographs, but this one is so good it counts for triple. Great, great work.

Special Prize: It Is Amazing What A Dollar Will Buy @walkingkeys. I love going to thrift stores to start with, and the book section...ah. How will I ever read them all?

As always, suggestions for posts to honor are gratefully accepted.

Rules of the Best Of:

I don't like grammar and spelling errors. I make them, but I hate them. Unless the post is supremely brilliant, even a couple of these--especially in the title--will mean it doesn't make this list. NOTE: if you're writing in your second language, significant slack will be given here. When I write in my second language, I'm lucky if I can be understood at all.

Minnows--I am a minnow, and I'm all in on support for the newbies. Doesn't mean I won't curate a whale post, but it's unlikely. If your rating is over 70, you don't need my help (for whatever it's worth).

I don't do porn, however artful.

Original content only.

I take requests. Gratefully. But not for your own work. Push someone else into the spotlight.

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Interactive Fiction... don't remind me. Must do other things, must do other things.

Right? RIGHT?

A few years ago, before Twine went to HTML, there was a window where I was the only active programmer for Twine. It was a good excuse to learn Python. I've loved IF since I read my first Fighting Fantasy book. I entered IFCOMP once and got 14th. Aaaah, but that life thing.
Maybe I could do an IF experiment on Steem.

Make sure you tag me if you do, because I want to follow along.

Will do.

Thanks @cristof! I'll be sure to check out the others on this list. That interactive fiction looks prime to me!

Sigh. It's ridiculous. I have so much to do, and I really don't need another project...

I couldn't agree more. And, yet...

Well Done Guys!!!!

Aww, do you know how it feels when I come to your Best of Steemit post looking for good stuff to read and see my own name? Like my ego's about to burst! Thank you so much!

You deserve it. You wrote a good piece. I think @sft is looking at curating it, actually.

@Johleen is pretty good at what she does. I'm very picky about what I resteem and she deserves far more than that with her skills. If I could figure some of this out I'd put her up for a Curie and few other awards. PS: I have news! I shall post about it shortly. :)

Please tell me your news is air-conditioning related. Or better, I guess.

Yeah, one of my biggest problems is figuring out how to boost so many deserving authors.

It's totally AC related!! :)

Oh thank heaven.

Thanks for the selection. Yohoooo!

Thanks for mentioning my article and the extremely funny warning section, that made me grin like a cheshire cat :) Much appreciated!

When you do good work, you should be rewarded. Glad I could help shine some light your way.