I've received 10 steem dollars from vocalists-trail

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As I wrote before in my previous post about How to earn good money from steemit ! that we can earn also on steemit from contests & giveaways.

I received 10 steem dollars from @wishmaiden she is a moderator of @vocalists-trail , it's a nice project that allows talented people to earn some money. ☺

Here is the proof :

So here is my funny performance that brought me those money : Steemit Chicken 🐔

Participate in contests and have fun on steemit !

Follow @Clixmoney for more fun. ☺

The giveaway continues, I still send 0.03 SBD to random people who will upvote and resteem my new posts.

Youtube channel - Twitter - Instagram - GOLOS - FACEBOOK GROUP 'RESTEEM TO BE RESTEEMED'

If you want you can give me upvote as a wittness here : https://steemit.com/~witnesses

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vocalists-trail are amazing, I've won 5 steem dollars with them also : I've won 5 Steem Dollars just for singing a song

wow congratulations followed