Steemit - An ecosystem that accepts you for you!

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As mentioned in the article below, Steemit is an ecosystem that thrives on the adoption of the cryptocurrency markets and also creates a wide range of universal knowledge held deep within the creators.


As an ecosystem persistently adapts to sustain functionality and reliability between it's core structures, aka THE blockchain

With apps like SteemSpot, which enables you to located fellow Steemians from around the globe according to your geographical based around what the creator desires for his or herself. It enables you to verify your "profile identity" within the globes coordinates which then directs your attention to the most attractive outcome of what the future could hold.

  • For Example:
    • Car A decides to drive in search of gas and oil but doesn't like the prices of local gas stations, nor does he have to monetary value to continuously drive direction of where he will end up.
    • Car B decides to run to the gas station with intention to buy many things including gas and mostly junk items, while the world that surround his windshields is quickly spiraling downhill( has been for quiet some time now. ) What Car B doesn't worry about these kinds of things because he doesn't care to build wings and fly like many other cars do.
    • NOW Car C has his engine set on something else along the lines of #creatingtorelive ! He realizes the opportunities in his lifetime warranty were meant to **beleive, love, be kind and humble, give, be thoughtful and passionate, make a difference everywhere and anywhere, but most importantly.... **Understand the choice that is at hand knowing the power gifted down to YOU!!

Getting back to our Steem Universe and reminding each other about the STEEM TOOLS that hover between our fingertips with gravity centering around the people who accept truth...

And do not deny our existence far exceeds this instant!

Steemians stories mentioned in this post/ECOSYSTEM @lasseehlers @snowflakes
@savulius @ballinconscious

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