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The higher in the "old corrupt" system you get, the more lies and bullshit you will meet

I have been working in many places. I found that the "higher" you come in the "system" the more lies and bullshit is flowing around in the work space. This is my personal experience, and I been many different work places. I might share my story in my detail one day, but for now I will just let it be at this statement.

Blockchain and Steemit will eliminate lies and bullshit

So that is why I love blockchain and Steemit. The blockchain holds the potential to eliminate lies and bullshit. It will take some time for it to evolve into all areas of business, but we will get a true free market and eliminate liars and bullshit over time.

Another reason that you should join Steemit today and buy some Dash.

Lasse Ehlers

Copenhagen, Denmark




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Yes it will and thank God!!

The truth will set you free!


True and follow you now :)

There is a long way to get rid of the fiat money world, but Steemit is a good first step.



I think Steemit will bring it to the masses much like google brought the search engine to the internet!

You may want to update your title on this post:

Blackchain is for truthful people

I think you meant "Blockchain".

Steem on,


Sure, thanks corrected it now... my editors didn't catch it lol

This was the very reason why I got into Bitcoin myself, back in 2011.


That is just great to hear. I follow you @arthuradamson

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