CAPITALISM #5: Dan’s Secret Plan for World Domination Exposed [Exclusive Cover-Up]

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It is characteristic for all genius masterminds that aspire for world domination, that they occasionally spill the beans about their plans. Dr. Julius No, Auric Goldfinger and Ernst Blofeld did it. And Dan Larimer, Co-Founder of Steemit, did it as well.

Did you ever wonder, why Dan doesn’t write posts with his @dan account anymore and is using instead his @dantheman account? The simple answer is: he wants to hide that post:

One month ago, in a state of cockiness because of the near triumph of this ventures, Dan had carelessly revealed his plans for world domination in cryptocurrency to the public. Unfortunately he revealed his plans on a platform that was designed to be immune against censorship. So he couldn’t delete the post after realizing that. Writing with another account name afterwards was the only possible way to cover that mistake.

Based on this secret document and further research I present you Dan’s complete secret plan for world domination. 

The first part of this plan is to achieve world domination in cryptocurrency.

1. Cryptocurrency world domination

In his accidentally revealed article Dan is describing, how he will reach this goal with Steemit.

First he admits openly that Steemit is not mainly a blogging platform. In truth it is a tool for „bootstrapping a digital currency“. The establishment of the blogging platform is only the way to create a community that is able and willing to use the new digital currency. Then Dan admits:

„A blogging platform that makes it possible for everyone to earn  their way in is just a trojan horse. It is a means of hiding the vegetables (honest money) in the food (fun content).“

It’s likely that Dan was laughing out loud when he was confessing with these words, how he is tricking the Steemit users into taking his honest digital currency as reward for their writing. What an ingenious plan. 

Next he outlines three phases for achieving cryptocurrency world domination:

„Phase 1 - Bootstrap a Stable Currency“

To outrival the other cryptocurrencies Dan wants to create a stable digital currency - the „Steem Dollar“. Because it’s designed to be stable against the US Dollar, this Steem Dollar should hit Bitcoin and the Alt-Coins at their weakest spot, their unstable price. 

So, the blogging platform Steemit is just an outlet to bring this Steem Dollars to the ordinary people. Guess how many Steemit users have knowledge about this? How many of them know, that the sole reason to let them write articles is to give Dan the ability to give them Steem Dollars? 

„Phase 2 - Bootstrap a Marketplace“

Dan describes now, how he wants to disrupt the online commerce in the second phase by building a marketplace „like OpenBazaar, Craigslist, Angie’s List, or eBay“. With all the people that he had tricked into his venture by giving them Steem Dollars for their writing he has now the user base for his own Steem powered marketplace, where they can spend their Steem Dollars. 

Could you imagine something that is more alluring? - First he gives the people money for free and than he offers them the perfect place for spending it! Is that even legal?

„Phase 3 - Sidechains, Smart Contracts and SmartCoins, Oh My!“

In the final phase he wants to use his Steem technology to establish a complete blockchain infrastructure that can be used by others to build new applications and business models. Again, he wants to use a perfidious method to get users for this services. His trick is: „no fees!“ - All Wall Street bankers will surely cry when they hear about that.

You might think that creating such a stable cryptocurrency that has no fees is the whole plan of Dan. But this is only a small part of what he wants to achieve. 

2. Building an „alternative economy“

In a recent interview with Jeff Berwick (@dollarvigilante), Dan had loosen his concentration for a moment and spilled again the beans out about his secret plan:

At minute 38:56 Dan accidently revealed, what he is intending. He wants to get: 

„a new economic system for people who want to have free honest money rather than Federal Reserve money controled by central parties.“

And than at minute 39:04 he admits:

„Thats the bigger picture here about creating an alternative economy thus is being bootstrapped through social media.“

So, to get cryptocurrency world domination is not enough for Dan. He wants to change the whole economy.

But still, this is not the end of his plans. His ultimate goal is:

3. Building an „alternative to government“

In my research I dug deep into Youtube and found a keynote speech by Dan at the Inside Bitcoins Conference in Las Vegas in 2014:

Dan speaks here mostly about his BitShares project. But at minute 28:54 he tells the audience the possibilities of the blockchain technology and stated openly that 

„you can have complete governance on a voluntary basis, because blockchain technology allows us to reach a peaceful form of consensus and is the alternative to government which are a coercive violent for of consensus. It’s just a matter of finding the free market solution to secure life, liberty and property. And that’s what I’m going for.“

So, Dan Larimer is a real anarcho-capitalist thinker. But he is not only a thinker. Steemit is the first step to reach his goal of an alternative to government. 

Now I will finally expose how Dan wants to achieve this. His first instrument to create an alternative economy and an alternative to governments are Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DAC).

4. Decentralized Autonomous Companies (DACs)

Dan Larimer invented the concept of the "Decentralized Autonomous Companies" (DACs) some month before Vitalik Buterin came up with the term "Decentralized Autonomous Organization" (DAO), which became quite famous because of „The DAO“. 

Dan had explained the concept of the DAC together with Brian Page in 2014:

In this video Dan is giving us confirmation for his secret plan that I am exposing here. At minute 2:01 he admits that he wants

„to create a product that I hope gonna change the world“.

Dan is speaking here about BitShares and how it is a platform for DACs. He explains that Bitcoin is a DAC and how a DAC is working. But I will not bore you with technical details. Fact is, that Steemit is a kind of DAC and that DACs are one of the two instruments of Dan.

But what is a DAC strictly speaking? Let’s get an revealing explanation by Vitalik Buterin:

Many readers will be familiar with the „Daemon“ novel of Daniel Suarez, where a software agent called „Daemon“ and a decentralized network called „Darknet“ was created by a software genius to change the world. 

„Change the world“ - does this sound familiar? These are the same words, that Dan Larimer was using in the DACs video.

But is it possible that Dan wants to build such a Daemon and a Darknet that will change the world. I couldn’t find evidence for this by him. But I was able to find a cryptic confirmation by his Steemit co-founder Ned Scott (@ned).

Two month ago, @pheonike had started a Steemit book club with an article about the notorious book „Daemon“ by Daniel Suarez. Ned, who in all probability had knowledge of the secret plan of Dan, wrote a comment to this post:

At first sight Ned is simply saying that the book of Daniel Suarez was „a fun read“. But what about the „+1“? I’m really sure that Ned is telling in a hidden way that another „Daemon“ was created. 

Now everything makes sense. Dan is building his own „Daemon“.

But wait, there is more evidence. Look at this:

So, DAemoN = DAN. 

It seems to me now, that Dan is in one person the brilliant programmer Matthew A. Sobol AND the Daemon from the novel of Daniel Suarez!!! And on the basis of the blockchain technology Dan is now building a „Darknet“ like the one in the „Daemon“ novels.

5. Steemians

I mentioned a second instrument that Dan has created to implement his secret plan. And this second instrument is: the Steemians!

Yes, that's you and me.

In the secret document that Dan was posting by mistake on Steemit he had admitted that he needs to build a community for bootstrapping his honest digital currency. But this is not the only function of this community.

Do you know This is a terrific collection of tools that were build by Steemians in the last weeks. So, strictly speaking - the Steemians are the little helpers of Dan

Or, to give you a good analogy, the Steemians are his Minions:

The Steemians are the eager helpers for Dan to achieve his goals: to build an alternative economy and an alternative to governments.


Steemit is much more than a blogging platform where people gets rewarded in a cryptocurrency for popular articles. It is a community of people who wanna create a better world through technology and friendship. The research for this post gave me high confidence in the future of Steemit and in the vision of Dan. I’m happy and proud to be one of his Steemians.

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The doctor Evil picture is hilarious.

Ain't that far from reality :)

Thanks for adding this additional evidence. :-)

Here's the full size photoshoped image of our mastermind Dan without the CAPITALISM title. It looks like this:

Ha, love it. I still want to see a pic of Dan as Dr. Evil.

It's a BLACK cat! NOT WHITE!

Actually it's an Ernst Blofeld picture. :-)

OMG... crazy when you see it like this. A point you missed though.... all you need to do is a little correction to 'Darknet", while it is easy to miss, when 2 letters are rearranged.... and the others replaced completely.... you have Steemit. Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

Wow, this couldn't happened by accident. Let's watch out for more evidence.

How have hou guys NOT made it to our hangouts? That is what stuns me. You are obviously well researched.

Thanks. That's what Steemit is all about. :-)

or just mount it and hump like a dog. whatevs.

... and @dan confirmed your theory/suspicion/claims with his upvote ;)

Yes he did. Thanks for pointing this out. :-)

this post is priceless to say in Mastercard Marketing Language :0) but i dont want to know how many days you have spent researching for this article !

so i hope this gets the attention of @dantheman and @ned , this post is GOLD !

Yes, it took a day. I was watching nearly all videos of Dan on Youtube and made some minor research. This really gave me confidence in the success of Steemit. When a venture capitalist wants to invest in a startup, his first look is at the management. It seems to me, that Dan has a good long term vision. Beginning with Project Keyhotee to BitShares and now Steemit I see a learning path. Everytime he is adding something to make it much better. And now he has the Steemians, that are writing hundreds of articles with new suggestions for Steem and building dozens of new tools. This will accelerate the progress.

you are a star. respect x 2!

you save me of typing....

I completely agree!

What a mindblowingly brilliant article...I'll never be able to leave my screen again if these gems keep comming....I LOVE DAEMON and I love the idea of an "Open Conspiracy" :D :D Hail to our voluntarist whale overlords! :D :D

For me it was the same while writing. I realized that Steemit is the beginning of such a network like the Darknet in the Daemon and the Freedom TM novels. I can't wait to get this yellow augmented reality glasses that shows the reputation score and SP score over the heads of my fellow Steemians. - Great things will be coming. And we are part of it. :-)

I was thinking exactly these kind of things about Daemon for weeks now and it was just so cool to see you come up with what I was almost too afraid to express because it sounds so weird and you put it in such a marvelous article...mady my day! :D :D :D

Lets have a talk about all this Daemon possibilities at the Steemit meeting in Potsdam at the 9/9/2016.

Oh and THANKS SO MUCH for digging up that Gem by Dan!!! I am so stunned that he uses the trojan horse analogy in the open :D I was thinking I was smart telling that jokingly to buddies and was not quite sure if the founders actually realize what they are doing here....AND THEY DO!!!!

Just wanna tell you this is a super funny post @capitalism!

And illuminati confirmed on top 3 trending at this moment!

For two hours it was number 1. Yeah! :-)

Again a picture with a cat. That's a clear sign of his world domination ambitions. :-)

That's awesome. I have the feeling, that more Dan memes like this will spread in the future. Before this my main reference for Ned & Dan was Steve Jobs & Steve Wozniak. But Pinky & the Brain ... awesome. :-)

That is a great post. loved it.

I tried to re-start the book club again that you had started long time ago. Thanks for the inspiration.

Thanks, I kinda dropped the ball on that one. Glad you you doing it.

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