The @nobidbot account is SO much bigger than any single individual, it must be run by the community!

in #steemit3 years ago (edited)

I am pleased to re-announce, what we already knew, and that is, the @nobidbot account is SO much bigger than any single individual, it must be run by the community!

In order for the #nobidbot tag as well as the @nobidbot account to rise to their fullest potentials, I very much believe as does @whatamidoing, that these entities truly need to be a community asset.

I had created this account to further what had been started by @transparencybot, which was quickly followed by the introduction of the #nobidbot tag via @whatamidoing.

As many may know, my creation of this account did lead to some discussions that revealed to many the importance of having these assets held as much as possible by multiple members of the community.

BTW: I love discussions and feedback, they are essential to creating products that excel and community support. I just would rather not to use discord. I simply prefer to keep EVERY thing as open and transparent as possible. Even battle plans with your worst nemesis are so much better off being fully transparent. How many wars could be prevented if all generals disused all battle plans 100% of the time? I know this is a fairy tale, but sometimes we simply "ought" to do things they way they "ought" to be done.

Transparency works even when things get complicated. If you are interested, here is a recent example of how I employed this conecpt.

First step to making sure this account was held as much as possible by the community and no single individual.

I have turned over both the posting and active keys to @whatamidoing so he can begin using the account immediately.

Step 2

Is a bit more complicated.

It is my desire to turn over the owner key of this account to at least two individuals that have demonstrated both a solid commitment to the long term health of the platform as well as having earned my respect by demonstrating the qualities of integrity, honesty and transparency.

The recipient of this key may share it with anyone else they believe also holds these same qualities.

Once this key has been turned over they will.

  1. Change the owner password. This will remove me entirely from any ownership in this entity.
  2. Share the new active and posting keys with @whatamidoing and his team, so they can continue their work.
  3. Share the owner key with at least one other individual not directly connected with this account.
  4. Promise to loosely oversee the account as required to ensure the account is being maintained in a manner that they deem to be an asset to the community.

I do hope someone will step up and take this challenge.

Here is my current short list of those I would like to give this key to: (In no particular order).

@curie (Providing this does not cause any type of curation conflict.)

There are many others that I have been fortunate enough to have met that share these same qualities, but I do have to start somewhere with a list, so these 8 have been put forward.

If any of the above candidates would be willing to take on this responsibility, please let me know and if you would, let me know in few short words why?

I believe this method of turning over the account will both help grow this movement as well as provide long term security for this community asset.

One last thing --- Thank you all; those who are working so hard, to help bring quality back to Steemit!!

Blessing to all!



Hopefully it works out. Could you have a team of manual curators and just have the bot boost their vote? Perhaps you could get the community to apply and get like 100 curators and have the bot do 1% upvotes after them.

I believe @whatamidoing wants to form a team for manual curation, you might want to get with him on this.

Thanks. I followed him.

Great decision and you really giving the value to transperancy and it's really great because transperancy can lead towards the credibility and people can trust you because, the work is like open book. And yes we all should strive hard to bring back quality to this platform. Thanks for sharing and wishing you an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

Thank you, these are kind words, I appreciate them.

Yes, this platform relies on quality for long term survival. Honest and OPEN discussions are the key here as they are everywhere.

Welcome and i really agree with your words. Keep doing this great work.

You guys heard of It shows how much people have voted, especially the bid bots.

It is all transparent already, everyones wallets are transparent, each transaction.

Everything is transparent and we can evaluate everything and there are many tools which can deeply showcase analysis aspects and one example is "STEEMREPORTS". 🙂 is aesome for all kinds of info also

Thank you so much for your kind reference. 🙂

There is transparency, for this we do not need this ugly spam comment bot, where he want take profit from.

Your very generous and I hope good things come of your actions. I hope these good things also come back to you.

@bycoleman, I am glad to so something happening with this, even if it seems to be causing a bit of a stir among some?

I'm starting to use the #nobidbot tag, and I really hope it can be developed — somehow — into a version of the "Trending" and "Hot" feeds as they would appear if they got their places organically.

Of your shortlist, I hope @patrice picks this one up just because of her experience and resources in handling spam and scams already; @carlgnash would also be awesome, given his commitment to manual curation.

Anyway, two paws up!

Thank you my friend, it has been a workout.

So far no one has accepted the offer, I do believe it is a bit of a hot potato at the moment, so I had a feeling this would be the reaction.

Let's just keep on putting quality first!

post a very remarkable i'm very happy to see his friends. friend help me if a time

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Man, am I glad this is working out. I've been using the tag to not only post in but to also upvote stuff I think should be upvoted. It gives me one more place to find good content.

I can't say I know anyone personally on your short list, but I have seen their posts or interactions or I'm aware of the work and affiliations, and I believe you've got a good start there.

I guess we'll see who might want to get involved in this bot.

Good luck moving forward. I hope you will stay a part of this to some degree, even if it's not day-to-day operations.

Thanks for upvoting and using the tag, this is great!

Certainly, I will be involved. @transparencybot will still continue to upvote random posts that use the tag and I am going to be working on a new concept that will support these same goals of manual curation and quality.

Keep highlighting quality and spreading the word.


I found one today using the tag and sending to s-steem too - manual curation (and a wallet check) will be required.

Also, the curator would need to wait 3.5 days so the post could not be voted on 'late' by many of the bots (but not all).

Are you on discord or steemit chat to discuss the sql server linked server to steemsql issue? I think DM would be the best approach to try and solve this.

I'm not actually involved in the @nobidbot account anymore. @whatamidoing is handling it.

I am still doing two different types of random upvotes with @transparencybot and @botreporter.

The random upvote for the #nobidbot tag by @transparencybot waits 24 hours, they could later use a bot.
The random upvote by @botreporter looks at their last 30 days and they are filtered out if they used them.

I never got back to look at the SQL server link. Possibly just need to use transact sql instead of SSMS to create it.

I'm rarely on discord, sorry, but if you like, send me a #secure memo with your email.

Thanks for your support.


@bycoleman you were flagged by a worthless gang of trolls, so, I gave you an upvote to counteract it! Enjoy!!

Can anyone tell me why we need this spam on our comment section? It's so huge, LOL. Anyone on their right mind can see that posts have been upvoted by bid bots. So why do we need this? Everything is on the blockchain and shows how much bit bots have voted. I don't really see the point. It's not like we are hiding it, we can't.

This has become a bit more complicated than I have anticipated but I don't mind the idea to make sure the account is not controlled by one individual. I just think it's important for people to make these kind of decisions through discussion.

Having me suddenly run the account with 2 people I have never talked to before is not exactly an ideal way to form any bonds of trust and not an ideal way to run a community. I do know @tarazkp and have talked a bit with @carlgnash so if you insist on doing it this way, I'd prefer them simply because I know them and starting from scratch with people I know nothing about would be a headache I don't have energy for.

I can understand your need to work with like minded people, so I tried to ensure these people have very similar interests that you and I share in regards to bots and long term solutions.

No one has stepped up to the plate to want to take part in this project at the top level. It is still all yours at this point. You are completely free to manage as you feel is best for the community. I do hope you get going VERY quickly with whatever you are planing as the tag has lost more than 50% of its posting activity since the 27th. Without adding some type of manual curation or incentives, this trend is likely to continue.

Steemit as always been the best. Higher it goes

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We still waiting that you remove your spam comment under our best of.

Do what you think you have do do, but respect user that don't want your ugly big spam comment.

The developer of @transparencybot, @bycoleman has purchased delegated SP from Minnowbooster and up-voted his other accounts over the last 7 days @introbot 47% of the time, @botreporter 25% of the time, transparency bot 25% of the time and himself 2.9% of the time.

Producing multiple accounts and up-voting that account can be seen as taking advantage of the rewards pool. One person with multiple accounts may be looked into and addressed if/when illicit activity is noticed.

This information is being presented in the interest of transparency on our platform @bycoleman and is by no means a judgement of your work.

In addition @bycoleman has used the following bidbots in a previous post:

buildawhale for 69.63, $278.52 USD
upmyvote for 25.36, $101.44 USD
minnowbooster for 22.23, $88.92 USD
boomerang for 18.07, $72.28 USD
smartsteem for 12.21, $48.84

Dollar amounts have been taken from the current Steem price.

This guy is a hypocrite

Everybody knows I have used bidbots in the past, I have stated this clearly on several occasions. Infact, I have instructed others on how to use them.

I lease SP from an individual not MN, buildteam is simply the intermediary, and they do a very fine job with this.

Yes, I have several accounts that I believe are assets to the platform, which i support directly and indirectly to ensure they are able to perform as they are intended. @Tranparencybot is non-profit, these votes will not return back to me.

I do hope to profit from my other services, it takes a great deal of time and resources to create and maintain these and each of them I believe are assets to the community. Each person is free to judge accordingly.

Is your intent transparency or to discredit the messenger?

I believe most people can see our motives pretty clearly.

So now you are a saint? You are in it for the money obviously. Now that everyone is pointing this out, you act like you are not by making a post that you will give it to "someone", obviously a friend or your own account. For all we know you have hundreds or thousands.

I don't really see the need for you to spam us with your comment. Everyone knows we are using bid bots, all they have to do is use or go to the blockchain.

Also since everyone knows you have used bid bots, then you won't mind that i'll stick this comment for every post you make. All for transparency of course.

I really don't mind if you are doing it for what you believe are the right reasons, the community of course will be the final judge.

I'm just returning the favor.

Also since everyone knows you have used bid bots, then you won't mind that i'll stick this comment for every post you make. All for transparency of course.

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