Why didn't I get the Uruguay vs. Portugal badge if I got the result right?

You made 2 votes:
1 for Portugal at 2018-06-29 23:24:24 (cancelled at 2018-06-29 23:26:09)
1 for Uruguay at 2018-06-29 23:26:15
Therefore your bet is not valid.

I voted for Portugal by mistake and corrected it less than two minutes later, does that really invalidate the bet? :(

I am happy because since I took the first place I have never lost it.

Happy for u too, welldone because it is not easy oh

And still kept that 2 point difference to boot, your almost there so keep it up. May the l ast 6 matches be kind to us lol

You have to run with luck that the game that I lose. You win.

That's gonna be a long shot for me, I would need to vote on the underdog teams to make that happen which I am afraid would probably sink me deeper lol

Sometimes you have to risk ... the quarterfinals are not easy ... I could lose some game. So you would have the chance to approach me.

Yeah, that is the only way to move forward now. But I would at least to leave it as a last ditch effort for when I no longer have anything to lose.

although I should keep your winning pace I think that in position # 7 you will win a good prize since the accumulated pot is 1750 SBD that is enough to reward a large number of contestants.

Yeah this is actually a contest where all the participants are default winners already since we basically invested nothing except for time and effort and I am really grateful for that.

@steemit board. this i honour from steem it board. Who work hard on steem it

@kylestam esta en la posicion #13 poco a poco va subiendo..

:* bueno ayudame!!! xD saca el poder oculto y dime quienes para cuartos !!!

Congrats all. Is it just me or is the Belgium - Japan badge still missing?

Edit: Ah I have it on my profile but haven't gotten a message probably due to the server beeing offline yesterday.

i'll follow this stage

SteemitBoard world cup is the best

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Would love to win those badges. Bro I love what you do here on steemit. Would like you to be my mentor on steemit. I'm following you right away.

SteemitBoard world cup is the best


thanks for your support.

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