Naughty Tagger's List 2/25/18 - 3/4/2018 -- Tag spammers identified. Now the ball's in your court!

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The list below identifies the authors who have "Introduced" themselves or products at least 20 times since the start of 2018 AND have posted again in this tag last week. Only the first (worst) 50 records are printed here.

This is information only. The information was obtained programmatically and no favoritism was given to any author.

It is possible that some of these authors have legitimate reasons for using the introduceyourself tag repeatedly, it is up to the community to decide that.

This article (post) is also being tagged with the introduceyourself category. I believe it does belong under this tag, but let me know if you prefer not to have it posted there. I will certainly listen to the community on this subject.

The list below includes articles only (no comments) and only includes authors who have new posts last week in the introduceyourself tag.

Tag spam can really make it hard to find articles you are truly interested in when authors intentionally post their content using tags that really do not apply to their article's content.

If you find this tag spam to be unacceptable behavior, then let the author know. A quick comment with your honest view point may be sufficient to make a real change. Letting them know they are on "The Naughty Taggers List" may be plenty useful.

I will be updating this list on a weekly basis.

It is possible the authors below have already made changes to their tags and habits and their newer posts may be more properly categorized. But the count is accurate one way or the other as to the number of articles in the "Introduceyourself" category as of the time the list was generated.

@chicadisney962018-02-27 21:54:39.00037.86
@obaidur9595792018-03-03 11:04:21.00036.29
@ssophiee782018-02-26 22:11:39.00037.79
@saizor602018-02-28 22:27:03.00040.14
@all.art472018-03-01 15:43:57.00038.73
@markup462018-03-05 11:00:06.00047.16
@kiranyasmin422018-02-28 20:22:21.00021.54
@zikri3741422018-02-26 23:24:00.00044.23
@caruci402018-02-26 17:13:18.00037.24
@pujaisma362018-02-28 06:04:36.00045.75
@valeria22362018-03-02 00:36:06.00038.51
@ememudoumanah352018-03-01 17:36:12.00038.49
@moncadadavid15342018-03-03 15:38:15.00036.64
@raquel.ramirezv342018-03-05 21:22:18.00048.39
@adrian11322018-02-28 14:57:15.00036.85
@genelaya322018-02-26 21:55:39.00039.27
@evgen1981312018-02-26 12:58:57.0009.76
@rezi274292018-03-04 16:03:15.0001.01
@virginiana292018-02-25 01:36:33.00038.96
@nizaefanda282018-03-01 07:34:24.00010.94
@kosy-kachukwu272018-02-28 14:16:48.00035.94
@paperart272018-02-26 22:18:06.00033.48
@phillips93262018-02-26 02:11:18.00042.33
@alkhairtraders252018-02-27 17:01:18.00010.53
@sarcasm24242018-03-01 16:19:12.00018.61
@gladysb232018-02-25 17:03:18.00043.77
@khalidbinwalid232018-03-02 12:28:06.00046.1
@killerteesuk232018-02-28 07:59:33.00036.08
@celeste85222018-02-25 09:49:03.00031.79
@cleopatra.beauty222018-03-01 13:09:51.00032.25
@randaa222018-02-27 06:36:39.00017.15
@detropolla212018-02-27 18:27:12.00039.98
@ismiadr212018-03-01 16:18:33.00036.22
@plmk20202018-03-03 16:55:39.00036.61
@psilocybit202018-02-25 15:53:33.00039.05
@top.ten202018-03-05 11:23:33.00052.21
@travellingwomen202018-02-27 08:05:54.00048.92

To help fight tag spam in the Introduceyourself tag, I have launched a new tool called @IntroBot.

Originally, I did much of this work in a semi-automatic process via my byColeman account, but it required a tremendous effort to keep up with the spammers so enter .... @Introbot.

@introbot is an automated bot hosted and managed by @bycoleman to welcome new users, provide helpful links and information and most importantly to help insure they become a success and asset to the platform.

@introbot works in conjunction with other tools to help fight tag spamming and abuses, particularly associated with the introduceyourself tag. Click here to view the latest comments made by introbot.

@introbot has already shown to have had a major impact on reducing tag spamming even in the short time it has been online. This week, there were less than 50 spammers that had at least 20 introductions. In weeks past there have been several hundred. I am expecting next weeks list to show even greater reductions.

If you would like to support Introbot, simply upvote any of the warnings or comments it has made or create your own reply directly to author and let them know how you feel.

Feedback is requested, good or bad. I'm working towards a great platform, but your concept of great might be different than mine, so I am very interested in your concept. Also, let me know if you would like to see more of these types of list.

Please resteem this post if you think this information might be useful to the Steemit community.




Welcome to Steem @bycoleman.

Do read A thumb rule for steemit minnows - 50:100:200:25 for starter tips.

Spend time reading Steem Blue Paper to know how Steem blockchian works and if you still have any queries ask them on our Ask me anything about Steemit post and we will try to answer that.

All the Best!!!

Please fix your bot!

Just got the knowledge of your @introbot This is such a great project and undervalued! i resteemed it to my 1500 users which i don't do often!

I am also looking for someone who wants to great an "Charity upvote bot" with me and can help me with the more technical aspect of it all. We might be able to work together! I got an discord channel with about 100 users and want to create a greater minnow community there witch i can help with a charity bot. So let me know if you are interested and u connect me on discord my name is Bartcardi there lol. Hope to hear from u soon!

Hey there bartcardi , long time since I've heard from you.

Yes, I'm very pleased at how effective this bot is already and I believe it will really make a difference in cleaning up some of the spam on the introduceyourself tag.

I plan to create additional bots to target other tags like bitcoin, cryptocurrency etc. Also, I will be creating a bot that looks for vote4vote thieves here in the next few weeks.

I would really love to help you in your project, but my days are way past filled at this point.

Thanks for your support and many blessings!

No worries will be supporting your projects mate!

Keep up the good work @bycoleman. The Steemit platform just got better in the very short time that you joined it. You have my support.


Thank you my friend!

Is there not something that can be done to combat tag misuse cus from your update sir, it's increasing instead of decreasing...
This is not good for steemit

Hello my friend.

The tag abuse on the introduceyourself is being reduced dramatically, introbot is working well. I expect next week to show even more improvement.

As for the other tags like steemit, cryptocurrency and bitcon, they are getting out of control.

Cryptocurrency is the worst... Well like the good old saying goes that "a walk of a thousands miles, begins with a step"... I believe introbot will definitely get there one day and soon too...

Please permit me to ask this here, how does one knows if his comment is being flagged?

Yes, one step at a time. I have a few new bots that will go online to tackle some of these other areas.

See this link

Then you can select downvotes on the left.

Thanks sir, checked it and got the info...
Am very grateful for the help

Speaking of abuse...shouldn't the intent to be to comment on all rather than seemingly hand-picked?

Sorry, I'm not understanding your comment.

Introbot is only a 7 days old, so it may not have been alive when one or more of the links above were created. It comments on every post made into the introduceyourself tag, if it is a new user or if they have used the tag 5 or more times.

I call BS somewhere in there then...I have not used the tag 5x in 7 days, and doubt that it would be 5x total. Maybe it's abuse, but if you're calling people out, it shouldn't look like favoritism when many that have been around longer do it.

You have used the tag 5 times since the start of 2018 AND have used the tag in the last week.

Here is the comment introbot made.

introbot (51) · 26 minutes ago

Hello @scotters!

I noticed you have posted many times since you began your journey on Steemit. That is great! We love active partipants.

I do want to point out that the Introduceyourself tag is meant to be used once only to introduce yourself to the Steemit community. You have now posted 5 times using the introduceyourself tag. Please see this link for more information Tag Spam?

Please take this into consideration and help build a great platform!

You 'report' only shows a single link...assume that's the 'latest'. I understand the attempt, and perhaps it's even effective...but do not think it's even-handed. On the comment left on my newest post, I replied with an example. I think it's intentional that it's not targeting those who've been on longer with higher reps, and in doing so, favors them.

Introbot cannot tag anyone with a greater reputation than it has, so it hands this automatically to byColeman for tagging. If that user exceeds my reputation, there is nothing I can do, they rule the roost.

Introbots reputation is growing rapidly as it is already a 51 in 7+ days. It will be able to tag the higher rep abuses within a few weeks.

This process is fully automatic and as fair as I am able to make it.

Blessings and thank you for the feedback, it is always helpful to hear from the community.

Therein lies the issue wish to have the minnows obey target than having the whales lead by example.

"All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others..."

The list above shows ALL, without regard to the Reputation. There are no high reputation chronic abusers.

I journey starts with a single step.

What I can say is that your bot came by and welcomed me on my intro post @bycoleman; and thank you to you for your efforts to maintain integrity here. Sadly, many humans start to behave badly as soon as there is money involved.

When I joined a few days ago I was welcomed by Introbot. I really appreciated the useful links and the upvote! I hope your naughty tagger's list will stop people from using wrong tags. Keep up the good work :-)

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