The Next Step - Create a 'Distinct Steemit Community' to Welcome New Film On-boarders!

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So we work at encouraging 'film' people to On-board. They post their introduction blog. Then what? Where do they go from there?

We are looking to build out the promotional team for our film "The Order of Things to Come"!

If you're a Graphic Designer, we would like to hear from you. The assignment is to design theme-based posters, promotional material and a press kit.

If you are a Media or Communications Specialist, we would like to hear from you. The assignment is to prepare press releases, to invite media and co-ordinate event activities with Film Festivals in North America and Europe.

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You should check out the lovely sketch @artwatch did of you.

Cool. I'm flattered! I'm following now. Thanks E.

Hello Sir Brian,

I'm Q a newbie here on steemit. So far I'm enjoying my stay here. By the way, I'm currently studying Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts. So, major and really passion is filmmaking. I would like to have your opinion on filmmaking scene here on steemit?

Best Regards,

Will do sir. Thanks for responding

Tough chore, finding and assembling a dedicated community of films pros that are willing to pitch in. Contacting ACTRA members is the logical step.

But it sounds like you need a team of dedicated curation volunteers to do what you did in the introduction categories: look for new Steemians who are not only interested in film but who also are capable and willing to pitch in.

This really interests me. We need to do all we can to build a community of "people, companies , associations and institutions involved in the process of making film". That's the mantra for the steemit-like community we are building out initially on steemit then transitioning to to be built on the steem blockchain with the SMT 'flix'. This community is very important to jump start. We need a welcoming group in this new community to be in position when we begin on-boarding using the Film Festival Publicity Engines when "The Order of Things to Come" our short film hits the Film Festival circuit end of May early June!

The only "proto-community" I know of is #family-protection . It might not be to your taste, but that's where I come in. :) I asked in one of its threads about how to run a community.

If your interest is piqued, @canadian-coconut runs #family-protection . She might be available on for advice.

I'll reach out to her. Thanks for the heads up!

Cool licence plate! Good suggestion. Would you like to help putting them together?

Cool licence plate!

Hey, thanks! It's the only one in Ontario. :) Had I had the brass to park right in front of the Cloak & Daggwer instead of a parking lot, you would have seen it at the first Steemfest.

Would you like to help putting them together?

It sounds like this initative is the perfect venue for a Steemit Community, including the part about restricting it to pre-approved members. ;)

Would helping out entail me doing some curation shifts myself?

I didn't mean to imply a restricted status. Everyone is welcome but I expect the discussions and blogs to be about filmmaking and film funding so someone not in the industry may find it boring.

And no on curation shifts yourself. Nothing is set in stone. I'm a very inclusive guy and would like to have people do what they would like to do to help move forward. So, I'm looking for ideas, setting some goals and making sure that when we start, we are all on the same page! Make sense?

Yes, it makes sense. Thanks for the reply.

it is true what I say @nxtblg I like

Hi Brian, I believe we met at the TO Steemit meetup. I’m a graphic designer and illustrator, let me know how I can be of service. Cheers!

Dan and I were just speaking about you. He's going to connect with you. Thanks for the reach out.

Hello @brian-rhodes.

Have you considered a or channel for building a community of filmmakers on the Steem platform?

You should also consider creating an opensource project on for and have Steemians contribute towards its development through This way potential users of can contribute ideas for the project.

I personally have some ideas about a Steem website for developing, managing/producing and promoting events and productions. I believe events and productions are similar concepts that use similar resources and talents such as venues/locations, sponsorships, musicians, graphic designers, media specialists etc.

My elevator pitch for the Steem website idea is: online listing of artist portfolios, sponsor requests-for-proposals, equipment, locations, events, productions and support-services that connects people & money. I know it is a mouthful but it is still a work in progress.

Very Interested. I will check out I'm following you. I look forward to what you have to say. Tell me more about your Steem website idea?

Have you looked into Stage 32?
That might be a good community to connect with for your specific team needs and also for the greater long term focus of onboarding filmmakers and building a Steem film system of sorts. May/may not be what you're looking for. Cheers.

I just signed up and did my first post. It could be a useful site. Thank you. Are you a regular on the site?

I am not a regular on Stage 32, but I do follow them and keep an eye on their evolution, to be aware of general film evolution, etc.
Most of my projects so far have been small crew, mostly people I know first or second hand, so have not had to dig into Stage 32 too much, but I hear only good things about them.
They seem pretty legit.
I am glad you looked into it. Good luck and power to you!

I go on it now everyday. I'll keep on eye on it for a while. Thank you for the heads-up.

Happy to spread the word and hopefully help another independent filmmaker. Cheers.

She's not just whore spamming your post, she comes highly recommended.

I reached out. Gave her my email address.

Thank you for protecting my honour, good sir. I am no wayward link philanderer! My links are always virgin and special flowers saved to be smelled and enjoyed by only the chosen few. I matter I take great pride in.

Very interested. Saw the sketch of me. I'm flattered! I'm following you now. Reach out to me at [email protected]

When I get back to my work computer I will definitely do that. Thank you for your time and consideration Mr Rhodes.

It's Brian, please. Eli is a very close and dear friend. I look forward to talking further so please when it's convenient, email me. Stay safe and be well!

Message sent.

I am interested in the host's offer, I work in one of the media in my country that is indonesi, the media I work on is the print media and also the live media on local television, we work partly on social issues, state finances, celebrities, natural disasters, and socialization or advertising, if the master is pleased I will apply. Thank you sir

I do not know what the account is mister, I have whatsapp number

I'm sorry. I'm not on whatsapp. Do you have access to the internet and gmail?

oooh Yes, I have a Yahoo Sir, when pleased [email protected]
this Yahoo my Masters

ready master, I will send my identity and others via email

Best wishes for your film "The Order of Things to come"


I want to work with you

Tell me your skills or what you would like to do to help us.

Great idea! I know people in the industry who have not yet embraced Steem!

I know this is kind of looked down, but I would love it if people could come by my channel to check out my content (recently made a fortnite montage that I'm proud of, despite it being extremely amateur); fair bit of gaming videos! It would mean the world to me for my channel to expand even just a bit on dtube! Have a great day guys :)

Henüz bir yardımcı bulamadığın için üzüldüm .. en kısa zamanda istediğin kişi ve kişileri bulman dileğiyle ... @brian-rhodes

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