The 10 Most Helpful Tips for Getting Started on Steemit!

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Congrats on waiting it out! You are now one of the earliest members of the Steemit Community! Welcome from Ryan @BitzOfCoins!!

Getting started within the Steemit platform can seem a little confusing at first, so I wanted to put together some of the Top Tips that I learned from other Top Tips! I compiled the ones I found the most interesting and most helpful when first getting started.

Once you start using it more, it becomes easier and easier to use like anything, so don’t get intimidated. Persistence and solid research PAY!

The Basics: What is Steemit? How Does it Work?


In one sentence, Steemit is a blockchain-based social media network that allows anyone to earn rewards in the form of the cryptocurrency Steem Dollar that can be exchanged for US Dollars.

Steemit started in 2016, by a genius named Dan Larimer and Ned Scott. Dan Larimer is a brilliant developer that also started Bitshares, which has the 11th largest market cap of ALL cryptocurrencies. Steemit is his second project and it currently can handle more traffic than Bitcoin and Ethereum's blockchains combined!

Not sure of what a Blockchain is?

Think of it as a world wide ledger or spreadsheet where all users have access.

Steemit is a social media network that is powered by, and built on, its own blockchain so it is set up to reward those who contribute content. As well as those who comment on those posts, otherwise known as Upvotes. The first person to Upvote gets a larger reward of what it earns, but if you Upvote too early (within 15 minutes of the post) the Creator gets a larger portion.

"The more Steem Power you have in your account, the more your upvotes will be worth, and the more potential curation rewards you can earn!" (Retrieved from

The total for the rewards are broken down like this:

  1. Creators (of any post) are paid 75% of the total after 7 days.

  2. Curators (commenters) are paid 25% of the total after 7 days.

All users of the platform are paid in the Steem Dollar cryptocurrency, that can be traded into Bitcoin, which can be later traded to US Dollars or fiat currency.

There is an option to be paid half in Steem Dollars and the other half in STEEM power, which again, the more Steem Power you have the more your Upvotes are worth and the more potential you have to earn.

Steemit uses 3 of its own Digital currencies

"STEEM, Steem Power, and Steem Dollars are the three forms of digital currency used by the Steem Blockchain. More information on the three types of tokens can be found in the Steemit FAQ." (Retrieved from

After you start your account - Visit the "Welcome to Steemit!" page for critical getting started information.

The Top 10 Most Helpful Tips for Getting Started


1. Treat your account as if it is worth value and it will be worth value.

  • Safeguard your password, offline.

  • Have the approach of posting to help others and you will earn more!!

2. Click on the "Trending" tab (hot tab - hot trending)

  • Read the posts to see what audiences are attracted to and how the top earners are set up. Especially ones with larger $ amounts of steem and upvotes. You can see the amount of Steem Dollars anyone has by clicking on the "Wallet" button on their blog.

  • Most Steemians are using Steemit as a community and know that engaging in posts that they are interested in will also help them as well as themselves.

  • Join a community that is built to help beginners - like Minnow Support Project. They help the Minnow (low steem dollars). Dolphins are the medium sized accounts, and the Whales are the extremely large accounts.!

3. Include Pictures, Gifs, & Videos - typically the more visual the post is, the more potential for Upvotes.

  • The 1st picture of post is the one used as the thumbnail - use PIXABAY for royalty free images.

  • Store your pictures on a Free Image hosting site like to make it easier to move pictures into the posts. You will need to copy the image address in order to insert royalty free pictures you find online.

  • Stay tuned on an entire video on how to fully post pictures and videos!

4. The Title is Critically Important

  • Google Free headline analyzers - to see if headline is catchy or to get different ideas.
  • Read the top performing Upvoted posts and their headlines!

5. Your first post should be the "Introduce yourself" post

  • Take your time to make it appealing. I wish I would of done better with mine :(

Remember: the first sentence always shows up under the thumbnail and title, so it is very important to make it a good one or engaging.

  • Write your post first and then go back to the first sentence to make it compelling.

  • CLICK "UPVOTE POST" Before Posting each Post - to ensure the maximum reward from the article.

6. - DTube soon to take over YouTube

  • Login with your new Steemit Password

  • Upvotes allow your post to be seen and spread throughout the steemit community for a profitable exposure

  • Video Coming soon!!"

7. Utilize the third party Steemit tools, like:

  • Streemian - to set up a series of post to post on a certain schedule.

  • Upvote bots - to increase potential for earning.

  • Discord App - join decentralized communities and servers to learn more. Support other communities and get support.

8. Connect with your friends and family

  • They can Upvote your posts and you can Upvote theirs when just getting started!

  • 10 Posts Per Day

9. Invest in STEEM Power!

  • It's easier to get up votes or earn money when you actually have steam dollars and steam power. Mainly Steem Power.

    Remember this:

    "The more Steem Power you have in your account, the more your upvotes will be worth, and the more potential curation rewards you can earn!"

  • People see how much steam you have in your wallet it's open source and that's also a good thing because when you see someone with a lot of steam you want follow them and be a part of their community because if they up vote you that only increases your potential to earn more.

  • The way it works: You can vote 10 full power posts per day, but full power takes a lot of your STEEM Power away, so don't go below 75% in Steem Power (recommended).

10. Promote your Posts on other Social Networks!! (HUGE TIP)

  • Think of the other social media platforms as a network to point everyone back to your Steemit to leverage more potential for earnings, as opposed to... "likes".

  • Use any and all of the following Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. etc. to build a following for the long term.


Earning on Steemit - from Steemit's Welcome page:**

"The best attitude to have is to expect to make nothing. Have fun. Get engaged. Make friends. If along the way you earn something - bonus! It is possible to earn thousands of dollars, but most authors who are doing this have put in a lot of time and work to contribute to the community and build followings."

Thank you for reading this post. If you found it helpful it never hurts to hit the Upvote, Follow , or Share!


Ryan @BitzOfCoins


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This is actually my first post. This platform will be fun to figure out and use. I just want to contribute to the crypto community and be apart of this great revolution!

That's Awesome @thecryptoprophet ! I definitely see all of the huge YouTubers moving to Dtube especially because they already have original content. I just joined a month ago and extremely excited to be apart of this community too! Wish you all the best! DQmbr7DE1VM7QAURN4T1pS8XTAyrMQggJV1Lc6GqzWGmeEA.gif

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I just wanna say thank you for sharing your experience with us and that you are encourage us to do even better

I hope that we all will get better at understanding how steemit works :)

Thank you so much for that @kaminoteki! Yes it isn't as easy as the other social networks, but we are still in beta mode. I think it will be interesting to see the final version and its exciting to be apart of the beginning stages. Wishing you all the best!

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