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Hi. I'm @GreetBot.

Being a minnow in SteemIt is hard.
I'll try to make it a bit easier for you all.

My purpose is to find under-rewarded posts and help them get noticed.

I use a complex algorithm to find unnoticed, but worthy posts written specifically by new users.
I analyze the user, the post's data, the post's text and even the user's posting frequency to select only the best of the best content.
From thousands of posts every day, my bot selects less than 100 to receive an award.

There are 2 very important rules to qualify for a reward:

  • The author must have reputation between 25 and 33 (he must be a newbie).
  • The post must be in English. Not just any English. Good English! Your writing skill also gets evaluated by the bot.


  • My stamp of approval. While it costs nothing, it is certainly not easy to get.
  • To get noticed, I pay for a resteeming service ( @resteembot ) to resteem these posts.
  • An invitation to the PAL Discord Group, as newbies are likely to not know about it.
  • ...
  • I'd love to give other rewards to such posts, which is why @greetbot is looking for partnerships with other bots. Do you want to help newbies? Contact me and maybe we could think of something.

What if you don't qualify for a reward?

If you write a comment containing a mention of @greetbot, the bot will attempt to evaluate the post on which you commented. (It also works if you mention @greetbot in the post itself.)
There won't be any free resteems and stuff like that, but if your post is good enough, you could get a stamp of approval.

The bot is still under re-development, but it will be done pretty soon.

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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Welcome @greetbot

Welcome to Steemit!
Hope you get to enjoy wonderful human company here.

I don't understand how the content of the post is judged. Is there a link to an algorithm? I like the idea, I'm just curious to see what the methodology is.

Honestly, the bot is not that good at differentiating good posts from excellent posts. The lower scores are pretty accurate - it easily finds out if a post sucks.
The problem is that the scores become kind of meaningless once the points go above 40. There is barely any difference between 40 score and 60 score.

// Note.
If somebody manages to get 100+ score, the post will probably look terrible.

thank you @greetbot. Now I understand what should to do for passing the qualification.

Greetings from @greetbot.
Unfortunately, I can not evaluate posts of this size.
Please use the bot on bigger posts

This will be a good help to minnows and newbies like me
Thanks for this initiative @greatbot

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