Such wonderful posts that you could miss. Don't miss it again!

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This is a little collection of 5 wonderful posts that deserve our attention and upvotes for their interesting content, unusual content, talent, big work and etc.

There will be 5 categories with 1 wonderful post at each. Of course, there are a lot more great posts, but it will be not comfortable, I think, to read so many information at one time. And this collection is only my point of view, I think these posts are great!

Especially I want to turn your attention to author content - art, music, video. Steemit has all the possibilities to reward talent people. And talent people can look at Steemit as the place, where their content will be rated and rewarded.

1. Category "Photography".  

"Photos from Jajce, Bosnia and Herzegovina [you need to visit this place]" by  adnanefs   

It's very beautiful photos of nature, very good colors and quality. But this post is about travel too, not only photography. 

2. Category "Travel".

"Isla del Sol, lake Titicaca and the real Copacabana: bye bye Bolivia" by sandeepachetan 

Really great post about Isla del Sol, the island on lake Titicaca with very beautiful photos. It's so disappointing, that nobody noticed this post.

3. Category "Music".

It's some problem with this category for now. There is only a little bit of author content. And it was difficult to find the right post. But anyway there is some author music on steemit and it's good. Many people have talents but nobody knows about it. I hope Steemit will help with it. 

"Another Original Song that I want to Share" by ozzy-vega

The man plays beautiful music!

"Resinging a song Nautilus" by visitor 

Please, support this russian author, he is singing very well and also it's his own variation of a song)

4. Category "Art".

"Steemit in VR!" by shieha 

Steemit and VR are looking very interesting, I think, both are very perspective and promising. So, thanks this guy for such introducing.

And another one art-post. Very beautiful drawing.

"The evolution of a portrait: Careworn" by juliac 

5. Category "Introduceyourself".

Just I'm feeling sorry for those, who spent a huge amount of time and effort by writing their introduce post, who made really interesting post and earned nothing. It's not so easy to show yourself to unknown people.

"A Hiking Adventure through Zion, Bryce, and the Valley of Fire: Photos and Travel Advice" by robcichocki 

Thanks to these people for their posts. Thanks to all who share unique and interesting content.

Please, support these authors, they deserve it. I will give them a half of the reward for this post...if the reward will be. 

And it was not so easy as I thought - writing the collection of wonderful posts. It took me more than 4 hours. And at all..there are a lot of wonderful posts on Steemit. It's disappointing, that not all of them are rewarded well.  

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