Donation of 100 arepas with fruits and recreational activity for the Turmero special training school with the support of the Steemit community!

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I am convinced of the brotherhood that exists within the steemit community, and of the faith that many have when they open their hearts to other people, those who day by day are contributing reciprocally inside and outside the community, I present this Project , with which we will continue demonstrating how the steemit ecosystem can be part of our communities.

Dudeland Project is for communities that need support to move forward and grow, opening our hearts to leave indelible marks in their lives.

It is an Active and Constant project that is generated from the interest of the steemians in contributing a grain of sand in this sea of opportunities.

The communities and institutions that have been supported by the Dudeland Project (Land of Friends) have benefited from donations of food and school supplies for the little ones.


I invite you to know a little more about the donations made:

To give continuity to the series of donations from the Dudeland Project (Land of Friends) we show the work done in the "National Labor Education Workshop Turmero" with the help of their votes and wishes, always expecting to have you in the next projects and disseminate this type of initiatives in communities, counting on that this type of actions will be made bigger and will reach many more people.

In this opportunity we visited the Institute of Special Education "Turmero National Labor Education Workshop" (TELN Turmero) school attached to the Ministry of Popular Power for Education corresponding to the Special modality, Mental Retardation area (associated with autism, microcephaly, Down, Epilepsy, visual commitment, motor and language) located at the end of Negro Primero Street in Turmero, Santiago Mariño Municipality, Aragua State along with two adjacent locations to this, which are located one in Rosario de Paya and one in ETA Gonzalito on April 19, attending an enrollment of 140 students aged between 15 and 56 years of age from families with low economic resources, with multiple socio-family problems which makes it difficult for medical attention of their represented.


This school is a special place because it enables them to do a job, so that they can be accepted and develop in the work area of a company or institution in the areas of: sewing, maintenance, preparation of cleaning products, agriculture, painting, recycling, cooking, baking, hairdressing, packaging, costume jewelery and binding.

Recall that companies and institutions have regulations that oblige them to receive and serve people with special needs to fulfill certain occupations within it, this school Workshop teaches them so that they can be inserted into society as a person trained for the job.




The estimated time for the training of these boys and adults is from 5 to 7 years. They have spaces that, although they are deteriorated and have been stolen, have been able to continue learning at least the basics and in areas such as cooking and baking, the staff joins to provide the ingredients to fulfill their activities.

Training areas:

Jewelery Area



Painting Area





Lingerie Area




Hairdressing Area



Área de Cocina y Repostería





Maintenance Area



This School Workshop has a kitchen that is responsible for preparing breakfast and lunch, however there are problems of food provision throughout the country and enrollment has fallen by the same need to the point that attend from 30 to 70 students being 140 the full registration.

The donation consists of 100 arepas with an egg scramble accompanied by 56 oranges to give them a full and balanced breakfast to all the staff that work and study in the school.

It is important to note that for reasons of rain and lack of transportation, not all students attended school, as well as material to do more Arepas.

  • 6 kg of corn flour
  • 2 egg cartons
  • 2 kg of tomato
  • 1 kg of onion
  • 1 kg of salt
  • ½ kg of sweet pepper
  • 1 kg of scallion
  • ½ kg of coriander
  • 1 box of cubes (12 units)
  • 56 oranges














What we wanted to achieve with this visit is to encourage them and motivate them to continue working for their dreams and prepare them to be a better person every day through continuous work and learning despite the country situation in which we are.

We prepared an activity that was not only focused on bringing them a large breakfast that many of them do not have in their home, but also the human part with sports activities and a music lesson where they sang and laughed and were introduced and taught the instruments as the flute and the "cuatro" (Venezuelan instrument).

The reception and excitement of the children could not miss seeing these instruments, since they do not have a music teacher even when they have the musical abilities to receive such classes.






Thanks to the Steemit community for their good wishes and collaboration. Greetings to the steemians @nikflossus @sircork @nahupuku @sndbox-alpha @youarehope @kubbyelizabeth @poeticsnake @yidneth @crystalpacheco30 @creon for their comments of support and hard work within the community. Let's continue working to build a community that represents hope.

Greetings to stemian @inharmony (Pedagogue in the specialty of Music Education) for having supported the organization of this activity and contributed their musical and recreational knowledge in it. It is timely to welcome the Dudeland Project, this being their second participation and with whom we have other projects.

A special thanks to @karinxxl who has always been interested in our donations, has given us words of unconditional support and with whom we share the love for making dreams come true. Their financial support made this visit possible to the Workshop School of Labor Education and give them a different tomorrow. We hope to continue counting on your support and reach more people.


But this does not end here, we will continue to work every day with care to continue creating more ideas and realize them in the coming weeks. Remember to be aware of upcoming publications to find out about aid projects and contribute your grain of sand. Share your joy to see this post leaving your comment of support to all who made this great project possible.

Think about it, all these works are achieved with our given upvotes. It is not a donation of money, or any work you have to do, just by clicking on the mouse.

Remember that your help is evidenced by
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You are doing so good bro!!

Very cool to see what just a click on the mouse can mean to so many people!!


You have been an important part in all this! Go is implesionante as you can change the life of a group of people or community with just click the mouse. How I would like more people to support us in this type of charity. @karinxxl He has achieved great things with the POST he has dedicated to raising funds to make donations, if we all had that beautiful heart this would be a different world. May God bless you Princess!

Great Great bro I am very proud of what you are doing down there in Venezuela bro
God bless you for that... Sure eventually @steemitkidsworld foundation will come there and join hands to help save a child in the future bro
Great work once more bro @bigdude


Thank you very much, here we are working with much desire, any help will be well received everything that is done with love has its blessing. @kofpato

You are really doing awesome man.... Thanks for the mention


All this is possible, thanks to all the support of the community. Here in Venezuela we can do many things with some SBD. We change the lives of an entire community! @creon

Thanks for sharing with are too good man.such a great blog. keep it up hope it will be liked by all.thank you.go on. you put this post very well


Thank you for being present and supporting this type of community work, thank you very much! @ausharya

That's really impressive and so kind of you! Respect! :)


Grateful for the support, here we continue working for a better country! @gabrielatravels

God bless you, that is great work, have you considered teaching them to use steemit? Give a man some STEEM feed him for a day, teach a man to use and you can feed him for a lifetime or as long as this site lasts.


The truth is that I would like very much, the only problem is that the 87% of these people who have received aid, do not have the necessary economic resources, live at home that are very humble, and access to a computer, Cell phone with Internet access is something that does not count.

My dream is to be able to help all the people that I can, and to achieve this it is very important the support of all of you, as I said in the comments above a few children. SBD can change the life of a family here in Venezuela, thank you for your support, may God bless you! @funbobby51


And may God bless you too my friend, my heart breaks for the people of Venezuela.
how much steem would it take to get a computer with internet access up and running at the school?


Wow, We are talking about a lot of money, in my country the computers are not economical. @funbobby51


maybe not a brand new computer or high speed access, just throw a number out there, let's put the intention into the universe ;)


Well friend, a computer used in my country can cost BF 19,000,000 to Bf 25,000,000, (Venezuelan Local Currency) taking the value of the Steem Dollars $ 2.48 SBD would come out in 30 SBD. Approximately!


I feel like we could make thirty SBD happen, how much does internet service cost?


Well that depends on the area, maybe near the school have internet and you can rent them or you can buy a BAM internet (Internet device with 2 GB of navigation) could be about 10 SBD.


That would be of great help and happiness for those people, you would be opening them or a new world of possibilities! @funbobby51


I feel we could make this happen right? 30 SBD? Im going to work in it tomorrow