How Can $919.69 In 12 Hours Change Life, What Happened In The Last Couple Hours?

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Happiness is the most wonderful feeling on this world and I want to share it with you guys, today I'm the most happiest man because of what happened the last couple hours and make me swear to never leave Steemit.

Yesterday I was about to quit and leave steemit:

Human been is a mix of emotions and some guys (like me) are highly sensitive persons, may be it's wrong but this is how I am, yesterday I was disappointed and frustrated because my posts was ignored, I make more money with comments and up-votes than a post that take 2 or 3 hours to do my research and write it.

Before I quit Steemit and because of my love to blogging as much as Steemit I decide to write my last post on steemit and quit at least to be comfortable with my decision and never look back again.

Usually I believe in second chances and winners never give up but like I said I'm highly sensitive persons and I act most of the time with emotions than I regret what I have done

I have never though that the last second will change every thing: 

After 5 minutes BOOOOM good Steemit people start up-voting my post and commenting I was confused because what was happened, I didn't believe my eyes, I was asking my self is that true, am I dreaming?

I never thought that this post will change every thing so I start answering to wonderful comments of awesome steemit people and my post making more and more money.

This is the post:


Big And Special Thanks To This Good And Wonderful Steemit Guys:

This guys change my life and I want to thank every one who up-vote or comment my post. Thank you so much

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and this guys too who take time to down-vote my post:  basay07, sergei 


What is my plan after this surprise:

First I will never leave steemit even my posts don't make any up-vote, second I will share all my 7 years blogging and internet marketing knowledge with you guys.

In my next posts I will write about internet marketing strategies, blogging tips and tricks, paid and free advertising, YouTube and video, search engine optimization SEO and all blogger's needs for success.

Sorry for my poor English specially grammar, it's my third language and I'm trying to be better day after day.

Thank you so much for reading this post, never give up guys there is always hope.



This is an important post in my opinion.

We all have those moments when we have felt like quitting because we aren't getting noticed. You have been lucky in this case and had you quit earlier you would never have known!

I think part of the problem is that people are being unrealistic. Right now the Steemit platform has very few users (tens of thousands vs hundreds of millions/billions for mature social platforms). This means that people are overly reliant on the whale vote to gauge their success.

The way I see it as Steemit matures these whale votes will become less important. People who create good content will start to attract potentially millions of followers - if a post gets a million votes then even if each vote is worth a fraction of a penny that can add up to thousands of dollars. This will lead to the true explosion of content creation and will also solve some of the diversity issues people complain about.

There are some things that might help in short to intermediate term until Steemit has enough users.

For example, at least in the short term, it may help if the algorithm for showing trending posts is some combination of money raised and number of upvotes (rather than just monetary value based). To make it more accurate the votes could be weighted according to the reputation of the voters - a good way of reducing the influence of bots.

Anyway. I will keep posting things that interest me and won't take it personally if they don't get a lot of attention. I will also keep buying STEEM to upgrade my SP when I can.

Right now Steemit is like a baby which hasn't even gotten to the stage of walking yet and people are expecting too much from it. Give it time and these problems will start to resolve themselves.

I see the potential here and I hope with time others will too:)

Your comments are always awesome bro, I will do my best to advertise steemit and post articles how to create free and paid ads , there will a day that steemit will be the best social site in the world , thank you for giving me hope again and thank you so much for your big heart

You are too kind! Glad you appreciate it - makes all the difference:) I look forward to your posts.

don't ask sorry about your bad ENGLISH.... mine is worse than yours and believe me if there is something I understood in Steemit... people understand that is a mix community and understand the effort you use to write in another language!!! So carry on bening happy my friend!!! The life will smile back to you :) @ben99

Thank you so much bro for this kind comment :)

you deserve it! The best thing you can wish to a person is the happiness!

It's a beautiful thing to have that turnaround moment, very well done :)
I wish you much future success and keep writing man!

thanks bro , I really appreciate your comment

Congrats @ben99! Actually everyday we have so many posting on Steemit. Some may just scroll pass, some may just read the title and pass, some may open your post but read just the few top lines and next! I knew many of you did a great job in your content. I spent hours and hours reading posts on Steemit. I do overlooked some interesting good post too. I am not a blogger nor a writer but I enjoy reading on Steemit. It's very different from other platform. I felt the warm and care in this family eventhough I do not have any post yet. Hope that one day I have the courage to start my 1st post. Haha... I wish that you guys can commit to contribute more good and quality post on this platform. I have been promoting Steemit on other platform by personal invitation. These people are writers and social media freak. Hope this can help to grow Steemit and increase its quality. Happy Steeming!

Thank you for this wonderful comment bro , try to post bro any thing in your mind , just write the first word and others will come , home you have courage soon and let us read your articles , thank you for your big heart

They say it is always darkest before the dawn, I guess you know what that means now. Congrats!

Yep , thanks bro for your comment

Awesome how you truely thanked EVERYONE, for upvoting,! Your post was great! Im still waiting sadly... but I will stay positive , even more so now that I see it can actually happen! Hopefully sooner rather then later! 👍👆🤔

Just be patient @karenmchersie , try again you never know when whales up-vote your posts, keep commenting too , yesterday a whale up-vote 2 comments on my post I was really happy for them because their comments was awesome , don't loose faith steemit is a mine of gold


Hey hey I am on the list
I am happy 😀
Yes, Follow you is to Follow me , Yay!!!
Also happy for you BEN
Sweet 👍👍👍

Thank you bro for your support and comment, thank you all for making me the happiest man on earth

You are welcome bro anytime.
I will look out for your posts.
Making someone happy , makes me happy too.
Cheers for your success. 🍸🍸🍸

Very much inspires! I am glad for you, let to everyone in the house such surprise will come :))

Thank you so much bro for your comment , hope you do better with your awesome posts :)

I thank! We will develop together our community :)
I occasionally spend hours for an important and difficult post, and I receive 2 cents, but I don't despond!
I read that creative and sincere approach shall receive money first of all

That's the most important thing,to be happy,nice post my friend.

Thanks bro for you comment and support :)