To Steemit Or Not To Steemit? That's The Question

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After couple weeks on steemit and hours of writing, commenting and up-voting let me tell you what I think about steemit, Steemit is like a beautiful girl in a village, every guy want to be with her, only a few of this guys are rich are not all of them care about her others are poor, the beautiful girl know that guys in this village want her and they will do every thing for a touch or a kiss, that girl is very smart and she let every one on the shadow just like mushrooms farmers and she know that every guy will give her the best gift, the girl promise every one a kiss if she like the gift so the poor guys in this village start the work on their gifts and think about her all the time, the artiste draw wonderful pictures, the poet write a great poem, the musician start his romantic song but the rich guys don't care about gifts they know that the beautiful girl care only about money they can buy any thing she want, the poor guys give her many gifts more than she can imagine, the rich guy was right she choose them and ask the rich guys to pay some guys for the gifts, after some time the poor guys forget about the beautiful girl and start selling their gifts to rich guys and they start to do every thing just to take some money, I'm one of the poor guys, that is how I see steemit now.

Today I was very disappointed after writing couple posts, some of this posts take 2 hours others 3 minutes, I was hoping that make some money but no one do, here is the proof:

I was confused , should leave and go back to internet marketing and cryto trading or try again, why should I stay if no body care or only a few people are interesting for my ideas and why should leave if I know that my ideas and strategy will help some people at least interested guys and girls , I don't really what to do leave or stay?

Thank you for reading I will wait for your comments.


Well. I am going to say when you are posting your proof of someone posting content and not getting any money... you maybe shouldn't show a page where every post has garnered some money.

Is it fair to say then that you are upset you haven't made a lot of money? I tend to believe chasing the whale vote will never be something easily done and will lead many many users to quit.

Who are you writing to? I'm currently rethinking my strategy also. Tried posting a lot of things I have spent varying amounts of time on, and honestly haven't had your level of success with it as yet. I would be curious what YOU are doing to at least earn change with each post! Myself, I am regressing to my root interests. Things I have always done (granted writing isn't one of them). I know there's not a market for those people on here at the moment, but I can bring them here. Even if it is a pool full of plankton, it's just nice to have a like-minded group that share interest.

You can't quit today anyway, the entire process takes two years to exit. I say stick with it. You have skill enough to grab some attention. Refine it further and grab even more!

Thank you much for this kind comment, yeah some time I make couple pennies with comments, once some one up-vote two of my posts because of 1 comment, thank you bro for your support , you give me faith

@clevecross makes a good point. I'd like to add that the concept of Steemit is so incredibly young. It's hard to draw conclusions form a platform that's so fresh and still in development.

I'm confident that once the user interface becomes more accurate and things like groups and topics become easier to follow the community will get more divided and people will find your work and appreciate it. Right now its a needle in a haystack situation.

You can see that the focus right now are Steemit, tech, crypto and science. You could mix those up with things that you find of interest yet I believe it is much better to stick to what you actually want to tell and forget the dollars.

The money will come when people see your authentic, and when they have the right tools to find your work, Which currently is not the case at all.

Longevity is an underrated term in today's hyper fast society.


thank you for your comment bro :)

ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ Your Welcome ᶘ ᵒᴥᵒᶅ

I understand where you are coming from. Sometimes I write 5 minutes and others I spend hours researching. Part of it is I have that female attention to detail gene that bites me. :/

I have made some money and in all honesty the posts and comments that did make money weren't the ones I felt deserved it. I'm not going to complain about it though, I am grateful and hope that I will attract followers.

One thing to realize is that Steemit isn't going to be a money maker for everyone. You need to weigh the cost/benefit of the time you spend here.

I also noticed that you don't use periods when writing. You're paragraph is one long run on sentence. Some people find that difficult to read.

Maybe the areas you are writing in are being overdone lowering the chance you have to get noticed. Is there a popular topic that isn't being discussed here? Does it interest you?

Good luck to you!

Yeah there is actually one internet marketing strategies, I have see no one talk about it, I will try to post some strategies and see if people are interested, thank you for your tips and support bro

I must ask though - is English your second language? What is your first language?

I feel like you need to mix it up more, Try bolding more stuff, Try more subjects that interest you. To be honest, I feel like you could improve on your photos a bit, They seem a bit plain. I liked the photo of this post though, It really caught my attention. Try colorful crazy photos that people HAVE to click on :)

Thank you some much for the tips, I will bro your right my photos are so simple , thank you so much for your comment and support

The audience here is comprised on visionairies and tech for the most part. Once it becomes mainstream, many more topics and posts will benefit.

I see it as a way to learn the platform and planting a tree from a seed for the future. If you don't think it will become mainstream, then it probably is a waste of time, but I don't think that is correct.

So... the content that you are planting here can be used in the future as well to establish your credibility. Small steps. Not get rich quick.

Besides, it looks like this one is working for you. :)

Ben, this is a beautiful story ... you are my friend on Steemit, and I hope you will stay. You will always have my support.

Hang in there and an angel will touch you!

Thank ou so much for your support, great people like you make me think to write this post and ask if I should stay

Don't give up Ben this is still so early in Steemit's history. Even though the site has grown tremendously and it is hard for good writers and posts to be discovered, it still can be done. A bit of advice: focus on promoting yourself and your brand. Reach out to the people who create lists of the best posts, up and coming new writers, etc. Be inventive and come up with ideas to really stand out. As a marketer you know the importance of building a customer base, and blogging is no different. All the best.

You're right bro on every single word , thank you so much for your support

Very nice way to portrait Steemit. Sometimes is just to bad that the good posts have been missed by many. I do stay up till morning just to catch up with good writers such as you due to time difference. Don't give up! Eventhough I can't write as good as you, but I do vote for the articles I have read. I believe many do too. Keep Steeming @ben99 and your contributions are much appreciated.

thank you for your support , I really appreciate it

And when you where near losing hope, BAM! And your article is doing great! This is the power of Steemit.

P.S: Nice signature you have there :D

Thank you , thank you so much for all of you guys , I thought it will be my last day on steemit

Part of it may be that the quality of your writing is poor. If English is your second language I apologize, as you undoubtedly have a better command of English than I do of whatever your native tongue is.

If not, your writing needs a lot of improvement. Basic stuff like grammar and syntax. You also have apparently never heard of paragraphs. I understand your frustration that you haven't made as much as you hoped. I was in the same boat for the first three weeks or so.

However you've made a great deal with this post despite writing like a cat walking all over a keyboard, perhaps because you touched on a topic which resonates with people: Frustration with how difficult it is to be discovered on this site.

Continue to improve your writing and to cultivate a following. Continue writing articles which people find relatable and engaging. I predict if you do these things you'll enjoy greater success.

actually English is my third language , your right my English is poor I'm trying to be better and in the next couple month I will take courses , thank you for your support

@ben99 I think if making money is your only goal here, you probably should move on, but best of luck making money writing anywhere else.

I have been blogging for over a year and sold some small ads, self-published a book and sold about 3 copies and outside that the only real potential I have found is here on steemit.

The lessons I have learned is writing is best for sharing ideas and a message and without the purpose of sharing these for others, feedback, or discussion, then writing is too hard to expect it to make you rich, especially in short order.

I was blogging and working in internet marketing since 7 years , and I'm here to share ma strategies , what heard is people don't care about it , I think if you read this post you change your opinion about me:

Hey @ben99, I say I'll agree with you but at the same time I encourage you to keep on doing things like you're doing and eventually everything will start falling into place on its own. For instance I don't have experience in writing or blogging, etc and I'm in this awesome community contributing to the expansion and usability of cryptocurrencies because I feel that its a duty that all of us that have this information firsthand we share it by educating those that are less fortunate of not having this info. I'm not as good as you are with posting but I'm a believer that this is the future of social medias and we all should be proud of being the first to make part of this global movement!

Greetings from Colombia!

Thank you so much for your support bro :)

While I think it's great that a bunch of whales have voted on this, that does seem like kind of a cheap tactic to keep people around who are thinking of leaving. I've seen them do that with a bunch of similar posts. Surely a better way to do that would have been to vote on the content he really put effort into? There are a lot of people who are very active in the community, producing quality content on the regular and getting completely overlooked. I think the whales could step up their curation game a bit in an effort to make people really want to stay and keep contributing rather than trying to catch them as they're walking out the door.

I hope so bro, thank you for your support

Hey ben99,

I'm in the same situation as you are. I take my time to actually think how I can add some value to Steemit. I really think about what I can give the community to improve his place and grow together with all of you. Seeing Steemit becoming part of my and not being accepted or not getting attention hurts for sure. But here is what decides successes and failure. Keep the work up, keep working harder. One day you will be seen and you will be proud of you.

It's not easy. But it's not impossible.
I believe in us

I trust you bro , sure I will stay to give good work and posts that really help people , thank you for your support

You see this post was a successes. Guess why? Because we need people like you. I wish you the best luck. Hope I will get some luck soon to :')

However the post of @stellabelle motivated me to get some new friends here and I start to follow you today. Would be an honor to make some work together with you anytime soon :) Just message me

The honor is mine bro , thank you

I wrote a little post and mentioned you because you inspired me. You and @dragonslayer109

oh that's kind thank you

Hey @ben99! Is sky rocketing now! U deserve it! Steem on!

Thank you so much for your support

yes, i know this feeling! my man @sean-king has been encouraging me to become active on steemit. "come on, it's great!", he says.... but now i join and try and see that it is like anything else and takes commitment and work and dedication. keep posting and trying. for me the benefit is in the writing and figuring myself and my issues out. maybe sharing that stuff will pay off monetarily, or maybe it won't. i'm learning either way.

hey @steemed-open , @sean_king is one of best bloggers on steemit I follow since weeks and up-vote his great post, don't give up just keep trying no body know how you can do it on steemit, thank you so much for your comment :)

Perhaps the question is not should you stay or go, but rather what is your goal in staying...if you do. Is it money?

Honestly this community, from what I understand, is about much more than money.

If you decided to go on YouTube to make money, you'd probably quit pretty darn soon.

If you went to do something you truly love and are passionate about, and share that with'd stick with it.

Steemit is about something much bigger than making some bucks off articles. If you stay, do it because you have something you WANT to share and do here, be integral in the social media element and come from your heart, share what you love with us...and let the rewards be what they may long as the true nature of this brilliant site is rewarding you.

Just my friggin opinion though! Haha

John Oliver

I was in internet marketing since 7 years bro and in crypto trading since 1 year, so I believe if I share my experience and strategies with the members of the community it will be helpful for so many , about money actually internet marketing is my only job so I need money to pay my bills like any one on this planet, thank you so much for your support and comment

With what you have gained so far on this post, definitely... TO STEEMIT!

Definitely to Steemit bro , thank you for your comment

Good on ya @ben99
All the Best 🍸🍸🍸
Follow me @bullionstackers

Stick with it. If anything writing can be very therapeutic

Thank you for your support :)

dont give up, I was lucky as you. do with a happy heart alone ..

I will never give up after this great support for this wonderful people bro , thank you for your comment

Ben... your trending buddy! Happy for you

thank's man :)

Steemit's introduction of financial rewards to one's writing has skewed our perceptions here a bit. Don't write with the expectation of making money... just write as if you were on reddit or your own hosted blog. The point is to express yourself or your opinion about something while the potential monetary reward will take care of itself if your content attracts viewers.

That's exactly what I was doing and I will do it on steemit, what heard me that people don't care on my previous posts , can you read this please and tell me if it's a good or bad post, thank you:

Keep at it Ben, it's definitely a grind much like anything else but grind on brother.

Definitely I will stay and share my knowledge with all steemit people , thank you

Aww my man, it's amazing how this post just exploded lol. Congratulations on getting paid for your hard work. But remember not to think about money all the time, you do you and put in an effort, make the Steemit community better and money will start rolling in. :) Still loving the signature btw :)

Oh thank you for this awsome comment bro :)

I hear you bro. I got disappointed when I wrote what I thought was an interesting intro but no attention. The addition of money changes the psychology of posting. Its like a way of measuring your success and your status within the community.

Thank you for your comment bro, I really appreciate

Hey dude! Congrats on the Post - I saw you in the Steemit.Chat.

Honestly, I think being here on Steemit comes down to asking yourself why you're here. Everybody loves the money aspect, but what really keeps the people here.

For me, I use Steemit as a creative outlet - Posting 'inspirational comedy', Music I've written, and learning about a plethora of other subjects from other writers. I don't worry that my posts don't 'earn much' - but anything they do earn is more than if I were posting on Facebook or Reddit.

I hope you have a great day and that you stick around! YEAH BUDDAYY!!


hope you succeed bro , of course I will stay , and give people all strategies in internet marketing and blogging tips and tricks , thank you for your comment

Maybe you should forget about the money and focus on what you liked before steem: trading crypto, for instance. And writing about it as you already did.
After a while, maybe you'll look back to your posts and you'll be proud of your work: " that's thier loss, not mine. I write about something interesting for me and I like my writing. And my evolution. And the comments. Maybe the best earning was the platform, not the money.'

In a shorter version: you already know that in life the journey is important, not the grand finale. Right, mate ?

Expect nothing. What you have to lose ?

Thank you for you comment bro , I really appreciate the strategy

Sometimes its not what you write, or how you write it or present it that matters. Its more about having relevance, uniqueness, and bringing something to the table thats of perceived value to others. Every one wants to know what there voice is worth, just like everyone wants to know how attractive people think they are. Steemit gives everyones voice value, and reward its users. Perfect.

Yep tat's right bro, thank you so much for your comment and support

Steem-It!, Steem-On! :D

Indeed I'll stay for sure , I will never leave good people here

It is what it is.

To invest your time you need to believe in your skills and in what you are sharing. You need to have grit, be persistent, never give and keep trying.

It takes time....

Just because some people are getting instant fame and money here, it doesn't mean everybody will. Good stuff will be posted all the time and will not be properly appreciated, that's a fact and will get worse, once this platform grows.

Anyways... You got some really good reward for this post. :) Congrats. Also your proof, shows that you are actually making money on each of your posts, at least more than I am making. :)

Thanks for sharing your feelings and please know that we are all on the same boat here.

Don't give up.

Thank you so much for this kind comment , sure I will stay , there is a lot of good people here I will never leave them , thank you

Yeah, this needs to be removed, here is what I wrote on this

Why can't I easily turn off the amount of money some makes on a post? This is annoying, and takes quality away from steem as it is just a circlejerk now of who writes the best for the steemit crowd. I don't want to see that and it should be off as default as it also just makes people jealous.

And I strongly believe that dan and ned needs to do away with this, it just makes $$$ the prerogative here with SP not Readers and comments being the interaction and what YOU WANT TO WRITE the real gold...

@ned and @dan want steemit clear to all and any one can see in the real time what others have , may be it's good and bad in the same time but I believe they are doing the best for steemit community and bloggers, thank you so much for your support and comment bro :)

Thry aren't though. IMO. Why do i need to see how much someone is making on each post when i can click their name and go to their wallet and see the rewards there? It isn't that hard and stops the circle jerk upvote craze. This platform is really starting to suck and i am gonna complain to hell until something happens.

I respect your opinion bro, may be you are right :)