Steemit 101 | E. ~26 : Basic Resources to Help You on Steemit. | For All The New People Arriving Daily

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Keeping my word to continue to share / re-share Steemit 101 type things because I had help when I was new, and we have new users daily who are lost like we were when we were new!

Hoping my regular Steemit 101 / Crypto 101 type posts continue to help all the new people coming daily.

It may not help YOU if you have been here weeks or months, but I always remember some people have been here hours, or days, and they need the resources like we did, when we were new.

Everyone will be new at some point, we should help one another how we can. That is what community is about.


Attached just below is a screenshot of the page / resource today:

-- at -- it is a Live Tracker where you can check tons of stats, yours and the general platform stats. This link / resource tonite is pretty comprehensive. There are a LOT of tabs and dropdowns you can use.

Your stats for YOUR page are easily searchable there too. It is really really good and a resource that stays current and directly linked to the Steem blockchain.

Other sites and resources are available and like them --- you can see all the users, see the top / trending Steemit categories and whales, payouts for posts, all kinds of useful stuff.

Give it a Try & Bookmark It Today To Help You Friends!

Some sites that were always up, have gone down - some for good I think.... some for days or hours.... then some new ones have popped up also, we will cover them one by one.

Stay tuned here!!

We have to keep things simple here LOL.

Screenshot IS current as of writing this post, FYI. I did not screencap MY page - rather this time - the GENERAL overall Steem page in general.

If you do not like this resource I will give you your money back you spent on this post reading it LOL


Here is the Site Link: Bookmark and Share w. Others

- Use this url / domain to track a LOT of your up to date account info on the Blockchain.

Barry, Why Do You Keep Sharing Steemit 101 Resources??

I hope to continue to help people here. I really do maintain a Minnow Mindset.

I know what it feels like to be new, overlooked, or forgotten about. I say it often to remind people I do care -- and do relate and remember. We can do more together. That is my philosophy.

My Philosophy In Daily Life & Travels:


I have always tried to be kind to people every day, as part of my life Philosophy, since I have always believed we can achieve more TOGETHER.

Life Goals:

-- Get Paid to Travel and Blog about Pizza & Those Travels.

-- Buy a Pizza Store.

-- Become Crypto Currency Independent and Love Liberty and Life!

-- Continue to Hold and Sell Real Estate as I have done for clients since 1991.

Reblog / Resteem this to help someone else today!!

Search out Steemit101 / Steemit 101 etc:

If you do a search on (#Steemit101) or Steemit101 / Steemit 101 -- with my name -- it will return many resources for you to use or learn from.

Here are the latest Steemit 101 Posts For You / Others:

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

We are all early adopters here, if you are even close to reading this today.

Be encouraged.

If you online search my name + PIZZA -- you will see my deep love of the pie as I seek to eat it, wherever I am, or whatever I am doing.

Don't let anyone tell you twins are a problem ever!!!!!

FUD or no FUD!!!

Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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We really need to help the newbies feel comfortable good work


I remember every day how I felt. -- Thanks!

thanks for your information it help us to improve in steemit.


I agree, thanks!!


Yes help us.

you helped me a lot, thank you barry


I like hearing my stuff helps people, no problems, thanks for commenting today.

Your information is very helpful Great work


I am always glad when my things help people.

TY for commenting today, have a good one.


Have a good week and resteem good content -- to help others too.

OMG please teach me how you can keep track of all those wallets! Thanks for the tip.


If you are new to crypto ---- start by learning and registering on 2-3 exchanges and do that research first, it will help you TONS.


No new just unorganized and beat up.. traumatized actually from years of this..

So glad to see you are a man of your word and continue to promote and help new people. That makes you a winner in my book for sure! Thanks for all you do here on Steemit Barry!


I do what I can - like I have always said, I know new people arrive daily feeling lost, I will never forget that and how I felt too.