If you have SBD / Steem Dollars to sell -- NOW is a good time to sell them on BITTREX!!

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They are trading in the upper limit range for the whole last week, meaning you can get more money right now.

We can always share info that helps each other like this.

Together we can all achieve more. Simple really.


Thanks for reading, have a nice day.

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Thanks @barrydutton for this post. I sent my SBD to sell them on Bittrex. Then sent the resultant BTC to Poloniex to buy back SBD at lower rates (38000 vs 31186). I have earned 2 SBD just like that (because I had only 24 SBD). That's an 8 % profit.

Now, I know that my SBD are stuck on Poloniex until it enables wuthdrawals but I do have them and will get them soon. Had they been enabled, I would have kept jumping between Bittrex and Poloniex.

I have put up 5 big red warning posts over the last several weeks, as have other people to PLEASE not use Polo anymore, for these and related reasons.

As soon as you can get your coins off there, don't go back, that is my advice to everyone.

Thanks. I had problems with Poloniex so I sold off everything there and shifted to Bittrex. The price difference made me want to try the thing once. I will get my SBD to Steemit the moment I can. Thanks.

NP my friend.

I think its now a good time to load up on steem and power up - at least that is what I'm doing
I expect 10x return on steem in the near future

It's definitely worthwhile to keep an eye on Bittrex @barrydutton-- every now and then, SBD will suddenly "spike" for no particular reason and if you're quick can get the benefits... right now there's also a gap in the price of Steem, between Bittrex and Poloniex... sadly Polo is so messed up these days...

hey man, it literally jumped while I was screenshotting something for THIS post for a few seconds and jumped to a new recent high over in the $1.06 USD range, I am not kidding, I saw the candle flare wayyyyy up as I watched in btw screens LOL

I made some good moves on Eth. Classic tonite also. Heads up there. Get your candles looked at and get in there like a dirty shirt LOL

I don't think that it is good time to sell all SBD or STEEM. it is good time to BUY the STEEM or SBD as after 01 August market will again start towards increasing trend.

i need steem for steemfest ;)

I hope I get to meet you.

Oh yeah!! Finally Barry! When will they tell us the registration?

I am not sure what you meant by that......

Is it a good idea to sell when steem price is so low? I thought it was buying time.

Update at my end - I am traveling and so have very spotty internet connections. Still - wanted to share my thoughts about one of my photos with Steemians so I have posted a blog 'War and Peace: Iron birds' with my original photo and musings. As always, I request you to visit the blog whenever you have a few minutes free. Your comments will help me complete my thought process on the topic. Thanks

Everyone on these posts is confusing Steem and SBD.

I am not being a jerk but your repeated posts, weaving a short one line comment on a person's post 3-4x/day, on 100 blogs, and then 10 lines about your "update template" you use is kinda likely annoying people other than me.


Ok. Sorry. Did not mean to annoy you or anyone. I will read up about steem and SBD once again.
I will stop putting in the updates as well. Thank you for your candid feedback.

I think if you heed this advice, it is going to benefit you immediately and long term.

There is way way too much stuff like this going on now here. Users will mute you, and or flag you for this approach and likely have already, you just don't know.

Engage people on their posts, on THEIR content, not yours.

Understood. I have tried to always provide thoughtful comments and feedback. Rarely is my feedback just a line (not counting the update that I used to add). I will certainly follow your advice. Thank you very much fir the guidance.

Your topic is very good, i like you, thx you for sharing @barrydutton

Plis vote me


This is not how you do things on here.

Not that I can take particular advantage of this information, it's of interest, still.

It is good to learn this stuff as we go daily.

TY for taking time to comment today!!

Good info, thanks !

It’s not recommended to go around spamming your links to your own content. Leaving a rather vague reply like yours and then expecting people to click on the link is not going go far. There are places to share your content. In this blog is not one of them. It is not related.

Thanks buddy.

I've been starting to say similar the last 2 weeks , maybe 10 days, a lot more. I let everything slide prior to that.

Agreed, this is a poor way to interact on here. You will be flagged and your account damaged.

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