Since steemit either skips some posts during scrolling, or outright prevents from scrolling beyond a certain post, here are all my previous posts.

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Better do all the work that it takes to do now than regret it later forever.
I noticed that older posts of users with more posts than me are not accessible.
Accepting my longer than usual title was a good surprise.
Here they are in chronological order, from oldest to latest:

How are referrals to Steem rewarded? - was replied
Why do bitches in tinder photograph themselves sitting in cars? - still pending
Log: what I did today
Why does busy refrain from upvoting any of my posts? - still pending
Do you know about websites or cellular software where good results can come from? - question still pending
The 2 best times to kill moth
Does the English language have no distinction between watery haze/mist and dusty haze/mist? - question still pending
How to distinguish between a haze of dust and a haze of water? - still pending
Does a vote within the first 15 minutes only lose curation rewards, or does it also lose from the rewards to the author? - was replied
When does the linear decline in rewards start? 6 days 12 hours? 6 days 18 hours? other? - still pending
Youtube and Patreon entrepreneurs speak against socialism while asking for donations
Those memory leaks in my browser require me to restart it over 4 times per day. - Still pending. Eased but not solved by backup and closure of a tab that stubbornly ran plugin despite repeated kills.
Bitcoin's fees can rise again, like they already did and like they were reduced? - this post was the most recent that required a restart of the page because's interface decided to skip it.
It triggered me to post this references log post.
Authoritative nonsense from Lord Jamar
Why are porn videos bad by design? #1 - Why are cummings cut from scenes?
Why are porn videos bad by design? #2 - Why are acts filmed in positions that are too bad to cum?
Farts have 2 purposes
A recommendation for improvement of usage experience
How does gravity escape from black holes?
Why do zucchinis preserve better than cucumbers in room temperature?
Which insects do I have in my apartment and how do I kill each one of them
Evidence that steemflagrewards is a proxy for themarkymark's comment spam farming abuse #1
Which are the coldest days in the year, and which are the hottest?
Which time of the day is the coldest and which time of the day is the hottest?
Benzino on whom is allowed to call the police and when is it allowed for himself to call the police
Why are olive oil and avocados considered healthy despite their high concentration of omega 6 fatty acids?
Why are the black holes that arise from quantization of gravity problematic?
An unsung hero in the Story of Chingiz Khan is his friend turned enemy, Jamukka.
Today was a record day for me in terms of killing caterpillars.
How I convinced myself that a surplus of electric charge is not the cause for the expansion of the visible universe
Excess of matter over antimatter.

Got to love this fancy syntax trick for embedding links.
Today I found that it hides thumbnails of linked videos that would have shown otherwise.
Therefore, among other things, it allows an author to choose which video's thumbnail to show, if any.
Got to admit that is so much more reliable than at not losing my content right before when I try to post it.

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