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I started this Post Promotion Thread when I crossed 2000 Followers and I am thinking about Continuing this service every once in a While. The first Time only 3 Steemians were able to get Boosts from me. So I added another Rule to Follow which led to more people's joining this Post Promotion. It is Getting Traction bit by Bit.



I feel Rules are necessary for something like this. So here are some Rules you have to Follow.

1. Post a link to one of Your Post in the Comments Below that you think deserves more Attention.

2. Only one link Per Person will be Counted. No Multiple Entries.

3. It can be of any Genre. You can post your Photography Pictures too if You like.

4. I will Upvote the Posts at 5-10 % Upvote which will be about 10-20 Cents per Upvote.

5. If your Post Payout is over 10 USD then​ I will not be Voting as you don't need any Promotion if that's​ the Case. Although​ I will read your Post.

6. Do not Post Links to Contest Related Posts.

7. Upvote and Resteeming this Post is Mandatory so that this Post gets a lot of Attention.


These are some Simple Rules to follow.
So start Commenting and this Time I will be Seeing you not in​ my Next Post but on Yours.


This is my post. It's about an event that I attended in Italy that I really liked. Thank you brother in advance. I've been in Steemit for 1 week and your opinion will help me improve my material. Greetings from Argentina.

I just remembered that it is in Spanish :P . No problems?.

You had me Going when the Post said Italy.

I love Italy and hope to visit there someday.

I used Translator for Translation so no worries.

Ahahah great!. My sister live in Italy. She is @thalytoons . I visited him las year. You could talk with my sister for support.

Upvoted and resteemed.
Here is my link bro. I'd appreciate if you check it out.

Thanks for your Input I hope you will come visit my Blog again.

Definitely will. Thanks for your support @arunava.

I hope you follow me as I will be doing a lot more Promotion Threads.

You got the Max Upvote i,e 10% of my VP I am a Botany Student and I love Plants.

Thanks bro!.

may I join again ?? hehe :)

Yes today I am posting another Thread you can join there.

Sorry my inglish @arunava
Aqui mejore mi respuesta!!

My friend Valentino... #46 en #motogp
The champion!!


You need to Resteem my Post before Submitting your Entry. Please follow the Rules I have Provided.

Hecho!!! Ok.

I told you man i will visit again your post... here is my link
Thanks... okiberigud!

Sorry bud the link is closed I will post another thread today join there.

Sorry mate the Promotion Thread is closed

I will be posting another Thread today so you can participate in that.

Thanks bro for this kind work this Initiative is very beautiful and this is my post link @arunava

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Yeah Of course
Thank You so much for supporting me. .
Cheers :) @arunava

Well buddy keep the PP thread going :)

I will do that but I will have to Update some Rules and Add some New Ones.

The Comments are getting too Much to Handle.

You are not Qualified for an Upvote as all your posts are already Upvoted by me.


Hehehe... Sorry.

Wow!! You are so kind. I think nobody think like you. Your given rules is so good. I appreciate.

You haven't Resteemed my Post. Please read the Rules and follow them.

I will Upvote your Post once you have followed all the Rules.

Oh! My goodness!! Forgotten. Ok. Resteem done.

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Hi, This is my link...thanks for this great opportunity...

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Here is my post link
Thanks for supporting us @arunava bro

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

And thanks

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

Upvote Done Hope to See you again on my Blogs.

A kindred spirit you are! :)

Thanks a lot @mydivathings I want to shower some Upvotes while I can so that I get remembered for Good Later.


Upvote Done Enjoy.

Thank you so much for supporting us minnows

No worries I am all about paying it Forward.

I will be Ecstatic​ if you Follow me as there will be more Such Promotion Threads.

Sure, followed you already

Upvoted and thanks for entering.

Hope to see you again.

Yes definitely. You will see me again in your comment section.. LOL.!
Thanks for your continous support.

See you..
Thanks for your initiative..
Excited to see more of your thread.
this is the link for my last post. talked about the greatest love that surpass all love we see today
thank for the paltform

Upvote Done.

Thanks a bunch..

I always feel like its good to pay it forward.

Please read the Rules and follow them before Commenting.

You need to Resteem this Post first @christianyocte

I was about to do that but I have to attend my class, hehhehe. Im sorry :) Done anyway. Hehe

I really liked that Post of yours.

I hope I will see more such Posts from you.

Thank you so much @arunava!

My posts are usually about art, poetry and other random thoughts.

I hope to see you also in my next post.
By the way, your iniative is really great for us. Big help.

I will try to visit once in a while.

I voted and resteemed. This is so great of you @arunava. Here is my link.

I know I said I will upvote every Genre but just a Meme is not good enough.

You may try another commenting with another post. I will look into it.

Good Initiative my friend. keep it up.

Thanks a lot @rabeel

I want to say thankyou .always sucess in ssteemit.

wow ,,,,this is post is veery good

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