Pay it Forward !

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Pay it Forward what is it and what does it mean to me.


Honestly, this is something that varies from person to person. I may have a different view on this while a friend of mine might have a different view. But one thing remains common, which is to give out to others.


For me, I like to give out to others only if I have enough for myself. Some of you may call this selfish but I feel if I am not self-sufficient I can't continue to Pay Forward. As for Steemit I am currently holding Post Promotion Threads for Minnows and giving out what little I can give out considering I have around 3000 SP only. Now if in future I manage to climb up to 10000 SP than the Giveaways will be much bigger as I will have more.


In my personal life, I tend to feed Beggars a Full Meal whenever I have extra cash in my Wallet. I feel it's much better to give Food than Money.


Comment down a Moment when you gave something to someone in Need. I will be rewarding your Comments.

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It not about just giving but it about giving someone who needs it the more. The moment I gave someone in need was when I went out to vist a friend of mine, on my way coming back a guy who is stressed out and worried approach saying he lost is wallet, his transport fee, his atm card are all in it. He begged me to give him any amount I have with me so he could be able to get back home. At first a thought came through my mind saying is this the new way jobless people now beg on the street? But the second thought says to me help him. Immediately I gave him part of the money I have on me and then he left. What surprises me was that we end up entering the same bus, he was at the front while I was at the next sit to him. The conduct of the bus asked him for money then he gave the actual amount to bus conductor begging him that this is all he have because he lost is wallet and begged for the money on his way coming. The conductor didn't agree with but he kept pleading then I was moved to add extra to it because I know the money I actually gave him can't be enough for the transport fee, he turned back to say thank you to me but then he recognize I was the one who gave the money in the first place. That was the first time I feel good helping someone because he really needed it.

Thats not being selfish, but we try to be secure. But I have learned something in the past years. When I give first I get always rewarded in anyway. Where I give a little or a lot, it works every time I do it. I try always to be secure, but sometimes I can keep it for long. So I need to find different ways and have always to sacrifice something in order to get another. I guess it is just the law of the universe :)

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Giving out of Love and Compassion always comes back to you. Giving without expecting anything in return is a true sign of unconditional love! I have been truly blessed to always have abundance and simply pass it on to others in need. God Bless you with overflowing abundance!

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We are called to pay it forward. Leave this world a better place than when we first entered it. When we were children we were introduced to Mary Poppins who sang feed the birds. Spreading the love can be a beautiful thing. And we feel so much happier afterwards. Blessings to you my friend.

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