My Office View Today + Weekly 250 Entry

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It is a beautiful day here in Panama, so I decided to bring my computer outside and do a little Steemit work! The breeze is blowing ever so slightly. The kids are playing on the neighborhood playground. The tree with orange blooms is blossoming and making the view even more amazing.


Yesterday @jasonshick introduced his new contest to win 250SP delegation weekly. This initiative is open to any users who have less than 1000SP. It is great because at 500SP, a user will receive a voting slider (without having to use the Tamper Monkey script). This means that they can vote posts and comments at any percentage they would like instead of always using 100% and diminishing their voting power. I would love this delegation for this reason. I would like to be able to give a 10% vote to some comments that would count for more than $.01. If someone gives me their two cents, I would like to at least be able to reward them with $.02. Ha! The 250SP delegation increases the amount that each upvote is worth. Thanks to @jasonshick for the chance to be able to win!

Be sure to check out the post and enter if you are eligible!

!steemitworldmap 9.059013 lat -79.471001 long David District D3SCR
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wow!! great travel content.. I am going to nominate your blog to @romanaround a steem travel fanbase and curator specifically for travel poster on steem.
Romanarounds travel Curation Project
I upped, re steemed and followed for more


great catch @visitpanama I have added @apanamamama to the fan base at @steemauto I hope this helps all the travel steemians! here is a bounty reward. I have upped re steemed and followed @apanamamama looking for more great travel post.


Thanks! :) Sounds like a cool blog you've got going!


Thanks so much! :)


Yes i am hopping to one day have a group of travel bloggers and travel curation enthusiast. i lve reading about crypto. but my passion is travel. there are so many talented people here o steem. and i want to form a travel related group. have you seen @steemitworldmap ? it is going to be a great record of cataloging travel data one day.

Thank you for sharing, @panamamama - a lovely view indeed!

I will check out the contest, but did you also know that you can use the slider feature by logging into

With love, Jay xxx


I have heard that, thanks for commenting! I use the Tamper Monkey slider.

You deserve to get this delegation! :)


You should enter!!

It is very peaceful scene. Enjoy it :)


Thanks - we really do enjoy it here. The weather is just perfect.

I love the office view, I'd be a workaholic with a view like that.

Best of luck with the delegation entry. You'd make a worthy recipient, in my opinion.


Lol - thanks! It sure is nice!

I wish my office had that kind of view! The warm and blue sky looks amazing right about now! And yeah... the slider would be very nice!

When I was working at a school in Ronda, our teachers' lounge had windows looking out over the gorge, which was really pretty. My current office is a tiny little space with a narrow window overlooking the campus bell tower.


You can get a slider before becoming a minnow. You just have to search for Temper Monkey slide voter and there are a few blogs telling you how. I use it and it's works great! :) Sounds like a nice view from the teacher's lounge!!

there is nothing like enjoying using steemit, reading, posting or just surfing the crypto space being close to nature!
Nice spot, great pics!


Thanks! It was lovely yesterday. Today's weather was pretty nice too! I like rainy season too, so I'll be pretty happy then as well. :)

This is a great motivation to win! This deserves respect. I wish you good luck! And thank you for lovely photos as always)


Thanks! :) You should enter! There are very few (maybe only one) entry right now!


I followed your advice and decided to take part) Thank you for sharing information, I wish us good luck!

I'm totally falling in love with your 'office', still have a desk to rent? :-)

Working in this cozy, sunny, natural and breezy office can definitely boost productivity!

I'm swallowing sour grapes. Chuckling


Lol - yes, I'm sure we could figure out another desk if you're ever in the area. ;)

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What a nice view