Attention all travel Blogging steemians!! I want to Curate your posting activities!

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Attention all travel Blogging steemians!!

I have started a fan base for travel bloggers!! (@steemauto for now) If you are a travel blogger and you post travel related content and they are #travel related and not photography tagged then you should contact me in the comments down below or find me on discord @romanaround . I am moving my Travel Business review blog post to @visitcostarica .

The rules will be simple.

#travel needs to be in the category. and no more then 10 a week. If someone starts posting 3-4 per day i will either drop them or set there level so low that it would be negligible.this is my total discretion.

you also can find me on @steemauto SteemAuto if you would like to curate my fan base we should all try to stick together. This curation is NOT CONTINGENT ON ANYONE CURATING ME. I am not asking for any donations or delegation of steem power. I am doing this for the pure benefit of our Travel related steem community.

If you would like to delegate steem power to me.. all is welcome. If you think sending me a little donation with your link to be resteemed and steem account added to the curation trail... it will help in getting noticed.

Here are some of the current travel bloggers that i have nominated and are curated by @romanaround .


If there are any you would like to nominate including yourself just make a comment with a brief description of your steem activities. and i will do the needful.

or a better way is to make a comment in the steem travel bloggers comment section tell tham that you have nominated them. Make sure you call me out @romanaround i will review and give you a little finders fee(upvote)

I will also be putting out a update of notable travel steemians on a semi daily basis. I hope to grow this travel community.

Any helpful comments would be appreciate.

Have a travel day!!

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Hi, I would love to be part of the curation. I am from Scotland, living in Vietnam. I travel mainly around Vietnam and South East Asia and enjoy experiencing the real living! Love street and landscape photography. Thanks for your consideration.

you are followed.. @derekcowan it is not much,, but every little bit helps... travel steemers should stick together. i hope people start there own travel fan bases or follow people that have travel related fan bases. I am not very well organized but hope to be in the future. am working on a system of communication hope to have that put together in the next month or so.. feel free to nominate any travel related steemian. just add @romanaround to the post telling them you have nominated them. i will put this same post on your latest blog..

Can I nominate myself? :)
90% of my posts are Japan travel related and we also compile a Weekly Digest of Travel Japan from different authors.

Yes you can @jrvacation it would be helpful if you followed my profile. looks like you qualify for the travel fan base / curation.. here is a little boos for this post.

I had followed your curation trail on steemauto. Keep up the good work!

Great!! feel free to nominate any Travel related bloggers. just put my steem tag in the comment letting the blogger know they have been nominated. i will review them and comment and give a bounty... not much. but it will be enough to get the comment to the top of the page. have a fun travel day!!

It seems that you are very serious in managing your blog, the strength of steam will improve naturally in accordance with the quality of post we share, I think so.

i do believe you are correct. As i live in a tourist town. i hope to promote these activities.

I agree with you, I hope with a good promotion from you and other friends your city will become the mainstay destination of tourists, they will spend their money in city
Salut with you @romanaround.

In addition to the beauty of tourist destination security and comfort of tourists are most important thing in the management of tourist destination. So, there had synchronization between promotion and reality

Real @lamkote👍



Because of you have followed me, so I will resteem your post as a token of my gratitude, although my followers are still few.

I am interested in putting my name down as I travel around Korea and Seoul especially, and have done travel posts in the past. I am curious though by what you mean about 'they are #travel related and not photography tagged'.

I looked through many of the people you listed and they seem to make posts with both tags. Could you please clarify?

Anyway! I usually post photography tags, but I also post travel tags. I am interested in joining and can change the tags if needed :) Thank you!

#photography has such a large following and gets a lot of action in its circle. i feel travel is dominated by a top 10. and does not have a solid following among the less fortunate. not to say that i am not curating the top 10. because i am. i just assign a smaller weight %. and prefer the understeemed bloggers. at this point in time steemauto does not have a #tag function to include or exclude. but one day it might. and at that time i will exclude photo travel bloggers from my curation. only with there tags.. if they choose to put a #travel only then the will receive a curation from me and my followers. hope this answers that question. I of course will not exclude a person from my fan base for puting phototags.. just as long as it comes with good travel content.

I have added you to my fan base on @steemauto and followed with a resteem of your last post. hope this helps. on discord i am @romanaround if you want to collaborate on anything.

Ah okay, I understand now. Thank you for explaining! I will post some travel blogs when I have time.

Very selfish I know but I'd like to nominate myself here. I've been doing a few travel blogs on and off and is now making a (hopefully long) ongoing series of my favourite "not so popular" spots around the world.
I'd also like to assist in finding and curating good travel although it's probably mostly the finding I can do for now :)
Great initiative, thanks from all us travelers for your effort.

you are in !!! question.. why are you not using ? and please if you want to nominate anyone. just put @romanaround in the post on the persons most recent steem travel blog post. I will get a message on telegram. just tell them you have nominated them... maybe one day i will get a bot. but for now it will all be Manuel... Telegram or here is how to get ahold of me director on discord @romanaround

I didn't know about I must shamefully admit, but it's good to learn something new everyday, thanks for enlightening me! I'll keep your instructions in mind in the future.

its great.. it may be a very popular spot one day for people to discover travel experiences close to the place they are or would like to visit. i hop @steemitworldmap will contact me one day... there wondeful things we can do if we all cooperate and stick together.

Thank you @romanaroud & @wanderingdanish for inviting me to join the group! As I like to travel and publish my experiences, I am happy to be part of a group that shares the same interests as me! With the pleasure of making also finds there!

you have been added to the @steemauto fan base ! @greenvago .. Keep up the good work and if we get enough like minded people curating out post we can travel for life..Maybe

Wow! Excellent news! Thank you again1

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Super idea @anouk.nox told me you would maybe be intersted in my most recent post about my 48 trip to San Fransico!

Let me know if that indeed is the case or not haha :)

I am basically a medicine student that loves to shoot wiht old school manual gear when I am free. Last month this resulted in a trip to Iceland an a trip to the USA as said above :)

Once again, great idea!


@romanaround I have a question.

i hope i have a answer.

I just posted my introduction post yesterday and you started following me it feels great and my totally work on steemit is related with travel, I want to know one thing, that can I share my old travel story??? Like 2 or 3 years old??? Or should I share latest ones???
My introduction post have mixture of my old and new travels, If you'll go through it, it'll be helpful for me as well getting a suggestion from you and still I've aloooot of traveling stories which I didn't shared in my introduction post.

yes. share your old experiences.. do not go crazy and start putting more then 2 post per day. and do not put to much in a post. 400 words 2-4 photos. people will quickly right you off if you do to many post in a day. best to start slow. build your fan base and followers. Always link back to your last 4-5 post. especially if they are still within the 7 day window. make multiple parts to one story if it is to long. you could write your life story and spread it out over a month or two. this is block chain what you put here will be recorded for posterity for a 1000 years. and always call to your travel post so it gets recorded on there map. self promote yourself. if you have friends that are writing travel reviews or there own experiences call me to there site by putting @romanaround i will get notified. i will try to make a tips and my experiences list in my next couple posts. use telegram and discord to talk to people and promote your blog. hope this is helpful.

Thank you so much sir. I will mention you in their posts and will be in touch with you on discord and telegram. ☺️

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