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RE: Steemit creates accounts for scammers... and nobody else?

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You apparently have no idea whom I am that you have just called a liar. That’s a scalding, unsubstantiated accusation, thus you have lost my mutual respect.

You do not seem to understand the research which I already linked for you. I will refer you to a recent discussion I had with @zoidsoft about that linked research.

I have debated guys like you many, many times already at and Medium. I am not going to allow you eat up my precious time with your stupendous ignorance. You’re entitled to believe what ever you want to believe.

That research stands on its own and orthogonal, regardless of the points below.

As for Bitmain controlling 30% of the hashing power on SHA-256, that is just a symptom of corporate effort to validate transactions for the long term.

What is more important is who controls Bitmain and every other ASIC mining hardware provider. Namely it is the very handful of fabs that can manufacture the 12 and 14 nm ASICs, and moreover the banksters who arranged the loans and investments for the fabs to be built. IOW, capitalists control Bitcoin, same as they have always controlled the central banks. Nothing has changed, except gullible fools like you believe it has.

Also you seem to forget that mining is anonymous. You have no way of knowing who is mining for which pool. Bitmain could control 70% of the hashrate and you wouldn’t even know it.

And then there is ASICBOOST which contrary to the nonsense from Gregory Maxwell which I refuted, can’t be detected. So that’s another 33% boost that can be turned off or on at will without detection.

these (lightning) nodes guarantee BTC's Decentralization of P-o-W

Lightning Networks is a Mt. Box centralization attack on Bitcoin. The user @‍iamnotback at that Reddit is myself.

master node users make the choice to dedicate power

Masternodes are the epitome of centralization and unfortunately I was the apparently the original instigator of the masternode concept.


Stating that nothing has changed, when entire industries are being disrupted is quite vain and is an understatement. Sure, Banking Cartels invest in everything that comes into existence. But they can't seem to understand the weight of all of their investments, the fabs were loaned to under the guise of Cloud Computing which turned out to be Blockchain automation. Your reddit post mentions IOU's in which you assume debt is involved in blockchain transactions, this is not the case because BTC is a debtless system. IOUs and Derivatives don't exist within the BTC Core functions. How is allowing for off-chain atomic swaps and consolidating micro-payments into blocks spread across decentralized nodes a bad thing? also your hyperlinks don't prove shit, but the fact that you get permabanhammered because you troll so fucking hard.