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Hello all.

Shelby H. Moore III

I’m a rather prodigious 51 year old commentator at (BCT) under various usernames, most notably AnonyMint from 2013/4 when I was involved in several discussions/debates with Daniel Larimer (@dantheman), who I understand is the creator of Bitshares and co-author of the Steem white paper.

My real name is Shelby Henry Moore III and you may view my photo at LinkedIn. Perhaps the reason for the sunglasses is one of my eyes was gouged (out but reinserted) on 12/1/1999.

I’ll be writing some blog posts suggesting improvements to Steem. I wrote some posts criticizing Steem's design under my most recent BCT username iamnotback. I have decided to try to suggest improvements for Steem, so hopefully my effort will be construed as helpful and constructive to Steem's community and investors. I hope everyone will respect that I need to remain frank, constructively critical, and not confirmation biased by the opportunity to earn money from blogging.

My time opportunity cost for blogging is high because I am also a blockchain developer and I have an unreleased design for a superior decentralized and scaling blockchain that I claim fixes the problems in Satoshi’s proof-of-work system. I paused that work to make time to attempt to analyze and improve Steem.

I contemplate potential for synergy between my work and Steem, but this is not yet certain or clear. I have been invited to contact Steem’s CEO Ned. Let’s first see if my blog posts add any value to the brainstorming discussions.

It is also possible that I may blog about health, specifically my 4+ years fight with chronic auto immune illness and the good health techniques I've adopted.

UPDATE March 1, 2019: I have publicly announced my withdrawal from the cryptocosm. My related coincidental numerology is 3/1/2019 and note my eye was destroyed on 12/1/1999.


A prime example of why I was banned at has followed me over here to Steem.

Humorous or noteworthy posts from my past archives such as this one.

So many of my posts at Quora have been censored.

A summary of my health debacle.

The post where I linked to the proof that my Cool Page software had 600,000 downloads on one download site as of the turn of the century, which was indicative of garnishing 1% of the Internet population with my one-man software company.

and how the heck are the linked example sites from your Coolpage site still live? that's pretty impressive!

I didn’t even realize that!

I wrote on Quora about my educational history and my start with computers and programming:

I learned BASIC on an Apple II during the summer of 1983 between high school and university. I immersed so engrossed in it that I forgot entirely about my 5′9″ gorgeous blonde gf and didn’t spend any time with her the entire summer!

I had previously toyed with TRS-80 computers in Radio Shack since afair the late 1970s. I had read a Radio Shack book on Microprocessors at age 13 in 1977 (when I was bed ridden from that high ankle sprain I sustained in football practice) that taught me everything I needed to know to understand essentially how a computer works. For my freshman year at the university, my father bought me a Commodore 64 and I spent more time programming it in assembly code than I did studying and going to class. That is when I began skipping classes so I could program. I still had a 4.0 GPA though. I placed #3 out of the 3 sections (about 300 students) in Chemistry 1. Unfortunately that ended up making me very depressed because I’m so gregarious and social. And I missed California. Graduated from Culver City HS and attended L.S.U. for my freshman year in college. I transferred to Cal State Northridge. I had tried taking summer courses at UCLA but I couldn’t keep up because I was too busy being a party animal, programming, not keeping up on the material and skipping classes. UCLA is top notch school that requires a student’s attention. I continued my 4.0 GPA at CSUN, but did not graduate because I for one reason I launched my own software company at age 21. I completed courses such as Digital Logic, Numerical Methods, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations, Calculus II, Probability and Statistics Theory. Typically my grades were in the mid-90s (out of a 100). And thus A grade and perfect 4.0 GPA. I typically did not go to class. I just showed up for the exams.

My original forum (which used to be before the domain died) which should be archived at and

Many of you may not know that I had showed Julian Assange could have plausibly created Bitcoin:

I can confirm he is indeed Anonymint, and registered after our recent discussion on related to steem viability:

Welcome to Steemit Shelby! Looking forward to learning from all that you have to share here. :) Thanks for coming on board. Cheers!

Welcome to the community! Eager to hear more of your insights and suggestions.

I look forward to reading your articles and will follow you to see what your suggestions are.

so far people who developed apps on steem has been HANDSOMELY rewarded. That may cover your opportunity cost ;-)

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