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SteemIt 1 Year Celebration


On this day 1 year ago, 191 joined but only these 9 SteemIt users are still active (post content). To keep this community going, it´s important that people like the ones we celebrate to day keep hanging around.

Give a BIG upvote to:

@denmarkguy387 (more than 1 a day!)751668.9
@tarazkp913 (more than 1 a day!)329070.1


Thank you, for making SteemIt great and Steem on for more years to come!

(Please upvote this post, so that we can give the persons that we celebrate a decent upvote)


Well, how about that! And I didn't even do anything more than just look around and read... my first actual post was on February 1st.

Happy Birthday :D

And the same back to you!

Awesome! I'm so happy for these people and a big congratulations to them! They definitely deserve this shout out for having stuck through Steemit all this time!

This is very inspiring and motivating for me to keep on posting and giving more effort here. Thank you!

congratts on finishing a year ..

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