Lila-Wish-Genie Upvote Gift: Updated Terms of Granting Wishes 1/14/18

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Welcome to The Lila Wish Genie!


Read these service guidelines, and make sure your post qualifies for Wish Granting.

Your SBD will not be returned if outside of curation guidelines.

Simply follow for grace and ease and maximum manifestation potential.

First, before transferring SBD, check my profile page Location to see current details. The amount of SBD I receive and transforms will be evolving.

Second, Sometimes I go to sleep and there will be no wish granting until I awake.

Lila-Wish Genie Guidelines

  1. This service is for minnows and dolphins with less than 2000 Steem Power.
  2. 1 wish granted for #Earthnation Guild members once per day.
  3. 1 wish granted for non Guild members once per week.
  4. Please choose conscious uplifting content.
  5. It could take up to 3 days to upvote.
  6. All content must be 1 whole page or more in length with an image you have rights to or that you provide the source.
  7. Again, Please do no ask for upvotes for images only. A story/article is require to receive this service.
  8. No Plagiarism. All posts are curated. No comments or downvotes from @cheetah or @steamcleaners.
  9. Posts can not be older than 3 days at time of transfer.

If you do not follow these guidelines, your SBD will become a donation and will not be returned.

Now for the FUN!

First think of something in your life you would like to manifest in alignment with Love



Then... Go to your Wallet.

  1. Transfer X SBD to @lila-wish-genie (don't forget the dashes)
  2. In Memo, link url to the post you want upvoted.

Then, your SBD is transformed into a 3.3X upvote!

To find out how much SBD to send me, look at my profile page @lila-wish-genie in the Location. You must send EXACTLY the amount listed.

And your wish is GRANTED!

That's 3x plus! Over 330% gift.

May all your dreams come true! Love, The Lila Wish Genie


I messaged you on my link but I believe you made an honest mistake... essentially you said you upvoted me .66 (which is right since I gave you 0.20 sbd).. the only problem was that the bot only delivered .33 (because I assume it was punched in wrong). You can either upvote one of my other posts or return the 0.10 sbd... Either way I'm fine and I'm not upset in any way. I'm ready to continue to use the service, but obviously I want to mae sure that this was just an honest mistake (which I DO believe it is)

thanks in advance and please respond... I want to get moving on getting the word out... I have worked a lot with @bumper and helped them grow a lot and would be happy to do the same with you.

ps...I have the screenshot of the payout from if you want to see it for your records. I keep track of these things because I feel responsible to make sure I understand who I recommend and what their stats are.

Yes, Ty for the correction. The first day we awoke to give the higher upvotes, 95% of people still sent 0.1 - Honest mistake. This post has been upvoted with $.33.

thank you so much, I thought it was... no worries at all and thanks for getting back to me.

I plan on promoting your service as I have done with @bumper and now also @earthnation-bot, I think it is good thing that you are all 3 doing to help the smaller players. I would like to be sure I have your rules down clear, so I'm going to ask a few questions so that I can be accurate:

  1. is the 0.20 currently the amount to be sent, or will you accept either a higher or low??
  2. is 1 submission per day the limit, or if not, what is the maximum number that you would accept
  3. is your cutoff at the time of submission 3 days or less? If not, what is the time you will accept entries.
  4. do you accept submission of comments too, or just blog entries?

I think that does it. I'm not sure what your refund/donation theory is but I'm hoping that won't be a problem with my crowd. Most of us are newbies with under 100 SP and just looking to build up using any means we can. Obviously your deal is a very good one, and I thank you for offering it to us.

Thanks again for getting back to me, I appreciate working with kind and friendly people (and bots too) ;)


  1. only accepting what is posted in the location of the profile, which is 0.2 at the moment.

  2. 1 post per week unless registered with the @earthnation guild. Right now I'm letting some slide like you, and as it gets more popular, I want to give more people a chance. And will be firm about that rule.

  3. Yes, no older than 3 days - and it will take up to 3 days to get your upvote

  4. No comments... only blog entries that are at least a page in length. And cannot be just photographs. It must have an article or story. I do not want short content.

I also prefer conscious uplifting content, and will not accept else in the future. I am curating these posts and the world I wish to see in existence.

yes, And even the newbies need to follow the rules. It is stated that your sbd is a donation if you are not within the guidelines or send the incorrect amount.

Please see this post. Lila-wish-genie service terms

Blessings and Love, Lila-Wish-Genie

Thank you for taking the time to respond... I know it took you time to write that and I appreciate it... One last question, how do I find out if I'm a member of the earthnation guild... I have joined so many things that I can't keep straight what I am in and not in. I think I sent my info in, but if there is a place to check I will do so.

Again thank you for your time and I will also be mentioning you many times in the next few weeks. And if you need to stop me from submitting too many, then I'm always ok with you helping other smaller people than me. Not that I'm big, but I understand what its like when you're just starting out.

Thank you for biggest profit (330% it's amazing)

our pleasure. Ty for adding more story to your posts so I can upvote them.

Not interested in our voting bot service(s)?

Why not join our community Guild! @earthnation supports solution based, conscious thinking, new paradigm and cutting-edge original content. If that's your type of content, whether you're a minnow, dolphin or whale, consider participating in our playground.

This is encouraging

Thanks for this

I am encouraged and my wish will be granted.

I am a newbie

Please I need your support and guidance to succeed


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