50 days on steemit – an analysis

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It is now more than 50 days that I joined steemit. At this moment my steemit stats are as follows:

Days on steemit50
Number of posts311
Number of followers263
Steem Power215.42
Upvote Power0.04 $

50 days on steemit.jpg

Content: Fiction and Upvote Contests

I've tried to write a post every two days so far. I've started to write fiction that unfortunately had very few readers. I've enjoyed myself writing but I would prefer to do so and know that at least a couple of people read it. I'll put it on hold maybe till I have more followers.

I've also hold some weekly upvote contests. In these contests, I've offered to upvote posts. The echo was very good. I had a lot of participants. I wanted to read all their posts and give an appropriate comment. Unfortunately, it just took too much time and I had to content myself with upvoting and giving a generic content. I wanted to hold these contests to start relationships on steemit. Unfortunately this didn't work out exactly as expected, since the minimum to do to start a relation would be to read peoples posts. The value of my posts fluctated between 0 $ and 8 $, according to whether I used bid bots to upvote them or not.

The important facts I learned about steemit

The value of relationships

I've come to realize that the value of relationships on steemit is tightly linked to the upvote power of an account. On my upvote contests I had sometimes more than 50 upvotes but the value of my posts was still close to 0$. Strictly economically speaking, relations with accounts that have no steem power do not bring any income. It is sad to say but on steemit, if you have no steem power, you are not interesting!

My advice:

As long as your own upvote is worth less than 0.01$ your rather spend your time commenting other people's posts and taking part in contests rather than write too many own posts.

People want to be read but do not want to read

In my contests I've made it quite easy to take part. One simply had to upvote, comment and respect a couple of rules to take part. However this was often too much asked. So even if you offer to give something to people, they hardly read what has to be done to get it. I can imagine that very few people actually read long posts. Everybody wants to be read but only very few want to read what others have to say. If you know this, you could make it an advantage for yourself: Read other people's posts and give good comments about it, showing that you actually read it from top to bottom. They will love that and upvote your comment.

For minnows reading other peoples posts and commenting them can represent an interesting income source.

My strategy

So far my strategy was to get followers and to build streams for passive income.

My upvote power

If my own post is worth nothing, my posts won't be noticed. That is why I invested in my steem power. I used some bitcoins that were lying in a wallet and invested them into steem. Now I can upvote my own posts and each of them has at least 0.04$ value. It's not much but it's a start. Also I'm getting more interesting for other people as I mentioned above.


Smartsteem is a service where I can sell my upvotes. I try to use my upvotes as well as possible but when I'm not online for a time my voting power gets to 100% and I could give potential upvotes. So I enrolled with smartsteem and in the settings I wrote that I sold my upvotes when my voting power is above 95%. So I use the full potential of my voting power and it gives me a passive income.


I've joined @qurator and invested 4 Steem into the project. I also upvote all their posts with steemvoter. This brings me quite a substantial upvote to all my posts.


I've invested a couple of Steem into the project @steembasicincome. This again gives an upvote to all my posts (max 1 post per day).


I've joined the platform of kryptonia.io. There I create tasks for people to comment and upvote my posts on steemit. Often the upvote power of these people is a bit low but the advantage is that you might get a big upvote from Kryptoniabot. You just have to have an active task on kryptonia and use #kryptonia and #superiorcoin in the tags of your posts and the bot might pass and upvote you.

Whenever I post, thanks to these services I get some automatic upvotes that give my posts some value even without using bid-bots.

Future strategy

For the weeks to come, I want to continue this strategy and try to find more ways to get automatic upvotes to my posts and increase passive income.

If you know other ways to do that, I would be very interested!


Thank you very much for reading my post. Feel free to upvote, comment, resteem or follow (@achim03).

For several years I have been running websites called faucets where I give away cryptos for free to people willing to take them.

I love to share my knowledge and to help people. I dream of a world based on love, tolerance and equality, where we build our future together, helping each other.

My cryptocurrency faucets. Get free coins every hour:

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You are doing all the things you need to do, keep it up. Your observations about people's behavior on Steemit is spot on. There are certainly a ton of wonderful and engaging people here, but also a fair share of lazy people trying to game the system. I'm glad we ran into each other and I'm guessing it was through Kryptonia, but I'm not sure. Looking forward to your other posts. All the best.

Thanks for stopping by. The big challenge on steemit is to try to find the people who are here for more than just a couple of upvotes. I've seen one of your posts on kryptonia and followed you since. I like what you are doing and am learning a lot from you. When you read the good posts, it really brings your forward ;-)

Very informative post, I will study it in more detail to improve my own results...

Thanks for the feedback. I'm happy it helps

You're welcome.

That is quite an accomplishment to achieve within 50 days. If the effort continues it will be exponential by 150-200 days.

I hope you are right ;-)

Hi buddy

I've been away for past 3 weeks (short holiday) and finally im back :) Loads of catching up is awaiting me now.

I checked your profile and im glad to see that you're still very active on steemit.

How have you been doing?

Obviously upvoted.

Cheers buddy,

Hi Piotr,
Nice to hear from you again! I hope you enjoyed your holidays.

I've been trying out stuff and I have the feeling that I'm progressing slowly but surely ;-)

I wish you a good start back in Malaysia!
Best regards,

so good to be back.
I love community here on steemit that i managed to surround myself with.

Tell me more about your project ("stuff") ...

The idea of the strategy is to create automatic upvotes to my posts with a single investment. I'm using steembasicincome, qurator and kryptonia to do that. It works quite well but of course it is not very profitable. I've seen that you also have a new strategy with @coach.piotr how does that work out?

wow. how did you find my second profile? :)

Crypto.piotr is profile where Im focusing on good quality content and building community. Coach.piotr is done mainly to promote myself a little bit as a boxing coach but mostly to test results of bots and try to come up all possible relations. After few weeks Im still far from getting some answers lol

I once checked your account on steemd and saw that you were sending bot traffic to this profile ;-). I would be very interested to know whether it can be profitable to work with bit bots.

my impression is that with current sbd and steem price it's hardly possible to earn anything ;/

You invested 'Some bitcoins' @achim03? Please tell me you mean 'some 0.000543 BTC' 😉

Hey you got me. Ok, I've invested some satoshis but slightly more than 0.000543 ;-)

Very good read. Did actually read the whole posr and all the comments. Lol.
My numbers and days on Steemit are almost where you are and I have noticed the same things. I usually upvote every interesting or helpfull post I read, but I have delegated most of my SP so I assume my vote is not worth much.
Would be interested to hear peoples thoughts on that. I am going to look at a few of the tips you gave out

Hi @richardgreen,
Thank you for your comment. I think that delegating your SP can be an interesting strategy, especially when you are not very active on steemit. It can bring you an interesting income.

Hi, sorry to hear you are giving up on posting your writing. I’m also new here and I understand it can be disheartening when people don’t read your posts but I believe this comes with time. I am glad to see you have many ideas to get more activity on your account. I can see you are doing better than I am, however, I don’t mind much. I’m happy to have a place to share my photos and a few thoughts here and there with the potential to earn something more than a “like”. I am not much of a reader at all, therefore I cannot promise that read all your posts but I’m sure with time you will get more people to follow and read your content. Good luck and don’t give up on us! 💗

Hi, thank you very much for your comforting words. Maybe I think it over again to continue with my fiction ;-)


dont give up completly.
just limit posting to 1-2 times a week and spent rest of your time connecting with like-minded people here

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It breaks my heart that some people are overlooked. Steem is not that cheap now. I agree that commenting is key. It is a better way to build steemit than just all in for the money.....though i do like $. Haha great post.

Hi @sweetjoy,
People tend to be overlooked not because people do not like their content. It's mainly because there is so much to see and read and so little time. In the end everybody has some $ in mind and try to spend their time in a economical rewarding way.

I agree. I look at my feed and it posts from everyone...so i tend to overlook people i follow :(
Great post. I wish we all had a penny vote each unlimited. I have to get off when my voting power goes down ...limits my viewing time. Thanks

I think we forget that everything we read has been written by someone.@bon-nom

I think this is part of the problem. The other is that most people tend to prefer to get than to give...

People want to be read but do not want to read

This is Steemit in a sentence

Unfortunately I believe you are right. I wonder however whether it is also true for the rest of the internet...

Really cant believe you are just 50 days old on steemit...

To me it seems much more than 50 days ;-)

No se yo ninguna estrategia porque recién me he iniciado pero lo que si veo claramente es que leyendo muchos posts, he conseguido aprender y culturizarme un poco más. Gracias por tu relato. @xintoe #KRYPTONIA #superiorcoin

Hola @xinto, gracias por tu commentario. Creo que la estrategia de leer y apprender es muy buena en steemit. Hay un monton que apprender acqui ;-)

great post, from kryptonia

Thank you for completing the task!

your post is amazing. thank you for sharing this upvote strategy with us.😊

Upvoted, followed, resteemed 👉 visiting from kryptonia/@kantzone.

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Thanks for taking the task on kryptonia

I'm a new member here I don't know in out of this blockchian ,I'm also try post something to be upvote by people

Thanks for taking part over kryptonia!

El que la sigue la consigue. @tivo1962.

Upvoted; thanks.

Thanks for completing the task!

Fueron unos primeros 50 dias muy buenos! From kryptonia

gracias. Espero que los sigiente 50 dias seran todavia mejor ;-)

Actually most people are on here to make money but i just share what i love on here and try to get automatic upvotes like you mentioned

I think your approach is good to do the things on steemit that you love. It is the only way that you will still be interested in it in the long term.

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Kryptonia @orjesus88

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thanks for the info! really good post!

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Youve just explained what newbies will have to know, i love this post, i just completed your task on kryptonia. upvote, comment and resteem

Thank you for taking the task on kryptonia. I'm happy it helped you.

you are truly right many are those who wanted to be read but only few who wanted to read... 👍👍👍

Nice results with only 50 days!

I had found you through the upvote contest, and was surprised when I saw this post featured on the Daily Qurator #251. I hadn't noticed you were a Qurite too!

When I arrived on Steemit, I read many posts about Steemit itself because everything was new to me and I wanted to understand how the platform worked. I found it interesting, and decided it'd be one of the topics I'd write about as well. I'm also trying to have a few sources of base votes with services like Qurator and SBI, and so far, I have never used bid bots.

I only got to read the post now, and it's already 7 days old... ah well, upvoted the one about Kryptonia instead.

Followed you and upvoted this post. Keep steeming

Upvote and Resteem.
Kryptonia @steemizm

Hi @steemizm,
Couldn't find your upvote. Please make sure it is there otherwise I have to revoke on kryptonia

This is a great write up on your journey. Really well done and all the best to you for the future!

Thanks for the feed back!

just re-read your post. you have so many good points here

I can imagine that very few people actually read long posts. Everybody wants to be read but only very few want to read what others have to say. If you know this, you could make it an advantage for yourself: Read other people's posts and give good comments about it, showing that you actually read it from top to bottom. They will love that and upvote your comment.

I couldnt agree more. Reading takes time. So if we want to convince people to invest their time (into reading and supporting you) then we need to give them reason to do so.

Hi piotr,
I think that is the key point to having users reading your posts. Therefore I think it is also very important to choose the correct topic. I've written a piece of fiction and there were very few people who interacted with these posts. When I write about how to develop on steemit there are quite a lot of people who give comments. I believe that to write on steemit about steemit is actually a good plan ;-)

Correct topic. and narrowing interests. making sure that topics are somehow related.

when I see people posting about crypto, poems, sport, traveling etc. then I have impression that they dont know who is their target group.

I believe that to write on steemit about steemit is actually a good plan ;-)

When i see fiction - I also just scroll down very fast. Because I know what Im interested with.
Steemit if full of those who are passionate about crypto, blockchain and steemit itself. So those topics will be always great here.

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