Eggciting! Day 1

in #steemit-webcomics5 years ago

Hello Everyone :)

You are not dreaming!
What you see is...

Actually, I was invited yesterday by my friend, a fellow webcomic artist @looserwin,
to join this 30 days Drawing Challenge that he and @cobmaximus started.
You can check his post for more details about this challenge here.

I wasn't sure what to draw for the first day(actually it's the 4th day of the challenge) and It's funny how I end up drawing this Eggciting masterpiece. I was thinking what to do about my youtube channel and the Eggciting idea just came out of nowhere like I had a eureka moment, but I wasn't in a bathtub. xD

It got me Eggcited and since I don't have a piece for today's challenge, I decided to draw sambie cooking something with Eggs having a pot party.

Anyway, That's it for now as I'm reaching my limit :D

I hope you enjoyed and have a nice day!

Software Used: Medibang Paint Pro
Graphic Tablet Used: wacom Intous draw




HA HA YOUR JOKES CRACK ME UP FRIEND, THIS COMIC IS SO FUNNY! My husband and I really admire your witty sense of humor friend, and your amazing comics, you should make a book out of your “ Justnyz comics.” @organduo & his wife @laputis did that with their PINKY and Spiky comics, and had them published. Then they advertise them on their posts, I’ve purchased one of @laputis’s books, I would buy one of yours❣️

Thanks for mentioning Pinky and Spiky here!

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Your welcome dear friend ❣️

Aww...Thank you @lildebbiecakes:)
That would be really cool if I can make a book out of it, but I think it's not yet the right time xD, maybe in the future :)

@organduo and his wife would be good people to talk to if you ever decide to do a book, a lovely couple, very generous giving people. I am such a big fan of your artwork, your comics are magnificent! @crittercrats artwork just blows me away as well, I’m a big fan of his/hers don’t quite know, incredible artwork as well, and a very nice person to❣️Blessings to you

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lol that's a nice Eureka idea xD! glad to see you joining in on the challenge :D

Hahaha... yeah, It's very original xD

It's really good way to get you going after a long break :D

hahaha for sure

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Thank you very much @c-squared :)

I would like to tell my daughter @lightfootedbird about this, would that be okay?

About the drawing challenge? Sure, anyone is welcome to join :D

Thank you. I will make sure to tell my daughter. She is new to this community and I am trying to find ways to help her plug in.

And now im hungry for eggs :D

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