Steemit Webcomics Funny Webcomics Contest Week #3: 10 SBD in Prize

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Guess what? It's time for another round of #steemit-webcomics Funny comic strip contest!! (Re-Launch) Make funny comics to earn SBD!!!


This contest is targeted for artist and non artist. As long as you can make a comic (even stick figures are valid), you can enter this contest. The idea is to get some hilarious entries, have fun, support the community and earn some SBD while at it.


  • Make a post of a comic strip you made
  • The comic strip has to follow this contest theme
  • The comic has to be original and made by you
  • Digital and conventional art is valid
  • Use #steemit-webcomics as your first tag
  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Comment this post with link to your entry so people can see them
  • The contest is open until Friday December 21st, 11:59 PM UTC.

That's it, simple right?

This Week's Theme is: Food!

What did one tomato say to another one? "Hey tomato how's it going" for which the other tomato replied: "OMG a talking tomato!"
Lol ok that was a terrible joke, I bet you can come up with something funnier :D


A total of 4 winners: 3 winners will share SBD and one consolation prize will be highlighted on the next issue of the contests. The SBD rewards are split in the following way:

1st Place: 5 SBD donated by @tcpolymath + 2 SBD donated by @organduo and @laputis

2nd Place: 3 SBD donated by @tcpolymath + 1 SBD donated by @organduo and @laputis

3rd Place: 2 SBD donated by @tcpolymath + 1 SBD donated by @organduo and @laputis

4th Place: 1 SBD donated by @organduo and @laputis

Last Week's Winners!

Thanks everyone for participating in last week's contest. The theme for last week was Monsters!
The winners for last week's contest are

1st Place: @looserwin: for comic Under the bed

2nd Place: @jadams2k18: for comic Monster Beating

3rd Place: @crittercrats: for comic Veggie Monster

4th Place: @juanzcorpion: for comic Monster Pocker

Click on the images to go check their posts.

I will be sending you your rewards soon :D, Congratulations!!

Shout out to all Participants

This time we just had this four entries, so no more shouts this week :P


For this re launch 3rd round of funny comic strip contest I will be judging the comics.

Winners will be chosed based in these two factors in the following order:

  • Fun factor: How funny the comic is
  • Art factor: How well drawn the comic is

Where the fun factor is the most important thing. This encourages people to participate even if they are not great artists.

Again, the goal of this contest is to promote both artists and non artists to make a comic strip and give us some laughter to our day.

That's it everybody. Let me know if you have any suggestions or comments regarding this contest. I really hope this one can take off and become something trendy :D!

Remember, I'm running a Discord server and also a Facebook group with @jonathan-greer, in case you want to join and we can talk about webcomics and even collaborate to make ones.

If you also like to make webcomics or comic strips, you can use the tag #steemit-webcomics

Until next time!

News and Updates

Ugh nothing to see here..... I'm like a ninja!

The Thankful zone

Thanks again to @tcpolymath, @organduo and @laputis for contributing to this contest. Because of them we can now have better prizes every week :D

Thanks to @turtledancedaily for offering to make the new logo for the contests as well as to encouraging me to also try whaleshares :)!


thanks for participating in the contest, your entry is valid!

thanks for participating in the contest, your entry is valid!

Awesome! Thank you very much! Congratulations to all.

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Aaaawesome! Thanks a lot, @cobmaximus! Congrats to all winners!

Congratulations winners, I’m back @cobmaximus I finally found my Procreate Pen yeah, my couch ate it HA HA❣️

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