STEEMIT IRON CHEF 2018 Act 02 Round 13 : Contest now OPEN!!! Join to win amazing prizes consisting of all SBDs which will be made with this post...Discover the theme inside!

Hello lovely world of foodies!

The past week has gone so quickly that I did not get any free time to post for 7 days in a row! That's the record btw! But same as every Friday, I am here today for the launch of a new round of your most favorite cooking contest; Steemit Iron Chef!

We are already into the 13th round of the 2nd act and after that there will be a last and final round before the end of this beautiful season!

But before discovering the theme of the 13th round, let me first of all thanks all the 7 contestants who sent their entry into the 12th round! Thank you all!
If more entries come up, for sure i'll take them into consideration!


As mentioned couple of days before..very soon we will be in the summer time here in after the Popsicle round...this time I would love to discover how creative our contestants can get with a cold soup...which is something great we can have during hot summer days!

Cold Soup / Gazpacho


Get creative...use any ingredients you wish...make a magical cold soup/gazpacho with unique flavor...

If something is not clear with the theme, do not hesitate to contact me via either discord or on my usual username: progressivechef

Below are the rules and regulations for the 2nd Act of SIC 2018! To have a valid entry in the contest, all the below points need to be respected!

  • Create a post and title your entry 'Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 02 #13 : Name of your dish'
  • Make either a starter or main course or dessert based on the theme of the round.
  • Only ONE entry per person allowed!
  • To validate your entry, you must upvote this post at 100% voting power to help grow the weekly prizes!
  • Make sure to use #steemit-ironchef tag in any order you wish, so that I don't miss your entry!
  • Only new recipes will be accepted, so I need at least one photo with your name and date on it.
  • I don't need to see your step by step preparations/recipes, just make the list of the products used, describe your dish and add some photos to get my attention! Make it sweet and simple!!!
  • VERY IMPORTANT : Post a link of your entry on this post and also share it on our discord channel - to get some more support from the people there!
  • Any participant not following these simple rules will be considered a non validate entry.

Be the most creative , inventive and refined possible, you'll score a lot of points...

The DEADLINE to submit your entries will be Friday 31st of August 2018 once round 14 is announced!

By participating in Steemit Iron Chef, you give me the right to use your posts/food photos for public announcement!

Each week/round the prizes consist of all the SBDs generated by this post upon payout...So each and everyone's upvote is very important to grow the prize pool...


As usual the top 7 will be rewarded with the SBDs shared as follows:

Winner : 40% of the total SBD
Runner up : 20% of the total SBD
3rd place : 15% of the total SBD
4th place : 10% of the total SBD
5th place : 5% of the total SBD
6th place : 5%% of the total SBD
7th place : 5% of the total SBD

After each round, each valid entry is awarded with ONE point for the SIC 2018 Act 02 league!

At the end of the 14 rounds of the 2nd act, all the SBDs collected/earned on the @steemit-ironchef account will be shared to the top 20 contestants of the whole season...

Check out the wallet of @steemit-ironchef to discover the amount of SBDs collected up to now...

If you wish to grow this pot...simply send any amount of SBD to the wallet of @steemit-ironchef

We have only 2 more weeks to go before the end of this act! So hurry up!


Usual big shout-out to some great steemians like @donkeypong, @canadian-coconut and @sjennon for the great support extended to this contest since the beginning of it last year! And also to all the contestants for their trust and support.

Thanks so much my friends!

If anyone wishes to be a sponsor of SIC, kindly let me know...I would love to hear from you!


Looking forward to some yummy cold soups!


I’ve only had Gazpacho once in my life but I thought it was delicious. I know I have been absent from much of Act 2, but I hope to participate in this one :)

Hehe! Cold soup, hugh?! 😝 Now after the first day is over thats temperatures remind us of the upcoming fall ... 😆 But, maybe it's getting warmer again in the middle of the week ...
Beautiful theme though! Good luck to everyone! ☀️

Hello Friend!! Time without knowing you, I guess I had a lot of work, I hope that record of 7 days without publishing does not happen again ... This contest is good, cold soups is something ingenious.

Friend, how are you? you miss it here but I know you're very busy, good topic for this round of chance today I saw a cold soup recipe, I hope to see the contestants' imagination to the fullest

I send you greetings, friend

Interesting theme!!! Good luck to everyone!!

Hi @progressivechef!
How are you, my friend?
Finally, I have caught one of your posts just as you have posted... you've been on my mind and I hope your banana plantation is growing well...
Nice to see that you are still posting even though I can only imagine how busy you are at the hotel...please know that you and @creativewoman are both in my thoughts and I hope all is well for your family. ;)

Thanks for the post, progressivechef.

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Good luck everyone - Thank you for this challenge @progressivechef - we loved this Very green Pea & Broccoli Soup with Chia

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