Steemit Iron Chef 2018 Act 02 #13 : Radish and cucumber cold soup.

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The interesting thing about my cooking is that I am good at making various things. But I have noticed that the quality of my cooking(in other individuals eyes) depends on my location. For example, in Latvia, where I come from, the home-made food is divine and restaurants have to be even better to keep people from deserting them. On the other hand, we do not have many high-class restaurants, soo...

In Germany, almost every time we go out for food, I am stricken with a notion that I could make the same food at home and it would probably taste the same. There are a lot of places to eat and I think that is the issue. Only the best ones are actually exceptional. And here I come to my conclusion. People here have lower standards taste-wise. And I do not say it as a bad thing. I think in Latvia, people are too picky and hard to impress. This place is a welcome breeze full of refreshing feels.

Now, I can not be sure about this observation. Maybe my food has just increased in quality since I left Latvia. I remember in Ireland everything I cooked was just mediocre and sad. In Gran Canaria, it was better but still, repetitive. Here it has grown a bunch and I love making food at home. You see, it might just be me and my theory is probably totally rubbish.


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Sorry for the rant. Moving on now. The reason I was reminiscent of the subject today was that I made another cold soup. Beetroot cold soup is the best, nothing stands close to it. It is the perfect thing for warm summer days. But there is another cold soup and I never liked that much despite not even tasting it. The white cold soup, without beets and with radish instead.

This was not a loved soup for me in my childhood. I did not like Buttermilk (kefir) and knowing that I would taste it so thoroughly, in every sip and bite of the soup was terrifying. So, naturally, I never even tried to make the dish. After all, why would I, if I was sure I hated it? Because of curiosity!

So, today I made a soup that I had deemed unworthy years ago, without even tasting it. And let me tell you, it was actually quite amazing. And, although it did carry a completely new taste with it, I realized that buttermilch is not that horrible.

Here is my red beetroot cold soup



A bundle of radish
5 potatoes
4 eggs
1 l buttermilk (kefir)
500 ml water
1 large cucumber
dill and garlic 3 cloves
salt and pepper


This recipe took me around 40 minutes to make and should last for 8 portions.

Peel and cut your potatoes, then put them boiling. Add salt and eggs around 15 minutes before the potatoes are ready.

While your potatoes are boiling, add the buttermilk into a large pot and mince the garlic cloves into it.

Cut up the cucumbers and radish into larger cubes and throw them into the pot as well.

Chop the dill and add it into the pot. Leave some for garnishing.


When the potatoes and eggs are ready, drain them of water and cut up the potatoes, then add them into the pot with the rest of the ingredients.

Add cold water to the eggs so they cool down, then take them out, peel them, and add them in the pot as well.

Add salt and pepper according to your preferences. If your radish comes from the garden, the soup is going to be stronger as home-grown radish is simply the best! Also, fewer spices will be needed in this case.

Add water to the mixture so it is not so thick in consistency. I usually do not measure how much I use. Put your trust in these killer cooking instincts of yours!

Now pour the soup into a bowl, garnish with more dill and spring onions if you have any (I didn't) and have a great meal!


Have the best day. Today, tomorrow, and forever!

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Hihi! We almost did the same thing! I thought about a cold russian soup when creating mine but couldn't use real dairy products or eggs. Good job, Linda! 👍🏻 This looks very appealing!

Yeah, cold soup is very un-vegan :D. There are some that water it down with water and I am wondering if there is no chance to use plant based milk with it, though. Nonetheless, it would take a lot of trials and tribulations to come up with a vegan end product that tastes good here :)

For me it looks delicious, and I do like kefir. I love raddishes too... Nom

It is very good! Especially if the radishes are spicey! :D

Looks so yummy and I think very good combination...I will try this recipe ☝🏻 thanks for sharing this 🙄

Thank you! :)

Wooow it's looks delicious!!!

Thank you! :)