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My thoughts on Steemit posting strategy

In the last couple days, I noticed how quite some people struggled to get noticed here on Steemit.

So in this post, I thought I would share some of my ideas on how that could be improved.

I am by no means an expert and those are only ideas and some observations I made.

Well, a couple things first.

I’ve seen some people complain that they worked hard and didn’t receive the velvet glove treatment they hoped to see.

Nobody cares about how much time and effort you put in your post or whether or not you think that it’s the best post ever created in the history of mankind.

That might sound harsh but it is the truth. The market gets to decide what’s worthy. Maybe you’re writing about very niche specific topics in which case you should probably hang in there a little longer until even more people get on Steemit.

Maybe those posts aren’t that great after all. I mean I’m sure I will come back laughing at my own posts further down the line.

There are no immediate results promised and the opportunity of Steemit is in itself already amazing enough.

Take action and stay consistent and with improvement over time you will get what you desire.

The rate of spam has also increased and so people are skeptical to even bother reading all of the posts. Of course this presents a problem but it should get better.

Now with that out the way I want to share some ideas with you on how I think you can still get some recognition.

First up we have the clickbaiting title and image. Should you use an all caps, eye catching title?

Of course you should always use the most appealing picture that is still related to your topic and you should also give the reader a reason to click on your post.

Hence, using an interesting title and image is crucial. How clickbaity you want to create the thing is up to you but you don’t want to be remembered as the guy or gal who overpromised and underdelivered. That is just going to hurt your reputation.

Secondly comes timing.

There are obviously times when there are more people actively reading and interacting on Steemit.

A guess of mine is that currently most users are from the US, so posting after they finished their workday seems like a thing you could try out.

But you could also use times when there are less people active putting your post longer in the “New” section so this way more people might see it and actually read it because there’s not a lot of action.

Purely speculation of course but worth testing.

The next point is quite important.

If you continuously write good content and engage with other users, the exposure will come.

As with every other social media platform, making a name for yourself is key.

Comment, upvote and get your name out there so people get a familiar “face”.

Eventually one of the bigger accounts on Steemit will update his/her “10 more underrated writers on Steemit” or something and might put your name on there.

Interacting with other users and maybe partnering up with people, who face the same problems as you do and also write quality content, has and always will be a good strategy to grow an online presence.

This goes hand in hand with the feature of “following” writers.

My guess is that in the near future Steemit will work on this feature so that we see posts of people we follow first which creates a massive opportunity for the people whose posts would otherwise be lost in the depths of some category.

So if you build a good reputation and people decide to follow your posts you will get more exposure in the future as those things will be implemented. (I think they will? That’s they point of “following” people in the first place isn’t it?)

Another thing you could do is appeal to the interest of the people whose upvotes would help you the most, which, for now is getting attention from other users by having your posts “approved” from those whales.

Meaning if some of the big accounts upvote your post other people are more likely to see it.

So you would figure out a way to catch their interest. Maybe write about stuff that could interest them and then take it from there.

Steemit is not like parenting where the one screaming the loudest gets all the attention until he is satisfied.

Here you can scream all you want and have your post disappear before anybody even reads it.

So you need some kind of strategy.

Be tactical about it.

You don’t have to sacrifice yourself (NO WAY!!!) and only write about what other people could find interesting. Write about whatever you want and stay consistent with it.

To sum this up I would say that you need to build a reputation first.

Engaging is one way, but putting thoughts into your pictures, headlines and the time you post can also help.

I hope you can get something out of this post.

Stay awesome!

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I think we should think more at the pleasure of writing and not the money. Most of us have blogs that are not producing money, so why sign up to steemit just to make a fortune. Do what you do with passion and leave the rest, I'm sure you will get paid after all

^ This!
Exactly my philosophy.
That's why so many quit in the first place. They didn't feel that passion and were only in it for the money. So, if the money doesn't come after the first couple posts they just leave.

I also think that incredible and inovative content comes when you just sit, write and imagine, with your mind free of something else.

I read the content of this article and it is very informative. Right now I am just throwing out some random thoughts. I will start to incorporate pictures and catch phrases soon, right now I am just getting my feet wet and learning as I go. I must be doing something right, you sent me info in order to help me gain more exposure. Thank you
Gene aka 'Hummer'

Haha look at my posts. I'm totally clueless as to how to gain exposure. Well, I guess I'm not. I've done it on other social media sites.
What you wanna do is build relationships, provide value and not just write for money.

Big Upvote from me! True words. I think that it is also important to be patient. You can't expect that your account will grow overnight to a big tree. Everyone should focus on​ creating good content, and then​ also to engage with other users​.

Yes! Engagement is the most important part of any social media network. I gotta put some time into it too :D

I also recommend Upvoting stuff from a wider range of people. People check to see who upvoted them, so you can be noticed that way. Also write comments on posts. And at the end of your posts make links to another Steemit post you have written. I have had payments from older posts. And I think that is because someone clicked on my name or they saw the posts under a tag. But it's regular ol' SEO. It's nothing new, simply because it is on Steemit.

Oh yeah, that's what I meant with engaging, forgot to actually put it in words.
Thank you for mentioning :) Yup some good old social media tactics that hold true no matter what platform you're on.
Agreed :)

Excellent points! But I like your third point more where you say "making a name for yourself is key". In a medium, with hundreds joining daily, it will be the most beneficial if you do make a name for yourself. And like in the real world, everyone shall have to do it in their own way and style. There is no text book for that.
And I look forward to the "follow" feature to start working because then I could create my own list of the authors I would like to read regularly.

Definitely, in that regard, Steemit is very similar to other social media platforms.
Exactly! Uniqueness is important and creates a recognition value.
Yeah it's one of the things that could change the game but the implementation has to be careful. A too strong algorithm wouldn't allow for discovering new aouthors then. I guess that's where the different sections come into play.
Guess we'll just have to wait :D


Yep, youre right, get out there and vote and comment. At this early stage people will come to recognize very vocal accounts. And of course people that upvote their content. Hopefully then if they know you they will give you an upvote back when they see yours.

Definitely! For sure, it's always been that way.

This is great, a friend of mine stopped using Steemit because his content wasn't being appreciated, he is a fantastic writer. This post has fantastic advice!


Ricardo Goncalves
BNC Steemit Community Manager
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That's not good to hear. Get him back on here :D
Thank you, appreciate it!

:) I'll try but he doesn't like to gamble with his writing. But at least #Bravenewcoin will have more content out a bit later today.


Ricardo Goncalves (BNC Steemit Community Manager)
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Thanks for the post. From my experience on Medium you need to post consistently, follow people, and comment. It's a little disheartening here when you see your post move swiftly down the page into oblivion but I think consistency and really being a part of the community is key.

So you need some kind of strategy.

The key is to out post everyone else and consume the front page entirely with your own post. This is a foolproof method that I will be writing about ... over ... and over ... and over ... and over ... again.

That could be considered spamming if you "consume the front page entirely".

My comment could be considered a joke.

Haha :D

Thanks for this nice content, I appreciate it!

Thank you for your honesty! Do you have any advice about which tags to use, especially the first tag that sets the main category for the post?