Karing® - Intelligent skirted one-piece elongated 1.28 gpf toilet

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Intelligent skirted one-piece elongated 1.28 gpf toilet


Karing Toilet.jpeg

Hunter's comment

A tankless toilet with state of the art features. If money were no object, this might be my toilet of choice. This would make the wife happy because it has an automatic lid, a charcoal air filter and is self cleaning.


  • Automatic lid
    • No more problems with the wife!
  • Heated seat
  • Air filter
  • Self Cleaning


  • $4,000 USD


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Meaning you can't
waste your vote


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Hunter: @wizardave


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I don't know. Seems like everything is "smart" these days. I am still mad that my phone is smarter than I am.
Now we get that toilet and smart isn't even good enough. I clicked just to see what made it so intelligent.


It's almost comical, some of the technology they add to what used to be simple devices... BUT if money were no object, I'd have to own a few of them! haha


Yeah I admit to finding this one rather amusing. On the other hand there is much to be said for a warm butt in winter.