New Steemgar match starting in 6 minutes and 30 seconds - Get steem the fun way. New match every 30 minutes!

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Join for free, play against others, have fun and win Steem. Give it a shot here:


* New match every 30 minutes
* More players in the match = bigger rewards for winner
* Eat food and other players to grow larger
* Three biggest players in the end gets rewarded by upvotes. There are higher rewards waiting for ending the game with just two or one player left
* Teamwork is not allowed! After a warning, there will be no rewards even if you end up in top 3 and if the act is repeated, the user will be blacklisted from the game
More info available about Steemgar in the introduction post here:

Latest news

* Steemgar now has a discord channel you can join using this link:
* Need tips on how to do better in steemgar? Check this tutorial created by crispycoinboys:
* Cryptoctopus announcing his support for Steemgar:
* Want to support Steemgar and reward the winners? Follow @steemgartrail account on

Rewards are now higher than ever, join and try do you have what it takes to get your share of it!


Nice brother, i like you post
and good luck brother

Number of players in match: 17


  • jhonattaan
  • jplaughing
  • baart
  • mafaldation
  • mindtrap
  • criminalacorm
  • noobster
  • suntree
  • allshot
  • cryptocurrency24
  • mow
  • faiqablogs
  • ratedx
  • snurk
  • shaanivc
  • taeny
  • oscar21vander

  • Total amount of kills in match: 21


  • ratedx killed criminalacorm
  • mindtrap killed oscar21vander
  • ratedx killed taeny
  • noobster killed taeny
  • mindtrap killed snurk
  • baart killed shaanivc
  • baart killed snurk
  • jplaughing killed ratedx
  • mafaldation killed faiqablogs
  • mafaldation killed snurk
  • mafaldation killed taeny
  • baart killed cryptocurrency24
  • noobster killed faiqablogs
  • jhonattaan killed mow
  • jhonattaan killed ratedx
  • jhonattaan killed cryptocurrency24
  • mindtrap killed cryptocurrency24
  • mindtrap killed allshot
  • baart killed suntree
  • jhonattaan killed faiqablogs
  • taeny killed mow
  • match resolved