Tips and Tricks to Win Money on Steemgar! Like Game on Steem!

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Hey guys! If you haven't played Steemgar, it's crazy fun! You can play it every hour on the hour here:

The more people that play, the more monetary incentive there is. Let's game for money!

There are rules on the page, but basically, you eat little pellets to gain mass. The biggest player at the end of the timed round wins! You can eat each other and split your self with the space bar, but biggest mass careful, it gets tricky.

Here are some tips that have helped us learn the game along the way:

  • Take advantage of the early part of the game, split into a couple parts (spacebar) and gain as much mass as possible. Try and stay away from's no fun to be eaten early on and the reward for eating a smaller player (adding their mass to yours) is minimal. Avoid people if you're not feeling frisky...We're always frisky though, hungry hungry hippos.

  • Lure players: you can split and have one of your parts barely big enough for a player to eat you...while your larger mass is waiting for them. Just move your mouse to the center of your cells and they will join and you will balloon in size to eat the sucker! Classic bait and switch! Take that!

  • This game used to have viruses that split you when you ate them. No longer...I think it may have lagged the game, Anyway, these give you a lot of mass, but automatically split you, heads up if they come back!

  • Some players try to lure you in (like bullet 2) with small cells. Don't get baited! This happens to us all the time (You OG's know who you are...). When you get close, they will split into the smaller cells, gobbling you up (you eat your own mass/smaller cells to grow larger...)

  • Eating each other isn't always the best strategy. Eating someone your own girth is ideal. But running around after smaller ones isn't worth the risk. You expose yourself and the gain in mass is minimal. This is super tempting. If you're like us, you wanna knock people out! It's satisfying but stupid. Don't let the emotions of the moment take you over, stay strong!


  • Avoid the sides and corners! They are tempting, but I'll be waiting to corner you and eat you up. It's possible to split to move faster and escape, but if you run against a wall....adios! Always leave an escape route.

  • Split Attack! I'm going to throw some numbers at you from regular (disclaimer, not sure how it translates to the Steemgar version, but it's good to know anyway!) It's when you're 266% larger than your opponent and you split over your target to eat them. You will split wherever your mouse is pointed. When you're a gigantic blob, you only need to be 10% larger than your target, when you're split you need to be 33%, so heads up! I've gotten swallowed many of times because my judgment was off and I was tooooooo FRISKY with the split. @gapa I'm looking at you!

If anyone else has any tips, leave them here! Specifically, consolidating your cells, and magic tricks to do that faster?

Goodluck everyone, hope to see the community grow!

Stay Crispy


I have one tip which has worked for me sometimes. If I'm next to an opponent and I'm barely bigger, but I'm unable to catch them because I move slightly slower, I split in the opposite direction, as if to run away. Then, the player I'm chasing will often miscalculate my small size and he will split as well to try to shoot a dot at me, forgetting that half of his size is still less than half of my size.

you've gotten me a few times with that move...well played, a true OG

Haha, thanks. OGboys FTW!

Wow cool tip! Great tips on the post! <3

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I'll add this to announcement post once I make changes to it. Thanks.

Great, I appreciate it. The game is a lot of fun and really shows what type of unique things you can do with this platform.

Gonna have to go check this out now, I love a good game of

You should, it's a lot of fun. It's gotten pretty crazy recently, ~50 people per game.

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hope players are playing the fair game not cheating by teaming up, play fair play like a grown boys.. good luck

Thanks for you tips man xd I will play and win in steemgar >:3

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