SteemAgar - New Servers, More Players, More Rewards!

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Follow Up on SteemAgar(@steemplayroom)

Previously I mentioned that I was going to support the SteemAgar project created by @igster. If you don't know what it is, is a massive online player game that hundreds of thousands of people play everyday. It's quite fun and addictive to be honest.

What @igster did via @steemplayroom is to create a version of the website that connects with the STEEM blockchain to rewards to the winner of every game. BANG!

After I told everyone that I would be backing the SteemAgar project, the game got a massive influx of users and the game was unplayable for several hours. But @igster upgraded the server and there is no problem anymore. He mentioned that if the game was to scale to another level, it might have to be rewritten completely.

Better Rewards Through Curation Trails

Again, is awesome and @igster connected @steemplayroom to it. Now you can follow the curation trail here: (you need to be signed in of course)

I have set it so that my account upvotes at 10% 30minutes after a player won. After conversion and everything that means that each winner wins about $15! HOW MANY GAMES IN THE WORLD YOU KNOW WHO DOES THAT?

You are welcome to join the curation trail to increase the loot as well as gain some rewards through curation.

The Long Term Vision...

I do not know where or how serious @igster is about this project but here is an idea that came to my mind...

SMTs, Games and Proof of Concepts

Let's say we get to a point where a 1000 people plays everyday and works without much issue. Once the Steem sign-up process is fixed with the next hardfork as well as having the SMTs online...why not approach with that proof of concept and telling them that they could integrate to Steem? I mean, games always try to find way to get people to play more and have more players...having games that get people paid is the holy grail for them.


PS: Learn More About SteemAgar Here

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Sounds like a great idea and sounds like I need to check out the game again as I might have been trying to play the game a few hours after you made the announcement.

I've always enjoyed games with real money payouts or in-game economies. To me, it adds another layer of the game that's really fun for me.

The game is awesome! Love it <3

Sorry I got a tight schedule, so had no way to be there! But I will definitely play this game! You made me crazy about that!


Wonderful, i like it. I hope soon you also see our project about gaming. We are building the alpha.. have a nice weekend, regards ron

Damn this game is gonna be fun!! Never played it before though....gonna give it a try and see how well I can do. Beginners luck, be with me hehehe!!

Yes, now i understand when @cryptoctopus says bang!!!

good news for all gaming lovers of blockchains. this is just a beginning & more will come. your intention to support this project is an impressive idea. good work @cryptoctopus

reteemed & upvoted

@cryptoctopus - Sir updating the server is a good idea... More people plays, it'l consume more processing power... Nice idea the owner understood it Sir... I'll try to join it Sir...


This is wonderful stuff, I will be playing this game today for sure.

I really appreciate your support for this game. I've been playing it from the very beginning and your generous upvote to the winner serves the winner well, as well as giving an incentive to others to upvote the winner to collect curation rewards. The matches get better day by day and it's the most fun Steem-based game I've ever played.

Ok.. you got me. i will try SteemAgar

Hi @cryptoctopus, thanks for the introduction, just went to check the playroom... 3 minutes to start. Okay so I understand the game concept. Really need to find a good time to join this game room. Will join in my free time. Great effort to earn easy money while enjoying oneself. Thumbs up to @igster for creating it and you for supporting it. Stay blessed and Steem On!

You broke it! Haha. Now that it's fixed I'll have to try and get on there, figure out how to play, and become the best soon!

@cryptoctopus your influence makes this game more popular. This is funny as well as beneficial. I will give it a try. With the gaming idea we can join more and more people on this platform. Steem on

This is really great of you to have followed this trail

I have set it so that my account upvotes at 10% 30minutes after a player won. After conversion and everything that means that each winner wins about $15! HOW MANY GAMES IN THE WORLD YOU KNOW WHO DOES THAT?

I don't think anyone currently does that, steem blockchain is the first, thanks to you for you support.

That is very kind of you, giving the change to grow minnows by playing a fun game! Earning steem hasnt been so much fun since ahhhaahah.

Thanks for sharing this game, it is so addictive watch out ;)

Once the Steem sign-up process is fixed with the next hardfork as well as having the SMTs online...why not approach with that proof of concept and telling them that they could integrate to Steem?

What this means is that players can get paid with steem token other than the upvotes they get when they comment.

I think it's a nice idea ,if that's what it means because more players will join and it will be a huge way to promote and bring more people into the steem blockchain especially those who like gaming.

I'm not much of a gamer myself but I know they drive traffic. That in itself is good for Steem. 90% of my notifications on FB are people wanting me to play some game or another so this is obviously a big draw for normals and we should see significant development in this area once SMTs are ready.

And yeah, 15$ per winner is pretty significant.

Thanks for the post.

Keep Steeming!

That is an amazing idea @cryptoctopus.

Using this as a proof of concept could really entice them to join our little world here...and bring thousands of more people over.

Or perhaps word gets out and @igster's game becomes hugely popular.

Either way, we need more innovations like this on the STEEM blockchain.

Thank you for keep us up to date with what is going on.

This great project @steemplayroom I've already played and it's fun what Recominedo

The long term vision sounds exciting, of course this game is simple because it’s the first one, but there could be a way to integrate the steem blockchain and rewards discoveries of objects in open world games, or winner of battles in mmorpg.

That way people could be rewarded without needing to participate in official tournaments.

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thats great and really a wonderfull project and also good that you are supporting steemAgar project
i dont paly any game but to hear about this project now i am excited to play it and hope after your yesterday's post , many of your followers also ready to play it and make part of this wonderfull project and your offer is really awesome to encourage with your upvote to all winners
but here is one problem with me that when i try to open it via your link and try to login with steem connect, my account dont sign in... i tried it many time with my posting key and active key......
can i try to login with my master key @cryptoctopus , whats your suggesion?????

It is great that you support this kind of projects that can help minnows to get more Steem by playing the game and have some fun. Awesome.

well good to see this awesome gaming project i agar is a famous game and i played it but now to paly with this team will be a another awesome and brilliant experience also when we play for winning to get steem
your work is great that you support it and made it much attractive for all all your followers
when will the next hard fork of steem

Trying to make it in future! no SP for me now

Excellent idea. Thanks for sharing.

Seems great fun with the reward! I will check it right now. And your suggestion about steem integrations is very good idea. Thanks for sharing. Upvoted, followed, resteemed. Loves from Spain.

really it seems great fun with the reward.

Someone should write about this on agario's reddit.

not just yet. We are waiting.

@cryptoctopus, can you check the steemgar post from 24 hrs ago. You have not upvoted 5 games

Thumbs up to this game I know is going to make a whole lot of sense

Hey all,

I you haven’t played the game before, here are some tips and tricks for playing.

best game . I have played that .. thanks for sharing

@cryptoctopus Cool I like the idea wich is using STEEM blockchain .. agar is a famous game i was playing it in the past a lot hh , i will back playing it because of @igster lol & i will try to eat everyone :)

Oh that is an amazing news that serve ha been more improved because i had joined the game in the first place but i couldn't play because game was already end..Yes i got some problem in previous serve ..It is the great game till now @igster because it fun that if you want to grow you have to eat other player and winner will get rewards from you and other and now rewards is more so i am definitely going to play it and try my best to be winnner..Thanks for sponsoring this game aand giving rewards...@cryptoctopus

Wow, this is awesome! I'm a huge gamer and I've never come across something like this before! Getting paid to have fun? What could be better?.. it's really generous of you to support this project sir, I hope more people get to emulate you.. I'll check it out now! Thanks for sharing @cryptoctopus

Thats great news for us!! New server new players and more reward sounds more excited ti play @steemagar...This game is insane freaking enjoyment...I am glad sign up process is repaired...I hope Now I can play this game without problem! @cryptoctopus

wao it is great idea for steemians , thanks @cryptoctopuds you are great you tell me about this golden pertunity to make rewards more

this is very great, and I will attempt play agar, all things considered I haven't known about the name previously however who cares, adapting new things is steady throughout everyday life,

also, sire oct.... pls I wish to draw your considerations on a task that sorts out crusade and advertising of steemit on Twitter, I have seen you made such moves with the steemit thurder applaud,

the Project-Atlas a month ago ran a twitter crusade for steemit that kept going seven days, it might satisfy you to know we are having another tweeting session on Twitter for steemit.

It’s an amazing idea. I hope this idea would be brought to a real world of sport. Can you imagine if for example baseball players give rewards to fans for coming and cheering for each team? It would be really exciting since baseball is becoming such as boring game.

lol, this would definately motivate me to go to this game, just like SteemAgr does. It’s soo excidin and motivational. Recomend it to anyone.

Steemagar is great one of my friends won a game and he got some upvotes that's awesome and that's the key point of this game, i mean you can pass a fun time and get rewards by your effort. Regards

Whats better than playing games and getting paid. An awesome job.

As it is very suitable to apply, I started thinking to play games and can benefit ..

This is very interesting, play games and got the prize,,
I was very lucky to find the your information.. thanks @cryptoctopus

Previously I mentioned that I was going to support the SteemAgar project created by @igster. If you don't know what it is, is a massive online player game that hundreds of thousands of people play everyday. It's quite fun and addictive to be honest.

Wow, i need to know more about this i'm a game lover too.

Playing with steemplay is so fun.

Thank you @cryptooctopus you have done a great job today i really appreciate this your effort to tell us about this new development i do appreciate.

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I have played the game it is a simple game but real addictive cant get yourself out of continiously keep eating up others and small bits and increase your size.....i really loved it alot...thabks to the creator of @igster ...thanks man....great work...nice

Wow, from what you just said I guess the game must be really interesting. I really have to give this game a try and possible win and get some upvotes in return. This is amazing and first of it's kind.

Ya you should try it will really play this game many times a day..believe me..

From the way you sound, I really gonna try out this game

Kya saa obaid saeb aaz tei khaeilei

Nati kya....paraishan ha kaer aem

Khatam kheil

i was really waiting for this thanks for sahring i would to play! i am gaming lover!

the steemagar is really gonna rock the steemit platform, great work @igster you have done a really great job and thanks for doing this work, i wish you people's luck and success with your dreams...

I recently played this game when I saw your recent post, well a very nice game, earn while you play, I wasn't able to earn any SBD may be because I am not giving that much of effort, or it needs more practice, well a nice post, keep sharing such stuff

Oh, there is a very good news. Thank you for update. Let the game begin! I'm beginner so you can win easly :)

its awsome sir @crptoctopus thanks for shareing update very interesting

best game ever i loved it since yesterday i have played that for like 10 times .. its awesome thanks for sharing ..

Yeah, i tried it the other day and it was difficult getting to play the game. Now the server has been upgraded, hope to join in the play tteam later in the day.




Well I tried all day that day and couldn't play. Plus the day after. Your post certainly brought an influx. I'll try again today, of course. Seriously hope it works this time.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Wow! This is quite interesting, playing game and take rewards, this is very impressive and good initiative from @igster for this interesting package steemagar.

Oh wow the game look amazing and interesting..It is my fisrt time seeing information about this game though it look very good and that is great that you have improved the serve and you are giving more rewards that is an great for all who is willing to play this game like me.. I would like to join it.. How could i join it?cryptoctopus

Let's see if i can win more then:) .Currently sitting at like 13 wins or so.

We are grateful for your full support towards SteemAgar. It's fun, I've seen a couple of users playing it. And now I feel it's going to be a much bigger thing after @igster worked on the @steemplayroom to create a version of the website that connects with the steem blockchain to reward to the winner of every game. You @octoctopus and @igster are starting something big here that's going create more activity on the steem blockchain. This is good for steem as a currency.
More of these innovations need to be supported to promote more activity on steemit.

Thanks for sharing update new server.
I appreciate your post.


almost when i login to steemit first i go to steemgar fed realy liked this idea

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I introduced this idea to my colleagues at Agar Fun Club and they accepted it with open arms, they were so delighted that finally,they were going to derive value from the time they spend doing what they love. They were amazed at the information. Many of them who were previously Steemians but somehow lost the motivation, gleefully logged into their account for the first time after a long time-just to play. Others who did not yet have an account with Steemit, signed up for one, though their accounts are still yet to be approved for now.

However, during the first hours, we experienced serious difficulties playing it. There was a lot loading and hanging and reloading and stuff. The boys got disappointed. But I'm glad it has been fixed. I will get back to them with this good news.

The boys will be eagerly waiting for the re-written version of Agar as promised by @igster and we do solemnly pray that will understand the need to integrate to Steem and appreciate the multitudes of blessings this could afford them.

Thank you for backing this project @cryptoctopus

Greetings from Agar Fun Club
Madonna University, Nigeria

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That's a brilliant idea..
Haven't tried this game yet..
Gonna try right now

Wow. Thanks for sharing this information. I myself am also a gamer and like to play differen lt games. I will surely get into this.

yo lo juego xD

@cryptoctopus does steemagar have any discord channel? Does anyone can join this project?

Sure. I'll check this out

Really Nice way to earn

You really give us great information and wish you continued to help us
I follow you always and admire in your article
I wish you a happy weekend

Wow SteemAgar looked really promising. I love mmos and I always play some when I have free time. Yet I haven't heard about SteemAgar until now. I should really look it up. Not to mention you can even get paid for playing and winning. Definitely a dream come true for gamers like me.

Wow very interesting, I'm interested thanks for sharing

I love this kind of games and thoughts, the kind of games that really makes you use your brain. I guess we'll have to wait and see what the future holds.your suggestion about steem integrations is very good idea.
Respect your post.

how to play it sir sorry for I am new to steemit

That's nice how you're supporting this projects. Totally deserve it. Let's just hope the server can handle the number of users this post is going to bring. The last one was pretty frustrating.

Wkwkw the new way to get vote 😂,very funny games . Thanks for who makes this game😂 @steemplayroom @igster

Sounds like fun! thanks for sharing :D

real you are luck man

I think integrating SMTs to it would be a wise move. It would help the developers, members and eventually SMTs too to kick-off with a bang as games are one of the most amazing tools to get things going, as they bring addiction with them.

Really! You are a great person.alawyas i like and upvote your post.but why you do not follow me?? Please subscribe and follow me to @bestrakibul2

Hold up...Did i read this right? A game connected with the Steem blockchain? .....someone pinch me. Coolest freaking idea ever.

I'm definitely gonna play this game too.

Game on boys!

Ok, that's the first time I'm seeing this.

Sounds amazing! I'll try it out once the current game is finished.


Upvote and follow me bro please,I also voted and followed you

If @igster and his team could come up with this, then I would say that he's quite innovative and such a genius. This would mostly interest the guys, as most of us are game lovers. Though a few ladies will equally take advantage of it, depending on the nature of the chain.

But introducing a rewarding system and working towards improving the server will encourage a lot of people to participate as well as increase people's confidence in the workability of this project.

Will go see:)

with many players means the better the quality of a game, so that a person's ability can be measured

great post

I suppose this explains why I couldn't get into the game last night :)
Gonna give it another shot tonight. Wish me luck for a win!

How can play this game ... Please help me I hope this game is very interesting game ...

Awesome post... Nice to see your content... Thank you.

Really great and helpful information dear.I always search this type information.
Please share more news about this helpful informationinformation.
Lot of thanks for sharing .
100% upvote and resteem done

this great post I appreciate your update curationtrail thanks for sharing..

this is quite impressive, and i will try play agar, but really i haven't heard of the name before but who cares, learning new things is constant in life,

and sire oct.... pls i wish to draw your attentions on a project that organizes campaign and hyping of steemit on Twitter, i have seen you made such moves with the steemit thurder clap,
the Project-Atlas last month ran a twitter campaign for steemit that lasted seven days, it may please you to know we are having another tweeting session on Twitter for steemit.

will love you to be one of the atlas.
and may the atlas force be with us.

Just when I was getting board of things I stumble upon this. I'm really excited about it.

Yeah, it sucked when I joined to play and the servers crashed T.T

Couldn't even try it T.T

Will definitely give it another try.

I only played once, it was laggy back then, but it's awesome if you could stand to win something just for playing.

I like your post, I hope if there is a chance visit my Blog, thank you.

I will join the game! is y favourated game!

@cryptoctopus If you have time, could you have a look my works and my introducing post? If you do, I will be so happy.

Have a nice day...

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Thanks for sharing this, i shall go and follow the trail now.. @steemplayroom rocks!!